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Updated: Sep 14, 2017
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Seminole, FL,
May 17, 2011,

I've come a long way since being in the Intentional Trading room. Tony is patient and spends time teaching his method. Paper trade the method till you feel comfortable. Really like the people in the room...no hot shots and we help each other make money. Great for beginners and experienced traders.
Shaun P,
Feb 18, 2011,

I know this is supposed to be a review, but instead I’m going to provide a FIRM ENCOURAGEMENT to check this place out. You can thank me later and trust me you will...

This is a room run by an experienced trader (Intentional Tony) who applies an exceptional strategy (futures) that he has devised based on a series of his own indicators inside Ninja Trader (for both DOM & Charts). The room itself is quite small and personal and when I joined on my free 7 day trial (see the website) I was surprised by the welcome I received. Any questions you have are answered instantly and there are no ego's to be found. Simply a small group of friendly traders who are making or learning to make a living from trading and are more than happy to help any newcomer out.

Tony explains each trade in simple detail as it sets up and his set of indicators are the most powerful and well designed indicators I've come across. He brings his experience and combines it with his coding ability to create a chart layout that is simple yet extremely efficient and easy to read. The whole strategy and the setups are actually quite easy to understand as well which was great for me. A variety of markets are also traded which means there are plenty of opportunities to take trades. However a conservative and "intelligent" attitude is apparent in the room so we only take the best set ups.

I signed up for a trading room subscription on my first day of the trial because of how impressed I was with the trading strategy and the vibe of the room. I was also drawn by the fact that there were no big upfront fees to join like many rooms have. Just a simple monthly subscription that I'm allowed to cancel at any time and there is no comparison to the other rooms I've been to as far as value for money goes. Trust me on that.

There is also a very unique course you can participate in for additional mentoring to help you with the business aspects of trading and the transition from part time to full time trading (which is inevitable). I'm most impressed by this and I think you will be too.

Tony posts a daily trading log on his website of his trades and the results speak for themselves, his highly intelligent trading is the reason why he has an average winning trade percentage of over 85%. And there is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting into the room right now, taking the same trades as us and achieving similar results.

Get on it now.
Feb 15, 2011,

The Intentional Trader group is the best room I have ever had the pleasure to be in. I've been a member for over 6 months, and I'm constantly amazed about the honesty, accountability and results that the admins (Tony + Billy) pull in. Sure, we might not trade everyday and might not be the expert of experts, but our scalps add up. Unlike many rooms, we quite relaxed and welcome to almost everybody, no-one is left out. Since joining the room, my trading has improved ten-fold, from thoroughly learning the mechanics of our charts to recognising and managing my emotions. Because of Tony's hard work and immense support, I can now transition to Full time trading with confidence. He's become like family :), could not recommend him enough.
Intentional Billy,
Feb 5, 2011,

Hi, I am actually 1 of the proprietors and a member of this site. I wanted to add it here so i could start a feedback thread for our services. We trade the futures markets including currencies. We don't as yet trade FX spot , but plan to start that service in the summer. Thank you