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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.821 · 4 REVIEWS
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3.821 · 4 REVIEWS
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Aug 26, 2007,

I warn everyone against using this system.
It is a triple martingale grid system without a stop loss. As price moves away from your trade, you continue pouring money into it, at triple the rate, hoping it will turn in your favor.
A system like this returns frequent meager profits, but one bad night will destroy your account.
It's a disaster waiting to happen. Trade this long enough and it will happen to you.
Alex Goldstein,
San Jose, CA,
May 24, 2007,

I purchased the packet and at first I was very skeptical. I've been using the system for approximately 6 months and I am seeing consistent returns. The strategy is very simple to use. I believe that it is well worth my little investment. My only complaint is that I wish I purchased it now. I just received an email that there is some sort of promotion…I could have saved a few bucks!
Bob Kay,
Concord, NH,
Apr 15, 2007,

MyFxsecrets is run by Brett Michael, he has FOREX podcasts on his site. Very good with strategy and constant ROI percentages. Recommended.
Staci Minton,
Pawtucket, RI,
Mar 22, 2007,

This is pretty good FOREX packet. It offers a lot of valuable information for FOREX traders. It also explains a trading strategy that i've used pretty succesful. I just want to let people know that there is a good trading strategy out there and this packet has it.