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Updated: Aug 26, 2019
Formerly SynergyFx.com
2.922 · 38 REVIEWS
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Formerly at SynergyFx.com.  Other websites of this broker include acy.com.

About ACYSecurities.com

ACY Securities is an online forex broker. ACYSecurities.com offers the Metatrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 currency trading top platforms.


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2.922 · 38 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Almere, Netherlands,
Apr 28, 2019,

Great trading conditions

have been trading for many years and since September 2018 I’m a customer of Synergy FX / ACY Securities. As far as I’m concerned their Pure ECN account offers the best trading conditions in the market. My EA’s clearly perform much better using a Synergy FX / ACY Securities Pure ECN account, than an ECN account of one of their competitors. The spread is always very close to 0 pips and they charge only $ 5 / lot. Their portal is very user-friendly. I never experienced any problem using their service and therefore never contacted their customer support, so I can’t give comments on that subject.
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Melbourne, Australia,
Mar 25, 2019,

Without doubt worst in the industry!

Avoid at all cost! They are very unprofessional outfit with dubious practices. Without a doubt the worst I have had the misfortune of using. They appear large but in reality are a very small company. Support is almost non-existent.

They claim lower spreads in the industry but the facts tell otherwise. Slippage is bad at times. Commission structure is also one of the highest around.

They even accidently pushed their MT4 trading servers forward + 2hrs for the start of daylight savings and did not even notice that day it was 1hr out (until I brought it to their attention). This action caused my trading robots to open orders in the wrong trading window, which then lead to substantial losses, yet they are not accepting any accountability for their professional negligence!

Do yourself a favor and give them a miss. There are so many better reputable brokers out there, so why waste your time and money with such an unprofessional company?
Minsk, Belarus,
Dec 17, 2018,
Registered user

Additional notice to my previous review

I would like to add an additional note to my previous review about SynergyFX:

I've tried to communicate with their complaince department but they requested me the same documents. Not sure what a problem with them: even they don't have money for payouts or don't maintain their customers records in proper way... Today I've sent a complaint to Australian Financial Compliance Authority. Let's see what happens next.

Dec 11, 2018 - 1 Star I’m a client of SynergyFX since 2011. I’m also their IB and had a MAM account with them. After incident with Swiss Franc happened in 2016 I decided to make a pause in trading and left around 2200 USD on my account with them. Now I want to withdraw funds and here is what they requested from me to perform withdrawal:
– proof of orginal deposits (transaction records with the right amount)
– your signed IB agreement for earning the rebates
– your rebate proof records
I really have a doubt that their request is legal. Even if it is, what can I provide if it was almost 7 years ago?! It’s really ridiculous. As a financial institution they should maintain all records on their side. Strongly don’t recommend to work with this company!
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Budapest, Hungary,
Feb 7, 2018,

My favorit

Synergy is one of the best broker I met. It provides a very good user friendly portal to manage deposit, withdrawal, transfer between accounts etc. The trading conditions are very competitive and their server is working rock solid. I trade already for several years here and I really like it.
Reply by SynergyFX Support submitted Mar 21, 2018:
Hi Sochin,

Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts and review. We have always appreciated working with Hungarian clients! No nonsense and loyal traders.

Please let us know if we can help with anything in the future.

Kind regards,
Synergy Team
BKK, Thailand,
Jan 18, 2018,

New team very good services
Fast deposit and withdrawal
Well trading servers
Executions very good
Reply by SynergyFX Support submitted Jan 30, 2018:
Hi Sangjan,

Thank you for leaving this lovely review. We are always happy to see our Thai clients actively trading and enjoying our services.

Please let us know if there is anything we can help with in the future.

Kind regards,
Synergy Team
Jan 12, 2018,
Registered user

Excellent trading conditions

I trade forex since 2010. I started trading at Synergy in early 2015. During this 3 years I had good experience with them. As I mainly use breakout and scalping strategies, for me the fast and reliable execution is top priority. I tried more than 20 brokers in order to get the best execution, but I must say the No. 1 was Synergy. They have good average spread, and what is more important, especially in case of scalping, they provide rather low slippage, which shows that they have good and stable liquidity providers. Their support is responsive and correct. As I am in Europe, the only problem is the time difference to Australia, therefore sometimes the communication seems to be a bit slow. But in case of withdrawal of money it is even advantageous. If I make withdrawal in the evening, the money is on my account already in the morning.
If somebody will trade seriously and longtime, my opinion is that Synergy is a perfect broker and a good choice.
Reply by SynergyFX Support submitted Jan 30, 2018:
Hello informer,

Thank you for your kind words and continual business. You have been an exemplary client, and we are always happy to see you making great money on our platform.

Please let us know if there is anything else you need help with.

Kind regards,
Synergy Team
QLD, Australia,
Mar 16, 2017,


I really wish this brokerage had better support. They have some very interesting managed account programs and are the only FX managed programs in Australia.
But their phone lines only connect to one mate and he is not very in the know about their funds product offerings...
Reply by SynergyFX Support submitted Jun 8, 2017:
Hi Ronnie,

We do not seem to have any information about your inquiry on record.

Please email us at support@synergyfx.com.au and we will send across all relevant information for your consideration.

Many thanks,
Synergy Support.
Liam Brown,
NSW, Australia,
Feb 28, 2017,


Each time I call this brokerage, I speak to a man named Daniel. He is not pleasant to speak with or helpful at all. Synergy has some interesting Managed Trading products but their support is simply not up to par with the other companies in the industry I work with. Sad.
Reply by SynergyFX Support submitted Mar 6, 2017:
Hi Liam,

We are sorry to hear you feel you had an unpleasant experience when calling our company. We strive to create a welcoming environment that is facilitated by our knowledgeable staff. Daniel is a valued member of the team and it is rare to have a comment like this about his client relations.
We have searched through our database and cannot find any client by your name, nor any notes in our CRM of a call taking place with a Liam Brown. We would love to resolve this matter by arranging a time to speak, or if more suitable we are happy to discuss via email on support@synergyfx.com.au

We appreciate that you find our fully licensed Managed Trading products interesting and it would be great to discuss these further with you.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your rating and prove to you why Synergy FX is an industry leading broker.
Joseph Akpan,
Nigeria, Nigeria,
Sep 16, 2016,

Delayed withdrawal

I deposited 3400$ with synergyfx, and i had someone who wanted to trade for me,but i later changed my mind because i needed to use that money for somwone,only to be told by synergyfx thaf i cannot withdraw my money,that i must open a trade. Please assist me resolve this issue because this is getting out of hand
Reply by SynergyFX Support submitted Mar 6, 2017:
Hi Joseph,

It is extremely unfortunate you decided to take this matter to a forum for an issue that was already explained to you at great length and was no longer within our control.

As we are licensed and regulated by ASIC, when dealing with funding and withdrawal issues, we must abide by the guidelines and recommendations of the banks and regulator. We also have policies in place to protect ourselves against fraudulent activity and for certain suspicious behaviour.

In this instance you deposited funds from one bank in Nigeria, never traded on your account, then tried to withdraw to a different bank which was based in Malta. This is against our returns policy which states it must be returned to the funding account, due to a number of attempts of fraud against our company.
This payment was also flagged by our AA credit rated provider the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Once they have flagged a payment, it then becomes a much more complex issue than just returning your funds. We explained all of this to you and you proceeded to share confidential emails with dozens of people, still not realising that everything we were doing was completely legal.

This process was eventually resolved when the bank released your funds to your account and we consider this issue resolved as of months ago.

We had hoped you would edit your review, but it seems not. We wish you all the best with your future trading wherever you so choose.

Kind regards,
Synergy Team
Synergy Financial Markets,
, Australia,
Feb 24, 2016,

OUR REFERENCE: Suspected fraudulent activity at www.sfx4you.com

It has recently been brought to our attention that the website www.sfx4you.com has been using the intellectual property of Synergy FX, in attempt to defraud clients.

We have become aware that the website in question is taking deposits from clients and then referring them to us to discuss their deposit.

This suspected fraudulent activity has been reported ASIC.

At no point in time will we ever request for your information to pass through any gateway other than our own, with our specific domain names (listed below), and through confirmation via email, or direct telephone of account opening and funding instructions. Our compliance and support functions are world class, and ensure that you speak to a knowledgeable member of staff through the process.

Synergy FX is an award winning, and fully licensed, regulated broker in Australia under the AFSL number 403863. We are regulated under ASIC and meet the strictest requirements of any market.
This is why we do not provide 3rd parties with authority to use our intellectual property without thorough due diligence, and having any websites still point directly to ourselves, and not any foreign payment gateway.

As a potential or existing client of Synergy FX, we are informing you NOT to have any dealings with the website we have identified, as they have not been provided with any authority from us.

The website has been removed from the Internet as this matter was immediately reported to the host provider last week. Should you encounter any sites claiming to be Synergy FX or Synergy Funds Management, please contact our team directly on support@synergyfx.com.au If you believe you may have been affected from this suspected scam, please carry out these checks:

1 - Check the account number you were issued. All synergy fx account numbers are 6 or 10 digits long. You can confirm your account number and funding instructions through our welcome email, or by contactingaccounts@synergyfx.com.au

2 - check the email address you were contacted to by synergy fx. The email address should end with:




If you believe you are a victim of this suspected crime we strongly advise you to contact the police

Here at Synergy FX we are currently helping the authorities with their investigations and will continue to do so to ensure our brand and reputation is maintained. We have always acted with utmost integrity and take these kind of actions with the utmost seriousness.

We have been actively working to provide our clients with the most aggressive pricing in the market, launching a new Pure ECN account which is still STP and has spreads from 0.0, as well as offering our award winning funds management products, and superior EAs.

Should you wish to talk to us about anything in this post, or any other suspected fraudulent activity with regards to sites claiming to be Synergy FX, please email support@synergyfx.com.au.

Yours Faithfully

Synergy Financial Markets PTY Limited

Review Moderation Team Note: We hope SynergyFx now realizes the value of having a review page. If the FPA had bowed to SynergyFx's threats and pulled this page, then SynergyFx's rep would not have had such a prominent place to post this.