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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Vipan Gupta,
Auckland, New Zealand,
Nov 7, 2012,

I bought the trading system three weeks back and did not find the system suitable for me. I requested a refund for the system three days back and have not heard back from the seller. Still believe that he will refund the money. Will update the outcome of my last email sent to them. Anyone willing to buy please hold on until then.
Sask', Canada,
Mar 22, 2011,

I'm not normally all that hyped about buying up a system but I decided to give this one a shot out of sheer curiosity. A lot like a kid at Christmas time, I just couldn't resist unwrapping the package even if I was quite certain that I would just find a rather unexciting and useless sweater. In this case though, I was pleasantly surprised.

The seller here provides a system that does work well with trending markets and should keep you out of ranging markets in most cases. I'll just go over what I think the seller has done right and sticks out at me as being the most important parts of his system.

-Though English is obviously not the sellers first language, he does a good job of explaining his system step by step and in a manner that should allow you to absorb everything you need to know to make this system work rather well.
-The seller has painted a rather clear picture for us to see good set ups and entry points for trades.
-The seller has provided us with multiple exit strategies and done a good job recommending the most reliable while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.
-The seller has explained risk management properly and provided a clear and simple to understand method of limiting our risk and maximizing our profits in each trade.
-The seller has provided his opinion as to when the strategy works the best under the most liquid market conditions.

In closing, I think all I have left to say is that the seller could have done better to explain to traders how to identify trending and ranging markets as you'll want to stay out of ranging markets to avoid losses. If you intend to purchase this sysetem and don't know how to identify ranging markets, please consider learning about that first. I think this system will likely keep you out of most ranging market situations but knowing more about them may keep you from desperately looking for trading signals and only spotting sour trades.

New traders who purchase this system will probably find a lot of value here. Along with what I think is a reliable system of trading, new traders will get something that should give them a great feel for the markets so long as they use discipline in executing this strategy. More experienced traders may not find much of value here but then, who knows. I've been trading for a number of years and found this to be a rather good read. I know that personally, I'll be using his methods to either fine tune my own, or perhaps, simply adopt his trading style altogether.