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Updated: Sep 2, 2016
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Leicester, United Kingdom,
Apr 9, 2013,

The TradingSticks software and team have exceeded my expectations. The software works flawlessly and is exactly what as advertised. It has many features and new ones are constantly added. The FAQ and video sections of the website are clear and professional.

Customer service is polite and responsive. I asked for it to work on an indicator I rely on and Bob from TradingSticks re-coded my indicator to make it possible, and wouldn't even accept payment for his time and help.

They are the real deal, if I could give 10 stars I would.
If you use trendlines in your trading this indicator is a must-have. Even if you don't its great just as a versatile price alert indicator.
Rome, Italy,
Dec 12, 2012,

Review for TradingSticks
I am giving TradingSticks a 5 Star rating because it is an excellent product even though I did not find it suitable for my type of trading in the end.
I got excellent tech support with live Skype talks and Join.me screen sharing, emails and even modifications of the software done at my request/suggestion.
I purchased TradingSticks and used it for a couple of weeks, learning the tool and testing it in Strategy Tester.
Basically it allows you to enter trades based on your positioning of trendlines on the chart. Trades can be entered on touch or close above/below the line and can be of the resistance/support or the breakout type.
The system incorporates a structured discipline and instantly "professionalizes" one's trading: if used as intended it enters three lots on the first entry and then manages exits based on a customizable scaling strategy. This creates trades that are managed rationally and prudently by the system and allows the trader to incorporate this kind of thinking into one's own approach to trading.
It is clear to me that this is exactly why I found the software not suitable for my style, which is more intuitive and flexible. I found that I was disabling most of the features and concluded that I was using a product that was intended for something else. HOWEVER, for someone who wants to become a disciplined trader and enter the market at key points with a rational approach this is an excellent product.
I am proud to say that the product has even been bettered by my suggestion/request for a new feature: Ricochet Trading.
In this form of trading TradingSticks works with a resistance line above and a support line below the channel and it reverses positions as price hits one of the two lines. It's like playing Pong with the market.
So, in the end I requested a refund and that also came promptly, in less than 24 hours.
This is a product you can trust, with excellent customer service. It's a young company that is still growing and adapting to the marketplace and is interested in listening to customers and even developing new features at their request.
Worcestershire, United Kingdom,
Apr 27, 2012,

I have been trading demo accounts for over four years now. I have purchased a couple of courses and tried three ES's (robots). I have also used loads of lagging indicators, like most of us, I'm sure! My success this far has been marginal at best!
Some time ago, I stumbled across TradingSticks. I decided to do a little due diligence work by way of looking at testimonials, and contacting the company. Although there have not been many testimonials, the ones that have been submitted are excellent, and after getting a rapid response to my enquiries, I decided to give them a go!
This system is particularly appealing to me as I like to draw my own support & resistance diagonals and horizontal support & resistance lines. This happens to be the foundation of their system, and it suits my trading style/philosophy.
It's very difficult indeed to realise that there has never been such a simple, yet sophisticated and elegant way of trading which was not tried before TradingSticks!
The whole underlying goal is to free up the trader's time. This is accomplished through simply setting up the trade in advance and waiting for the trade to trigger (if certain conditions are met). Once that has been done, by way of manually drawing in the lines that are likely to be significant, and setting the trade parameters, which can be stored for future use, you can leave it alone. Incidentally, the software allows for a whole host of options including very clever stop loss and take profit settings and complex (sophisticated) trade set-ups which include multiple trades on the same pair and partial closures etc. These are actually very simple to do. For me, the nicest part is that once I have drawn the line/s and set the trade, I can go away knowing that I am now on auto pilot, as the trade will trigger if my lines are touched or breached etc. The freedom and confidence that this brings is priceless! Also, it definitely helps to alleviate the problem of not only waiting patiently for the set ups, and improves the self discipline which is required for success in this business!
One last point, I am not the greatest on the computer and struggled a lillte with one area. I sent an email to support and they agreed to a Skype session for 7:00PM. Believe it not, this lasted well over three hours!
Although it's early days, my first two trades posted a profit of 2.2% and that was made after lunch! I think I could have let these traes run out, but I struggle with 'leaving money on the table' and manually overrode those trades before going to bed! So you can see that this system allows for total flexibility when it comes to managing trades.
Just remember, this is not a piece of software that works alone. You have to draw the line/s and make some decisions regarding where you think the price is going with respect to those lines!. A basic understanding of trading, especially using the Meta platform would be advised.
I'm looking forward to a great relationship with Trading Sticks, not that I feel I will need to contact them in the future. It's just nice knowing that the kind of exceptional support that one dream's about, will always be there!
Cheers, and good trading.
, Canada,
Apr 17, 2012,

I have benign using Tradingsticks and found the product to work very well, the customer severs to out standing. "Set it and forget it" is a term that describes it very well.
Jeff Matheson,
East Coast USA,
Sep 15, 2011,

Greetings, I have been trading forex for the past five years and have spent a lot of money on systems and various indicators. This purchase is by far the best money spent on ANY forex related product PERIOD!! I trade using price action focusing on support and resistance areas. The product is easy to use, set up and the customer support is top quality. Living on the east coast and working a full time job its hard for me to catch the larger moves that occur in the London Session. Not any more! With Trading Sticks i can set the trades up before bed and sleep good. Check out the videos on their site and on youtube. Again much thanks for creating a great product with superior customer support.