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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.909 · 7 REVIEWS
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1.909 · 7 REVIEWS
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Jay G,
New Jersey, USA,
Dec 29, 2011,

The negative reviews are from people who didn't give this the proper test. If you have trading common sense and can determine in the currency strength is in your favor, trade during the major sessions, and most importantly break even your trades at 20 pips, you will be profitable. This system is just incredible! You can lose 5 trades and win 4 in a 9 trade series and be in profit, with a little common sense the win ratio is more than enough. 5 stars from me.
Feb 17, 2011,

Same as others, they keep trying to get out of refunding my money, even though they "shut it off" as soon as I made the refund request... that's two days without use of their product while they hold my money.

Jan 27, 2011,

I purchased this a few weeks ago and ran it on my account for a few days. It would open conflicting trades (buy and sells) at the same time etc. I asked for a refund and they won't honor their word. I have gone through clickbank for a refund and the vendor keeps on switching it to tech support. They are a very dishonest bunch. Stay away!!
Jan 24, 2011,

Looks to be based on 3 interpretations of two moving averages. It has about a 10% win ratio. The system has a 2:1 risk:reward ration. Unfortunately, without a far more elaborate system, It hits the built-in stop loss far too often to be able to succeed without actively watching it and closing AS SOON AS you are in profit. It shows to usually have about a 5 pip swing into the money before the trend dies and reverses. I REALLY wanted this one to work because I like the idea behind it.

To finish, in the manual for the Signals Machine Cloner, it specifically states that both of the Signals Machine systems are for entertainment/educational purposes ONLY. I am getting my money back on this one.
Jan 19, 2011,

So far the EA has resulted in losses, I've placed 10 or so trades and only 1 has won. The signals and too frequent even on the 1H chart and most of the time go against the trend resulting in losses. It's not even a counter trend strategy, it just emits signal after signal which are inaccurate. The news feature is good but I can just as easily go to forexfactory.
Overall, I am unsatisfied with this EA.
Jan 18, 2011,

Only have it for two days, so maybe I should wait to review but I would be interested if anybody is having the same experience. I get lots of signals but most result in loss and only a few send Email alerts. Also have the associated Trade Cloner that duplicates Tal's trades. So far -- 4 trades -- all loosers. I questioned them and only got sections of the manual rather than a personal response as though they thought I hadn't read the manual! So much for their 'white glove'
Jan 17, 2011,

Got the service going today i.i.Monday and in spite of a move of around 1000 pips in GBPUS this am London session, no sign of ant activity on chart!!! Wrote to Tal twice for reason of no signal; still waiting after some 10 hours.
Toronto Canada,
Jan 17, 2011,

So far so good, using a demo account with 2 pip spreads.. it is working