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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.964 · 9 REVIEWS
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1.964 · 9 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom, United Kingdom,
Apr 20, 2012,

I can confirm that this group of individuals are crooks and you should stay away from them. They blew our trading account up in no time by placing limitless trades until it zero'd out.

The individual we were dealing with was Kevin Joseph. He will take your money so unless you have bag loads move on and use a professional trader instead of this crook.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Mar 12, 2012,

They are shocking! I will be opening up a case against them as they are failing to respond to my emails.

$5000 down on my account. and they promised me a no loss bonus. They have now gone silent.

2012-01-14 5 Stars Best results i could have expected. 208% so far and climbing FAST! i will post my graph once I have traded with them fo longer and see sustained results.

These guys are almost clairvoyant when it comes to reading the market!
Sami Alrumaih,
Saiht, Saudi Arabia,
Mar 12, 2012,

I have been a victim to FOREXNA.COM  in the beginning they were very nice to me but when they think I will stick them they treat me badly. I admit it when I started working with them most of their signals were working fine despite they send 2-3 signals per week not like they are saying 1-2 per day and  also some slight  losing signals which cant be mention  because they were managing  them when they feel they wouldn't work on the way it supposed to. Even I wrote a good review about them on reviewpips which soon it is gonna be retract it.

I believe after month and half their performance declined dramatically, their signals most of them were losing and the most important thing they don't have customer services. I lost my capital because of them and they didn't refund back my money as they promised when they don't reach 350 pips every month. 

It is a big scam , their promise does not represent anything to them.

Dear traders I would not recommend it to you, but if you want to try their signals just try the free one. Because if you lost will not lose $120 as well for the membership.

2012-02-07 1 Star Their service was good for sometime but lately their performance is very disappointing, almost we were losing every signal they gave us .Number of signals which hit SL(#7,#9,,#11,#13,,#15,#16,& #18) signals were losing but has closed by them to minimize the loss (#10,) and they didn't manage their signals like before and the most important thing is they don't respond to my emails like they used to. You know I am paying for their services; I can get free signals with help, you can go to FX360 which provide signals for free.
They promised us no loss and unfortunately lately most of them were losing and beside I am paying $120.

I joined an American company which provide signals just like
them(HONEST FOREX SIGNALS) and they were losing when I wrote a complain on forex peace army they offered me a life time account for free and gave me back my money.
Leon Williams,
Cape Town, South Africa,
Feb 2, 2012,

These guys are scammers!! $5K down and they've gone silent!! Stay away for the love of your money!!
Malik Sha,
Mumbai, India,
Jan 15, 2012,

Hi Traders,
I am following Forexna free signals and paid premium signals which they sent through mail, forexna never charge any money for free signals, i am following forexna free signals and paid premium signals for past 8 month and earn a big amount with the help of their signals, the best part of their signal is they give very short stop loss and big Take profit. i have earned a big amount with the help of their signals and i suggest all the traders to take the forexna free signals one per week and premium signals daily to earn a great profit.

Thanks to Forexna for free and paid signals
which help me to earn big profit,
Mar 29, 2011,

I warn everyone to avoid forexna.com, rest is your own responsibility. I have already written long review in which I told how I became victim of their scam and how badly the person behind this shit site behaved with me!
I am totally confident that these 5 star reviews have been written by the person behind forexna to lure more innocent people!
Forexna has now started to send me spam emails again, which I have reported a phishing messages to google.
I am writting again to prevent innocent people from throwing their money in this cesspool! Better give it to some charity organization!
Salim Khalaf,
Amman, Jordan,
Dec 4, 2010,

Absolutely superb service. I use the managed account service for the last 5 months. I have started my Forex trading (Tadawal) with humble 10K and now I have 38,550. I love the they have good money management behavior. I would recommend them to any forex trader
Muhammad Nauman Malik,
Nov 5, 2010,

I have repeatedly tried to communicate with the Forexna.com through email and their Yahoo address. I have asked them that they owe to compensate me but the focal person never responded to chat or email.

Today i.e. 5th November, 2011, I asked him again on yahoo chat! And replied me that how would I like to get compensated!

He told me that he would help me only if I remove this review on FPA website!

I told him that if he had managed my account well, as initially promised then I would have written good reviews instead!

He suddenly became out-rageous and sart yelling instead of talking calmly!

He told that what I have written was total lie and his business has increased upto 50%! I told him that why I would need to lie about him!

He closed the chat with the taunting words that he didn't have time to waste while talking to me here!

He also told that my reviews at FPA has not affected his "business"!

Now, I have screen shots of Yahoo chat and some shots of his website!

Can FPA or anyone guide me how can I get this person proceed to the court of law?

I can send screen shot of this chat to FPA if they want!

I will write reviews on websites other than FPA and on Facebook as well!

I have already lodged a complaint in FBI but please guide me some better way!

2010-09-20 12:13 1 Star This website caught my attention while I was searching for forex signals on the web. They claimed to that they would provide signals with 92% accuracy! I was overwhelmed and opened a 5K USD account with FxOpen.
They have repeatedly recommended on their website that common people cannot manage their account well, so better is to hand over their account's user name and password to them and they will manage account for us with the 30% share from the profit.
Since I followed their signals and lost around 1000 USD, I chatted with them on Yahoo messenger. Someone named Joseph Freeman was on the chat, who claimed to be in Jordan (I don't know if that is real information he revealed), was representing forexna.com. He said that it was all because of my poor money management (as I opened bigger lots!), and they recommended that I sould let them operate my account.
He also told me that they were a group of four traders. He made following claims!
1) He said he and his friends previously worked for FXCM as analysists for many years. Then they separated and worked for many other forex brokers and now they have decided to open up their own business in Jordan.

2) He also claimed that he has relations in some agencies from where he use to get information about fundamentals i.e. news (e.g. US or JP job datas, etc) even before their release. In this way they make 100% profit out of the news release!

3) He also claimed that there were time when they were 100% sure where the market would go, so they play higher lots during those times.

This last claim was made after I asked him that how much maximum lots he would trade on my account!

I became fool and I handed over my account's password to them!

They didn't made any written aggrement with me.

No company's address of registration information was given on their website! When I asked from Mr. Joseph that if their company were registered, he replied me yes and sent me some random number and told that this was the registration number!

When I saw my MT4 account after handing over my password to them, there were trades of very high lots opened with no stoploss or take profit set!

I became worried and emailed them as they were not present on chat!

After many hours they replied that they were looking over my account and I should not worry!

I warned them again and again, not to open very high lots as this could eat all my account, but they didn't listen to my concern and advised me that I should not worry and not contact them as they were busy!

When I rechecked my account after a few hours, all my balance was gone! only about 148 USD were remaining from a total of 4014 USD! :-(

Now they don't reply to my email.

They had also mentioned on their website that they would guarantee that they would not let a client lose more than 25% of their capital, if a loss would occur! and they had also mentioned that in the past 6 months (I don't remember exact number), their almost 700 clients didn't lose money!

The above two claims have now been removed from their website!

I would recommend all of you to stay away from them! They are scam!

Currently they also ask for donations in return to their free signals! They ask for repeating or fixed monthly donations from 10 USD to 1000 USD!

Their website is full of spelling mistakes and doesn't look like a professional one!

I have been victim of their scam and want to prevent other people from their scam. I have also lodged a complaint in FBI against them so thay they may get caught and cannot start scamming under other name!
Oct 14, 2010,

I tried their signals on demo mode. I would have chosen, if I could give them less than one star! They are worthless. Thanks God that I tested them on demo account