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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.316 · 8 REVIEWS
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2.316 · 8 REVIEWS
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Michael Kanzler,
Panama City, Panama,
Mar 24, 2014,

Do not be fooled by Swanson's new trade software called "Momentics." The historical performance they report is outright fraud. You can test the system yourself. I tested Momentics on every time frame and instrument. Winning trades were less than 40% with a 1:1 RR. It is a fancy package with black coal on the inside. Do not waste your money.
utrecht, Netherlands,
Jul 24, 2013,


beside the $3,997 for the package, you need to jion the decoder forex club aswell for $197 a month.

so you just got a bunch of eas for the 3,997 then if you want to learn how to use it well you have to jion the club aswell.

the introducing webinar is misleading of what you really get for the 3,997.

for this price you would expect more,then just the eas.

the videos they have are out of date. some of indicators that they used in the vidoes are not availeble anymore.

so it is really disapointing evendo the volume divergence trading system they use ,is something to study futher but not with them.

beside all this is another thing:

Mike Swanson is also teaching other system called momentics. i think he is not really a trader that uses what he teaches . he is just markting this with a colleage.

and that you can notice form the webiste and the misleading webinars.

save your money for another course.

and that is my say.
Mike Jones,
Columbus Ohio, USA,
Feb 2, 2013,

Been trying to reach these guys for several weeks as I was initially intrigued. I've called at least 6 times and they don't answer their phones. I've left 2 voicemails myself and my partner also left two. Neither of us has had a return phone call. I've also sent an email as well as two skype messages with no response. The whole thing smells to me. If they actually had half a brain to have a sales team in place they might have had my 2k. What a joke...
Vancouver, Canada,
Jul 5, 2012,

I had some problems installing DDSMM instant on my live account but was able to reach tech support right away. I installed Team Viewer and he made the necessary changes to get it working on my account. I was quite happy with their customer service. They also have support webinars for members periodically. Before this I was using it on a demo account and it works wonderfully.
, Philippines,
Apr 11, 2012,

I tried the manual version of DDSMM,i thought is interesting but i couldnt enter swap fees therefore all the figures are incorrect.
I emailed a question to them, as i was interested in buying but never received an answer.
Belo Horizonte, Brazil,
Mar 14, 2012,

I agree with each and every word from Michigander. Support at DDSSMM is chaotic (to tell tle minimum about it) and the only answer back when they want with promisses to fix issues they never do (for intance, authentication error). I have the product for more than 8 month and I doubt it can really improve results.
Their servers are extremely slow and, unfortunately, I lost my 1800 because it's too late to ask for a refund. Lesson learned: Stay away from this peace of s
Sanford MI, USA,
Feb 17, 2012,

I've been using Mike's products for about 4 months now and am extremely disappointed with Mike, his products, and his "team".

Technical support is in total chaos. Many emails take almost a week to get answered. If the question is the least bit inconvenient, it gets ignored. No one in the organization knows anything about anything. The employees are like a call center with their only response being " we need to ask Mike".

I have used Mikes trade sizing spreadsheet to compare his money management to dozens of EA systems default money management. Using the maximum stop loss on the EA being reviewed, I have yet to find a system that has been improved by using Mikes money management. It will keep you from going broke, no doubt about it. It is very poor at optimizing returns.

Mike has 3 EA's. The forex decoder, decoder 10 pip, and a mirror account that takes the trades that he takes in his trading room.

Forex Decoder never runs. In the 4 months I have tried to use it, is has only taken 2 trades. Mike constantly has it down for technical problems with operations, or to "improve" it.

Decoder 10 pip is the flagship EA. When it runs, it does run well. However, Mike keeps fussing with it and, fixes one thing, and breaks 2 others. The EA has not run reliably since 1/1/12. It is not running now. I am not convinced he will ever get it right.

Decoder Mirror has been running now for a couple weeks but it has only taken 1 trade and it was a small loser.

Its impossible to know what trades you should be getting or not getting as results have not been posted anywhere for months now.

I used his server services to run the EA's. Overdeployment and his bandwidth issues caused video lag times that were as long as 5 minutes. After waiting for a month for the problems to get fixed, I bailed on those services. I do not know if these problems have ever been reconciled or not.

I could go on and discuss the problems with his auto ddsmm and the lag time issues with it, but I think you get the drift of the problems. Every aspect of this business is in disarray. You would be wise to place your money elsewhere.
Aug 11, 2011,

Cecil is actually not a trader and as we have went through our records, we have NEVER had any trader named Cecil. So, his review is definitely biased. I have been with Mike Swanson for just over a year now. At first, I learned from him. Then, because I became successful using his methods, I was able to do some beta testing for him and be mentored even further. That is how I know there has never been anyone named Cecil. I'm quite sure that the Cecil who posted is actually Cecil Robles (Who, in fact is a marketer and has little professional trading experience). He was mad that Mike would not promote his services (Because Mike only puts his name on Forex products and services that ACTUALLY work! Unfortunately, after much testing, Mr. Cecil Robles training was unsuccessful and Mike had to say no.
Jul 13, 2011,

These guys are hucksters. They work with every other marketer sharing lists. Money management also is bad- I left when account dropped 50% with these turkey's.
Jun 17, 2011,

I got a copy of there Excel spreadsheet (how lame). I entered several different trade outcomes (100's) the results were less than OK. I would not pay $1800 for this cr**. Don't be fooled by the slick marketing.