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Updated: Aug 15, 2019
4.76 · 34 REVIEWS
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4.76 · 34 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

London, United Kingdom,
Jul 16, 2019,

A happy student

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

I went to their one-day beginners' course and it was really helpful. I will recommend it for anyone who is thinking of getting into trading but doesn't know where to begin.
Thanks Hemal.
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 17, 2019,

Very good experience ref Masood

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I attended the beginners course and found it very informative and educational. I enjoyed the way hemal went through the whole process of educating about the forex industry. Me personally attended the event to learn a bit more about the various technical analysis graphs due to which the current course was too very basic for me. I am assuming the 12 week program which hemal offers is in regards to what my expectations would be. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to attend the 12 week program straightaway due to my business travel commitment but would surely want to take part in the course at some point as per my convenient time as I gained a lot of trust and reliability factor with hemal. I will strongly suggest anyone who is looking to get into the forex trading industry to speak to hemal as he would he a very helping hand in terms of realising the risk factors and knowing the in and how of the market before investing a single penny in a live trading account . Regards Masood
Essex, United Kingdom,
May 14, 2019,

A very interesting and informative day course

I attended the 1 day course in London and was very glad I did. The morning session was a good overview of general knowledge of the markets, with Trevor discussing his life experiences and it was very interesting even if you aren’t considering forex trading. In the afternoon Hemel was very passionate and engaging with the class and was able to teach to a great level of detail but not over complicate things.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone from beginners to those with some experience and knowledge as this day course really does give a good bases of knowledge and pull together all the key components.
Peterborough, United Kingdom,
May 9, 2019,
Registered user


Hemal broke everything down so everyone understood the concepts one day course was great have now enrolled on full course going from strength to strength.
Tricia Russell,
London, United Kingdom,
May 1, 2019,

I just attended the 2 day weekend course in London and it was excellent. The programme was expertly delivered by Hemal .He is a superb teacher and was very patient with me. The course was concise informative and totally professional. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a good understanding of Forex trading.
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Mar 14, 2019,

A day well spent

Attended one day course in Manchester with a friend of mine. Although I have some experience of trading shares I found the course very informative and useful. I have now learnt some techniques that I am eager to use going forward in trading Forex as well as my share trading. I would recommend anyone interested in Forex trading to attend one of these courses.
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Mar 11, 2019,

Got to be the best there is!

Absolutely fantastic course - if you’re serious about investing in FX.
Went with my wife and we’re both old hats at attending seminars and presentations via work, nearly ALL of which just drag on just because someone likes the sound of their own voice.... NOT THIS!
Hemal kept the pace going for a full day, never boring, always fun and very, very informative. His knowledge and experience is second to none, his real-life experiences completely relevant, and his ability to captivate and educate was first class.
Have signed up for the follow-up course and looking forward to learning more about and investing in the Forex market.
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Mar 11, 2019,
Registered user

They are exceptionally good in what they do and i can recommend them to anyone

I attended their March 9th one day training in Manchester and i am completely satisfied with their training , i will recommend them for anyone who have interest in going into forex.
East Sussex, United Kingdom,
Jan 28, 2019,
Registered user

Very good courses and professional company.

I attended the October beginners course and have just completed the more intensive two day January Forex Strategy training event. Both courses are well worth the effort and time if you would like to be a trader, either on a casual or professional level. Hemal is passionate and driven to succeed and knows his subject well.

Money well spent!
Essex, United Kingdom,
Jan 14, 2019,

Absolutely Amazing!

I attended the one day beginner course and was fully engaged the whole time. The explanations were broken down and easy to understand. Having no previous understanding on FOREX trading this really helped me gain the basic knowledge. I have signed up to the 12 week course and I am so excited to get started. I would highly recommend Alpha Trading Floor to anyone who has an interest in FOREX trading.