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Updated: Jul 26, 2015
4.25 · 4 REVIEWS
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EES FX is an online forex broker. EES FX offers the MetaTrader 4 trading currency top platform. EESFX.com offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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4.25 · 4 REVIEWS
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Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro,
Aug 22, 2012,

EESFX in my opinion is excellent source of competent forex information on many levels. I have found over several years that they have modern and often creative contemporary selection of quality market information coupled with multitude of current market technical tools in form of the trading advisories and MT4 automated strategies. All of this shows to me that they posses great forex expertise. Apart from that, I appreciate regular analytic reports of automated strategies performance. From my point of view, they appear as rare honest no-nonsense forex provider, with great customer care. I wish that there are more companies with such approach to forex trading.
Oklahoma, USA,
Aug 22, 2012,

EESFx.com review,

I have been very happy with the service, and products, offered by EESFx.com. Low fees, and very responsive to questions, and inquiries. Joe, has been proactive in the business since I have been associated with them, for about 2.5 years to date.
Broker dishonesty here is not a concern.
I have got just good information and support from this company.

Rick Roberts,
Houston, USA,
Aug 22, 2012,

I’ve traded forex long enough to have seen it evolve significantly, whether talking about strategies by customers and brokers to take advantage of each other or new rules and regulations to rein in those that were trying to do so. Although I have used many different brokers, both foreign and domestic, working with Joe Gelet at Elite E Services was the only time I felt like I had built a relationship of understanding and trust where I felt I had someone working with me to achieve my goals, with the knowledge and the tools, to do it the way I wanted to rather than being pushed off into some predesigned marketable trading plan. I can’t say my trades always work out as successfully as I would like but at least If I lose on a trade I know it’s not because of a lack of performance by EES.
Veracruz, Mexico,
Aug 21, 2012,

Well, one thing that is important for me is the technical support, no another broker give us support like Joe, the emails are answered, the skype messages too.
Also, they have a arsenal EA's for use, no restrictions, arbitrage, scalping, low spreads.
A few honests brokers like EES.
Keep working Joe!
Apr 18, 2012,

I've had a live account with them since September 2011 or about 6 months. They are a NND with a one of kind business model. They only take commission when you are positive for the month. They essentially do an account snap shot at the beginning and end of the month. If the difference, including withdrawals was positive, they take 5% of the difference. If the difference is negative, they take nothing. This removes the conflict of interest completely. They only make money if you do. This was my big motive for using them.
Because of this, they state on the web page you can use whatever tools you want to make money other than an unfair exploitation of the MT4 platform code that would take money from EESFX. They let you trade 10cent pips up to 1000 lots. They let you put stops and TP's as close as you want. EA's are welcome. Latency arbitrage is welcome. They state their price feed is the faster feed for those who have systems fast enough to exploit price feed speeds.
My orders are filled about instantly, always. I don't trade news.
The spreads are pretty small usually. Usually about a pip on EURUSD, never more than 1.8 pips unless it is a Friday afternoon. Often about 0.8 pips. Right now it's at 1.1 pips. The spread will increase during a big news release, where I've seen it as high as 20 pips for a few seconds. The majors are all about that level. Maybe up to 2 pips but usually less than that.
When I signed up they were letting you open live with $500. I thought they might increase that later. Sure enough the minimum initial deposit currently is $5000, since Jan 1 2012. I've had a low balance at times and didn't trade for 3 months and they never hassled me about inactivity or low balance.
When I signed up, I also asked to be sent their email newsletter, which someone in the office scours the net for interesting currency news and writes about it. I've found it to be really helpful. The guy who sends the emails is named Joe Gallet. I've spoken to him on the phone and he sounds nerdy and tech savvy. He has a good sense of humor and was very helpful. Spent 20 minutes on the phone with me and answered all my questions patiently. It sounds like the office he works at is a fun place to work. The emails are often humorous and some of the info on the website has some tongue in cheek humor. I like it.
They have a feature with their brokerage called the incubator program. If you are a successful trader, you can enter into their incubator program that allows investors to watch your progress and offer to have you trade for them. To qualify, investors are looking for you trading a $20,000 or so account, at least, with a good track record. Since it's essentially a job interview, the more documentation you have about your trading the better. If an investor likes you, EESFX helps broker the pairing and assists with the contract. Sounds like a cool feature.
In late September 2011, the MT4 platform seized up for about 4 hours and again a day or so later or about 15 minutes. We got a long sincere apology letter and everyone's accounts were refunded to the same levels prior to the freeze. This has never happened since. The letter said it was completely unacceptable and measures were taken to make sure it never happened again. I thought it was handled well. Other brokers won't say anything about it or will deny it happened or say it was your computer.
They introduced some months ago another set of currency pairs with slightly higher spreads but much better liquidity for the EA clients. The idea, I guess is that one would be willing to pay a little higher spread to ensure the order was filled. I never used it since I don't use EA's. Due to lack of use, they discontinued this currency set earlier this month.
They have their own in house EA's that are not turn it on and forget it EA's. They are EA's designed to have you set it up under the correct market conditions to maximize your profit., then turn it off once the ideal market conditions are gone. The office is skeptical of EA's that require no input from the trader.

I started with about 25 currency pairs total and now there are only 12. I'm not sure why. They use Institutional Liquidity as the market maker. I've had no trouble at all

The data feed is good but I get better historical info from Alpari so I keep an Alpari demo account around if I want to look at historical numbers. I can't seem to go back farther than 1 or 2 years on time frames smaller than 24h. I also use Alpari's feed for calculating weekly pivot points, since the two brokers have a slight difference, and I want to use what is most likely to be used by everyone else.
I also keep their demo account open when I trade and can see their live account has slightly faster prices. The spread on the live/demo is pretty much identical.
The only reason I haven't given them 5 starts is I haven't taken money out. My experience with them has been completely good otherwise. If I withdraw with no problems, I'll come back and change to 5 stars.