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Updated: Sep 12, 2018
4.615 · 13 REVIEWS
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This is another company that offers training, followed by supposedly providing some access to capital from an unspecified source for trading.  The FPA advices carefully examining all the terms and performing background checks before signing up with such a company.

Other websites of this company include MaverickTrading.com.

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4.615 · 13 REVIEWS
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Aug 11, 2018,
Registered user

True pro level training

Guys, these are real reviews. I'm only 1/3 thru training and I can feel the transformation already. I joined Maverick because I basically gave up and thought my trading career was going to be with robots only (I did make a kick a** bot portfolio, though). When you trade with bots, what is the point of monitoring the markets? With bots, I no longer have a reason to get up early and trade the GBP news or sit down at my computer and trade the FOMC meetings. NFP Friday isn't very special when you trade with bots. Why worry bout big moves and try to trade them? My bots all do that for me. That is not cool and I feel like I'm in that Bruce Willis movie, Surrogate (horrible movie, don't watch it). I'm just a bot manager, not a trader. Now I can see that there is training out there that can really ignite my trading and get me to the next level. Sorry if I'm sounding like I'm a Maverick salesman. I'm not. Just really feeling blessed I now have a clear path at getting my trading where I need it be and a way to obtain the capital when I'm ready.
San Diego, USA,
Sep 20, 2017,
Registered user

Being successful at FX has nothing to do with leverage or understanding charts. Being part of a valuable team is key.

I have been trading FX for about 8 years, and I joined Maverick last year for a few reasons. First of all, it's true that they only have 50:1 leverage, just like anyone can get in the U.S., but as a Level 1 trader, I provided $2000 into an account, and the firm put up $8000, so that makes the leverage substantially better. Secondly, they have a great group of traders that meet with everyone several times a week to discuss the markets and upcoming announcements and events, and then they give out actual trade alerts to let everyone know what they are going to be trading. I've always done decent with my trading, but I was surprised how much I learned and improved with these guys. I was up over 3400 pips for 2016, which is great. And the last thing is that they have an awesome risk-management team that is always looking over your shoulder, just in case you do something stupid, and they are always available for questions or concerns. Can't say enough good things about the guys running this shop. Well done!
West Palm Beach, USA,
Dec 2, 2016,
Registered user

found Maverick Trading through Careerbuilder

I found Maverick through Career Builder, which i thought was a bit odd. I am supposed to get a call from a recruiter in a few days for a "suitability" interview. I've read that the fees for the FX division that seem a bit less. Anyone here know what they are currently?
Nick M,
Arlington Heights, IL, USA,
Jan 22, 2016,

I've trading a bit before and I have to say I wasn't all that good when I look back on it. lol The first thing Maverick did was force me to actually develop a system, back test it and then demo trade it. I just wanted to trade with their capital. lol Turns out I had a lot of work to do and they forced me to do the actual work to become a trader. Thank god. I can now honestly say I make money consistently as a trader.
Chuck Braun,
New York, USA,
Jan 8, 2016,

I thought I knew a lot about fx trading but I was so surprised how much more i learned going through their process. They forced me to actually write and submit a trading plan. I can't believe I didn't do this in the first place. Looking forward to having a better foundation. I was funded last week as promised and so far so good.
Greg Fulton,
Cincinnati, OH, USA,
Nov 10, 2015,

When I joined I was a little skeptical but I figured to worst that could happen would be a loss of money which i've experienced plenty of in the markets. The first thing i learned from these guys is why I was losing my money which was worth the cost of everything. I refused to follow a system and traded on my whims and feelings. They force you to develop a trading system and trade that system. Before you can trade live they check your trading statements against your trading plan/system and make sure you are following it. This really helped me gain some much needed discipline and consistency
Kevin P,
Dallas, TX, USA,
Jul 24, 2015,

So glad to say i'm officially a professional trader. Employment contract in place, fully funded account and profitable 5 out of my first 6 months. Have already taken $23,000 in profit distributions. Maverick FX has been great for me and what I have needed all along was someone watching over my shoulder and telling me when i'm acting like a jackass. Just knowing the risk management team is watching is keeping me on track. Very happy
Sterling J.,
Las Vegas, USA,
Jun 5, 2015,

I can't tell you how many books and online courses I have taken in my life. These are the first people that talk trading in real life terms and what it takes to make it. Less focus on charts, indicators, etc. and more on me, my tendencies, my weanesses, etc. The fact they made me write a full trading plan before placing even a demo trade shows they understand the business and what it takes. Well done
Rick P,
Houston, USA,
May 22, 2015,

Been with Maverick and their FX division for several years. Couldn't be happier and I agree with all the other reviewers that this is the best FX prop firm around and management is honest and has always followed through on their word. Having access to all of the other traders in the group and the live meetings during major news announcements is awesome. Watching management trading side by side by you is really great. Teamwork has definitely made my trading better. Well done
michael conrad,
Oregon, USA,
Apr 22, 2015,

The People at Maverick are beyond a doubt the most honest and forthright Prop Traders I have found. I lost $10000 to one of the groups I was with and it was worth it. As a result I discovered Maverick FX. Their Program is well balanced and complete. Their attitudes and personalities are highly supportive and accommodating. I have been with them and tracking their progress for 2 plus years and we are always way ahead in the long run. Of course you always have losing trades but the winners exceed the loses many times. Having read several of the negative reviews I can't help but think that they are exaggerated or just plain lies. That is my take, and I can honestly say they have a winning program. Most everything else is just TV hype. If it's so easy why aren't all of us millionaires???