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Axiory Global Ltd

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Axiory is a forex broker. Axiory offers the MetaTrader 4 and cTrader forex online trading top platforms. offers over 60 forex pairs, gold, silver, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 777:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 2011
Address: No.1 Corner of Hutson Street and Marine Parade Belize City, Belize, Belize
Contact:, +97145896250
Regional offices:
Regulators: IFSC #IFSC/000122/163
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (60+)
CFD: (55+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer), VISA, Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, VLoad
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer), VISA, Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, VLoad

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The Axiory brand was launched in 2011 and has become an industry leader serving traders across the globe since 2012. The broker has created a savvy, friendly, and intuitive space for accessing the forex and CFDs market, where clients’ needs always come first. Axiory traders are privileged to excellent trading conditions, unique risk management tools, tier-1 liquidity, and the constant support of an international, highly professional, and extremely friendly team, under an IFSC licensed broker.


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3.456 · 35 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

South Africa,
Feb 6, 2018,

If the live account performs as well as their Demo, it must highly rate them in my opinion.

I have been testing ea's with this broker for quite a while now. Compared to other brokers they have always performed very, very well with this Broker. However, there have been some bad comments in the past, so I am undecided about going live with them. I am watching FPA for further comments.
Australia, Australia,
May 23, 2012,

People here have put really good reviews.

I was checking their website and there is very little information about who they are?

They are registered in the Seychelles which makes me nervous.
I cant see a business address?

Money goes to HSBC in Hong Kong

Do people really give their money to these people???

I am guessing they are a white label broker??

There are no reviews on their spreads or tick frequency or ea performance, etc.

Are all these reviews for real?? How do we verify this?? Should we believe the reviews or can they be a bit dodgy?
Worldwide, Czech Republic,
Sep 2, 2013,

We at Axiory take all feedbacks very seriously and we really appreciate each one. Thank you all for the positive reviews and also those who shared and explained their problems.

We feel the need to explain a few topics, as there may be few misunderstandings in both positive and negative feedbacks.

Axiory is an STP brokerage and we offer services for self-traders and PAMM users. However many self-traders often suffer on the market for various reasons, as trading on markets requires tremendous focus, skill and discipline. That is why Axiory decided to cooperate with Multitrader and we added their services to our Investment Platform. Multitrader and Axiory did many improvements in order to help clients increase their profitability on markets while minimising the risk. There is no way to fully avoid risk while trading on the markets.

Axiory provides solely STP connectivity to the market and does its best to provide top support to all our clients.

In accordance, Multitrader verifies all offered strategies and only those traders who provide their trading on real accounts can be offered in Axiory's Investment Platform. These traders are rewarded only if they generate profit to clients. Additionally Multitrader created safety feature called CapitalGuard, which added considerable amount of security, as with CapitalGuard clients know what may be their highest risk using the Multitrader service.

We are still looking for more feedbacks and we thank the FPA for the chance to receive these feedbacks online, as it helps us improve.

Should anything be unclear we will gladly explain more on our support email ( as always.

Axiory team
Seychelles &, Malta,
Jul 6, 2012,

Once again thank you for all the reviews and comments here, it is really exciting to receive any kind of comments at all!

Naturally it always makes everyone in the team feel good, when we read a positive review, but actually we are also very pleased to see comments, doubting if it is possible to have such a great records on the FPA, that means a lot to us, because seeing that someone might think that what we got up here is unbelievable, is really just cool.

From the very start we wanted to bring the best client experience, transparency and something a little different into the market, so with everyone's help, we will continue doing our best to make it happen!

PS: As for the live meet ups, we are very much looking forward to meet anyone in person in Dubai on November 15 - 18th, on the expo there, a large part of our team will be there!
Prague, Czech Republic,
Nov 23, 2012,

Hello everybody,

I was founded this forum at google. Im little bit surprised because I saw my name here at this topic. Firstly I must said that Im working such an IB for more than one Brokers company. So my review is based on experiences across this bussiness. Not only from one!

People from Axiory Ltd. works day/night for clients. I must said that support is very flexible. Unfortunately, this can not be said about another brokers. Axiory offering a solid portfolio of traders. Yes, sometimes there are drowdowns. It was poor at the beggining, but You know, nobody can keep an eye on everything and completely at times there msut be a drowdowns. Its trading! The rules are strict, leaders know them.

And Joe,... who are you?
Poeple, boy called Average Joe really dont knows me.
My clients kill me if I will lost more than 30% of deposits. So, I can said only the one... Do not trust people who hide behind nicknames!
I personaly meet clients, I showing the trades, I have good relationship with all of my clients! Ask him on Facebook!

If you read my posts at my FB page, you must know whats my job and whats is job of Axiory.
If somebody cannot trade profitable, he loss 90% and more. Its not a mistake of broker, its your. Its simple.

So, ask me for everything you need. I will help you.
Have a nice weekend.
Global, United Kingdom,
Jan 17, 2012,

Hello everyone,

I would like to mention a few new products that we have developed and are working on presently.
We have recently added liberty reserve as an online method of depositing funds into an Axiory account.
Every morning we give a online Forex news broadcast that details relevant fundamental and techincal information as well as business news.
Also we have a new Axiory Mastercard that allows you to deposit your profits directly to a shopping card for your convenience.

We have also added new Money managers that are performing really well which you can see here:

And last but not least a Mac version of MT4 for our client friends of apple which should be finished very soon.
Please leave us comments if you have any questions.
Jeff Fretts
Arnold J Rimmer,
Red Dwarf, Antarctica (Really China),
May 27, 2012,

I think it is a little suspicious how all of the reviews happened on the same day.

I will go out on a limb, and call shenanigans against all of these reviews as FAKE!

Yours sincerely,

Arnold "ACE" Rimmer, BSC, SSC

Review Moderation Team Note: When we see a pile of reviews coming in on the same day, we check them very closely. All the ones displayed passed all the usual checks as well as the extra checks. We assume that Axiory sent a note out to some of their clients asking them to leave reviews.

P.S. Give our regards to Lister.

Aug 4, 2011,

We are a dynamic brokerage firm. Our vision is to challenge the financial markets and prove that trading on these markets can be profitable for vast number of individuals, companies and institutions. We aim to reach this vision by offering top and innovative services such as multi-trading, assisting trading systems, high quality analysis, interactive education and strong, quick, and helpful worldwide support service.
As we wish to constantly improve our services, any feedback or constructive comments will be greatly appreciated.
Seychelles &, Malta,
Jun 6, 2012,

Hello everyone,

First of all, we wanted to say how thrilled we are to be getting so many comments on here we are sending a big thanks to everyone who posted anything here!

As we started to feel, that the internet is not the best to let everyone know "who we are" and as we wish to be personal, we started attending various expos, and will be glad to meet in person with anyone on such events to get to know each other one on one. However on the other hand our staff, through live chat, mail or phone is always happy to chat and we think that is a good way to get to know us. To very shortly sum up Axiory - we are a relatively young company, concentrating on bringing friendly support and environment, with aim to have long term profitable clients. The company is currently based on the Seychelles, with some of the operations happening in Europe (eg. client support), while concentrating on the Asia, Americas and Oceania markets.

We understand company based in Seychelles may concern some. That is why we are so glad, that finally our EU licence category II, directed by MiFID & regulated by MFSA is being finalized, along with the company and address in the EU as well.

To clarify our bank choice, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) was chosen for being one of the largest, and well known banks in the world, that provides top security measures to the funds being held in this bank. The HSBC along with Apex fund administration is aiming to provide our clients with top security of the funds held there. But we see how the bank in Hongkong can cause discomfort to some, so along with the MFSA, we will have a bank in the EU, and one by one in other locations as well.

Once again thanks to everyone posting here, the positive comments about our support are giving our team even more enthusiasm to be better everyday, and we will be glad to read new reviews, for example regarding our spreads, execution, support or really anything, as we see every comment a chance to improve and be better.

PS: sorry for making the post so long, it was very hard to squeeze it all in:-).

Thank you!
Karon Lewis,
Kissimmee, USA,
Jun 29, 2012,

In 2 months they have gotten nearly 20 reviews and all perfect thats a Forex peace army record,

On the other hand if the company would go thru all this trouble to do this it must mean they dont want to get a bad rep on Forex Peace

So they could be a legit company because if they did scam a client and the client posted to this website they would look really bad.

On the plus side they have a news show with a actual person that they record everyday and they also have a address, and they also do live client meet up. So theyr is a good chance this will turn out to be in the one percent of legit brokers out there but dont open a account based on these advertisement reviews, im considering trying then and ill report back

2012-06-28 No rating Ha-vent used them yet but i use this website everyday reviews are fake look carfully at them they all have perfect grammar and the reviews read like advertisments