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Updated: Oct 31, 2018
2.042 · 30 REVIEWS
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2.042 · 30 REVIEWS
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Oct 30, 2018,
Registered user

first day, first trade I follow: scam!
website reports a filled order on a price *never* reached.
stay away!
May 17, 2018,

Lot's of cons but profitable so I will keep using this service

I have used this service 3 times for a single month via live-forex-signals.com. I wasn't aware that they have several clone websites but that doesn't really matter. There is a lot to say about this service so I will sum it up into pros and con':

- Often comes a signal and the starting price is never reached by 2 or 3 pips. Though on their website it says they did. It may be a difference in broker. I use plus500.
- When I enter a trade I sometimes only realise too late that they stopped the trade. In such cases they say 4 or 5 loss pip while my trade is down 30 pips, but still within the range of the SL. I must add I sometimes get a profit where they already stopped it.
- Signals seem to be computer generated, so even during extreme volatile news event it would just send a signal like one minute before all hell breaks loose.
- They do not offer EUR/GBP
- You can turn the signal for each pair on and off but I would like to turn them off for the night, the phone bleeps are killing me.
- They do not reply to any email.
- Past results are a little biased in their favor, but definetely positive in my opinion.
- Checking their website from the link I get in my email often will trigger the Google captcha (too many visits) where I will have to identify some cars several times in a row. Really annoying when you're in a rush! They don't want any scripts checking out their signal, but I'd say 'So what'? Anyway, I'm not a robot..

- Most signals are actually valid, and when they are not you can easily skip them if you have just a little trading experience. Just trade the obvious high probabilty trades and you are good.
- I do not have to watch the screen all day. I will get a signal via email, check out the chart myself and if I agree enter the trade.
- I like that they make the buy trades green and the sell trades red, prevents me from making stupid mistakes ;-)

4 stars because of the many cons but also because this is just a profitable service which saves me time.
Aug 10, 2017,
Registered user


So todat. AUDUSD sell. They claim opened at 0.7883, closed at 0.7862. Total 21 pips.

Chart shows low of the day at 0.7867.

Closing time of signal apparently: GMT+03:00 10:27- the low on that pin bar is 0.7868.

Very disappointing that they lie like this when it is so easily found out.

Basically their numbers are false. True performance cannot ascertained.
London, United Kingdom,
May 6, 2017,

good value for money

they are far from perfect but worth keeping eye on... for example when they claim 350 pips on some days i do 80-250. it does happen quite often that same trades according to them come in solid profit but i get only third of it.. it did happen few times that i had better scores... some times i leave trade to go longer with very tight sl
Lagos, Nigeria,
Mar 2, 2017,
Registered user

Good signal provider

I have been trading with their signals on my demo account. I made good profits. Then I switched to my live account, also using their signals. I also did quite well.
The negative reviews here are not totally true. the market is a volatile market and they make losses too. But so far, they are doing just OK.
I am not even a paid subscriber! I use the signal as a free user.
Greed is the major issue that traders have. If you can manage your greed, you will do quite well using foresignal
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 23, 2016,
Registered user

foresignals.com - Not For Newbies

I have watched and checked various trades offered by foresignals.com for the past 3 years. I agree with the consensus that the results are somewhat contrived to suite the signal provider. However..... foresignals.com seem to appeal mostly to newbies and this where the reviews become typical in their content. Subscribers expect the results to be bang on the mark from entry to exit which I think is rather naive at best. This particular signal provider does not confirm the point of their trade exit but merely provides a trading window of 4 hours when the trade must be automatically ceased, consequently their results are ambiguous (to be kind) and can be subject to some manipulation. There is a small caveat in their small print which recommends the use of a trailing stop loss which is probably where they can justify when their results don't match the published exit point.

What all signal users must keep in mind that the signal itself is a component of the overall trade; money management, risk management, your own technical and fundamental analysis and above all common sense must prevail when entering a trade. I would suggest the entry points for the signals can be useful but when in use must be applied to a trade plan. It's no good just diving in and waiting for the trade to manifest itself into profit because it won't. This signal provider does not manage the trade for you. This signal provider does not attach a stop loss and take profit that fits all subscribers trading styles.

The data is available to get some basic stats. Take each currency pair and work out from the history provided what the average pip win/loss value and ratios. If the average pip win for a particular pair is 18 pips make your target 15 and apply a risk to reward ratio of say 3/2 so your SL is: -10 and TP is: +15.

Screen shot and save the free signals results over a week or a month and back test them by applying your trading plan rules to the data but remember these are signals not an EA and the trades really should be managed from start to finish.

£30 for a month of foresignals.com is value for money if you are able to apply the information to your knowledge and experience to make the best of the opportunities, however. there are times when signals are not appropriate (during NFP and alike) when trading should be restricted to a particular style with specific risk/reward and risk management skills applied.

Finally all too often people look for the holy grail of schemes/systems/EA's/Training Gurus etc, but the reality of trading is simple nothing will take the place of the education, screen time and dedication to trading as a profession in order to succeed. It is a 'get comfortable' slow business (sometimes rich but still slowly).
Pier Gaetano,
Wroclaw, Poland,
Mar 6, 2016,

I sent a mail asking to use the signal automatically with an ea but no reply
Sajjad khan sun ,
Dhaka , Bangladesh,
Sep 6, 2015,

I tried their signals for 1 week and find the signals are not strong what they say.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 17, 2015,

I noticed this site when I first started trading. I began to check their trades and also noticed they weren't as successful as they say they are. However what I have noticed is that you can use these guys as a scalp assist. I sometimes use this method if I have had a really busy day and haven't had much time to check the markets. What I do is check the trades they say and then quickly take a 30 seconds look at my chart to see if they are worth the trades. Most times you can get 10-12 pips from their trades which can add up to quite a bit in a day.

Still giving a 3 star as they are not giving accurate info

Remember if you are going to do this, please check your chart to make sure it won't go in the opposite direction as you shouldn't be putting on every trade you see on the site. CHECK YOUR CHARTS and happy trading guys
Lagos, Nigeria,
Apr 21, 2015,

Sincerely, I do know what you guy are talking about...I have been using this free signals for a while and I have made good profits. The only disadvantage is that you have sit in front of your computer all day. I dont wait for it to hit TP before closing trades. I think it is good.