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Updated: Aug 24, 2018
4.772 · 33 REVIEWS
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4.772 · 33 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
Aug 22, 2018,

Interesting insight into Forex Trading

An intense yet very interesting and informative day which gave a good and honest insight into what you' would be signing up for.
Essex, United Kingdom,
Jul 31, 2018,

Amazing course

I just completed the two-day strategy event. Hemal and his team was very amazing. I was taught so much and received so much valued information about Forex that you cannot find anywhere else. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to start the 12-week mentoring! Please do not hesitate to take this course if you are serious about FX!
United Kingdom,
Jun 14, 2018,

Excellent Introductory Course

Excellent Introduction to Forex Trading.

All the Groundwork made simple and Hemal as teacher very passionate about making sure there understanding and rapport between himself and his students for this Introductory course.

You actually learn quite a bit in this one day and if the trading strategies are applied correctly then personally i think well worth the visit as I have found out.

Great Intro

Thanks Hemal

London, United Kingdom,
Jun 4, 2018,

1-day Alpha Trading course

I attended this 1 day training not knowing what to expect for a £20 Groupon voucher but it was really worth it. The trainers were dynamic, enthusiastic and interesting. The concepts were explained simply and therefore easy to grasp. I was left feeling that I would definitely want to learn more from Hemal. I will be signing up for the 12 week course. If you are curious about forex, this is definitely a good starting point with some strategies thrown in which, you could use to start practice trading with immediately if you like. On your demo account of course. Good luck!
Mr Dipesh Patel,
Meriden, United Kingdom,
May 1, 2018,

2 day Forex event Alpha Trading Floor.

I have just attended the 2 day trading strategy event in London following on from the one day event last year. I have to say what an excellent course Hemal has produced and presented with great passion, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge of Forex Trading with some simple but effective strategies. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it has completely changed my outlook on trading, which I have had experience of in the past, having attended several trading courses in the past. I can say without a doubt that this has been the best course I have attended, not just because of the event itself but also the support from Hemal and his team outside of the course has been invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend this 12 week programme to anyone thinking of trading! You will not be disappointed.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 30, 2018,

Just great. Would highly recommend to anyone who is seriously wanting to take the leap from beginner trader on their way to becoming a high performer.
everton brown,
United Kingdom,
Apr 29, 2018,

Having dabbled in the stock market I wanted something more pro-active and dynamic, then came across this course for £20 on Groupon.

I found the training very informative and the trainer very generous, sharing his trading insights and tactics.

I was inspired to open a trading account. So far, I'm 20% up, after only 2 months!

This course is a must if you're interested in FOREX trading and want to start trading after a one day course.

Highly recommended.
United Kingdom,
Apr 17, 2018,
Registered user

Excellent training. Highly recommend it!

I found the training very interesting.

I had read some stuff before about Forex Technical Analysis and it can be a boring topic if not presented well (a lot of jargon, a lot of math and financial concepts) but the trainers were excellent and always kept it interesting.

I especially liked the Psychology of trading chapter and see how group thinking works (pressure leading to either panic sell and FOMO buy). And if we take that example to our daily lives, one really realises how manipulated one can be by the media, politicians, religion, etc...

I had a Groupon voucher and it's definitely great value for money (£20 is a bargain). Highly recommended!
Reading, United Kingdom,
Apr 16, 2018,

The best beginner FX Trading course I have come across.....

I attended the one day FX Trader's beginners course.

Matt, whom I spoke to during the run up to the event was very helpful, and ensured that I knew what to expect on the day.

Even though I knew about the aspects of trading, I found that this filled in any gaps, and helped me understand better the concepts behind strategy and making effective trades.

Trevor and Hamel, were very clear and used good concepts, at a nice pace, and you could see they were passionate about this subject, which made the course enjoyable. They are serious, although not arrogant, which is a breath of fresh air.

You will find the whole team very friendly and easy to talk to.

The material has been well thought out, and very well written, into a logical manner without blinding you with science.

Anyone interested and looking to get involved in trading, this is the course for you.
Jake Brown,
Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom,
Apr 16, 2018,

Clears all misconceptions about the forex market in a day and provides vital knowledge to move forward on your forex journey.

Always wondered about the forex market but had doubts? This is the course for you. The energy these guys bring to the room is outstanding and the information they provide is vital when looking to join this industry. They make what seems to be a complicated market simple and will clear all misconceptions about forex you may have. The beginners course was exactly what I was looking for to clear my mind, start fresh, and feel motivated to learn even more after the session. Can't thank you enough guys. Plan the trade, trade the plan.