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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.404 · 18 REVIEWS
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2.404 · 18 REVIEWS
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Jun 30, 2011,

CopyPastePips is a Scam, the guy does not know how to trade. Taking 20% to 30% portfolio risks on single trades when he starts having drawdowns. And excludes those trades from the MT4i.com statements, he has been losing money most months this year (2011)
Bath, UK,
May 3, 2011,

I bought the copy paste system and also the no loss system in feb 2011. After a day or so it became clear that the no loss service is really bad and i cancelled it. I monitored the basic system carefully for the trial period and it made a loss of over 200 pips.
A day or so before the 60 days cancellation period I asked for a refund. Click bank gave me back my initial refund but did not return the monthly charge in march and then took a further monthly charge in April a day after I had cancelled it. It is proving very difficult to retrieve my full refund. I am not happy with the service at all.
Mar 18, 2011,

I just wanna correct my previous post, it was regarding another signal provider:

trades are send manualy,the live trade as staying behind not EA

Support and Resistance are using in this strategy which ifs most reliable metod on Forex for this moment;all scalpers or trand followers are failing in long term trading

order limits will allow to enter the market in best price which will follow by best R:R when you compare to market execution

generally low DD and low monthly fee; even with small account can be profitable
Mar 18, 2011,

It looks like there are quite a few either new traders using this, or a lot of fake postings.
I have used the CopyPastePips and the CopyPastePips NoLoss for a couple months. Here is what I have noticed.
#1- The CPP NoLoss system is a major fail. It is guaranteed to never have a loss. The very FIRST position that it opened went about 80 pips into profit and turned around and went all the way to the stoploss. Avoid the NoLoss system, it fails badly.
#2- It has become very apparent to me that the CPP system is not traded by a professional trader for a couple reasons. A lot of the orders are less than 1:1 risk reward ratio. I have also had several orders go 70+ pips into profit only to turn around and go to a full stoploss. All the professional traders I know never take orders with a less than 1:1 risk reward ratio, and when the position moves over 50% of the way to a target that is 100 pips or more, they move the stoploss to breakeven.

If you try this system, i recommend setting your own stops and profit targets....which eliminates the whole automated trading part of it. I am tired of losing money with this system though. Going back to trading by myself. On a side note, the tradeswiper program by Bob Iaccino is very good. It is not automated trading or anything of the sort. He actually teaches you how to trade on your own. If you would like to be able to trade by yourself instead of relying on someone else...I recommend at least looking into it.
Mar 3, 2011,

I wondered if this was any good but have`nt purchased because the figures on their website don`t make sense i.e sell orders with stop loss below entry price , stop losses of 10 pips with tp of 100 pips , entries are supposed to be sorted by entry time but they are not in order . The figures appear to be fabricated . Has anyone else noticed these careless mistakes ?
Feb 27, 2011,

A positive surprise. No overtrading, only a few trades, but very good performance. Past track record seems to be honest. Copier software is working fine, so the results on my account are the same. Customer support could be better. A service with a good potential and not a scam like other EA's and Robots.
Michael F,
Sewickley, PA,
Feb 19, 2011,

I purchased CopyPastePips 0n 1/18/2011. So far it has opened a total of 9 positions. The first trade came on 1/24/11, 6 days after I purchased it. It opens pending orders and cancels some of them (I guess if conditions change). Of the 9 trades (I am trading .1 lot), 8 have been winners and 1 loser. The first trade was a losing trade to the tune of $193.00 and I thought I purchased another fraud EA/Service. I decided to give it some time although a couple more losing trades like that is about all I could take. The next 8 positions were all wins. So far, my account is up $1,017.04 and that is with trading 1 minilot. i know that I have to give this at least a few months to really determine if this is indeed as good as they portray. So far I am impressed. I purchased their basic version without any up sells.
New Zealand,
Feb 14, 2011,

I bought copy paste pips and no loss 4 weeks ago.

It was quite frustrating to get up and running as the instructions were very basic. copypaste can not be run on the same platform as no loss etc,
I posted a ticket and sent emails then waited.
I waited 10 days for a reply.

The reply gave me better instructions on how to setup and gave me an FAQ as well so hope was restored for a bit longer.

After getting it running properly i have had 7 trades on my account
A total of 550 pips of profit and 32 pips of losses. in a little over 2 weeks of trading.
Pretty good so far and i still have another 4 weeks to claim a refund if i choose.

There were lots of problems initially but the results are better than expected. They tell me they are still working on a members area etc, I think they were in a such a hurry to release the product they skimped on the other important factors a service like this requires.
I am pleased with the trades so far but the service leaves something to be desired.
I hope they can bring that part of the business up to speed soon to bring some balance to the company. If they do they should do quite well.
Feb 12, 2011,

Copy Paste Pips has been running on my VPS for a little over 2 weeks now and it has been working fine for me. I check it a few times a day and have reinstalled the latest version when prompted. The trades have also replicated the ones posted on the website. I am testing it on a live 1K account allowing them to set the lot size with 0.02 (20 cents per pip) being the maximum size to date which I am happy with. At the time of this post the account is up 7%. SL and moving TP levels have been applied to the live trades etc
Feb 5, 2011,

I bought it on a Trial Basis for a week....After some errors, I did finally installed it correctly...It shows its version as 3.3 and displays a smily face with WORKING sign....

Last three days and not a single Trade.....I had mailed them twice till now.....Just got a Ticket number...I think I will end up trouble shooting meanwhile the Seven days period will end without having a Single Trade.....Hope they will reply me atleast.....

Its so strange that if a real Trader sits and trades then why on earth most people around are not getting the same trades copied into their own MT4 ...?

Will update further if and when I receive a response from them...