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Updated: Feb 9, 2016
1.11 · 10 REVIEWS
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1.11 · 10 REVIEWS
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Mark ,
Kent, United Kingdom,
Feb 6, 2016,

Absolute joke. Avoid at all costs. Mr Jones is paid by the broker to increase users of their sites. Think about it... If it was that good, why would he be telling everyone and risk his future earnings? If everyone was making money the brokers would close doors! Also if his 4th trade were guaranteed, why doesn't he just put his entire balance on it. His whole method is just laughable.
Les Pratt,
, South Africa,
Mar 13, 2013,

Tried the 60 second method and went on to $100 sure payout and lost. Looking at his Lazy Day Traders reviews as well, this man is bad news...period!
Texas, USA,
Jan 30, 2013,

I used his 60 second method and failed big time. This is a type of gambling strategy that has been around awhile. I did the 4th stage where I put a 100.00 on the stage that was supposed to be 100% for sure win and I lost. I was trading on a 78% call on the popularity scale so go figure.
peter blewitt,
NSW, Australia,
Dec 13, 2012,

The Lazy Day trader is an insult to ones intelligence. I am surprised that Trade Rush associate themselves with Mr Jones
Uk, United Kingdom,
Sep 14, 2012,

Total scam - I've tried it in test and live and it fails miserably - no NOT waste your hard earned money.
Essex, United Kingdom,
Aug 29, 2012,

I came across keith Jones the lazy trader method through email. I joined option bit and followed his simple technique using trader insight and it has not worked I have lost 90% of the trades. It is not that simple as it sounds you need to look at charts and have strategies in place
Phil B,
Essex , United Kingdom,
May 28, 2012,

Don't get involved with anything to do with KEITH JONES.
His systems are BS. He gets commission from the brokers when you open and fund a live account. Steer well clear.
California, USA,
Mar 18, 2012,

Following up on my previous comment.
I tried the Lazy Day Trader system at length on another demo account and it was pretty much a bust.

I tried the 60 second profits system on a 24 hour demo from Trade Rush and it worked pretty well.
I have set up a real account with a broker who is also offering 60 second trading now..
I deposited $300 in my account, and have done a couple of sessions of an hour or so each. I live in the Pacific time zone, so I get up early and trade the London-US overlap.
I had my account up to $552.00 and then I lost a $100 trade (which actually loses you $140), so I am still up by $112.
Here are my observations on this system.
You really can't just rely on the "trader insight" on the BO platform. You should watch your Meta Trader charts to keep track of what's going on in the market. I have a system called the Binary Breaker system that helps with this, plus I use some other indicators to see support and resistance etc. I primarily keep this up on the 1 minute chart. You can also watch the graph on the BO platform and see areas of short term support and resistance.
I think if you just looked at the trader insight and kept trading off of that, you would eventually get into trouble. I don't see how this Keith Jones clown can say that by the time you get to the $100 trade there is an absolute 100% chance that it will win, because anything can happen.
I believe that you have to use the same common sense with this that you would use with any other type of trading.
I do think that the London session is probably the best to use this with, however that would mean staying up all night for me, so I like to trade when the New York market opens. I also have a rule not to trade after 9am my time, which is when London closes and New York goes to lunch. I broke that rule the other day, and that's when I lost the $140.
Doing the 60 second BO trading is fun and exciting. I think that this system used just as Mr. Jones says will eventually blow your account. However, I think that used with a little common sense might make some money.
In response to the comment about why he offers this for free: The Binary Options brokers all pay for referrals, so anyone opening a real account through his link gets him $$$.

2011-11-21 No Rating After watching the videos on his website, I did sign up for an account at Optionbit, and requested their one day demo account. They issued it on Friday, so I really didn't have a full 24 hours to try it. I did about 2 hours of trading following Keith's methods and made $72 on a $500 starting balance. That was with $10 trades, and scaling up after a loss as he recommends. 13% return in 2 hours. Not bad. I am definetly going to try this with real money, although I'm going to go with Banc de Binary instead of Optionbit. I like their trading platform a bit better.
One word of caution. Don't buy his $17 trading e-book. It's not about trading Binary Options. It's just a guide to the basics of forex. I've requested a refund.
chester, United Kingdom,
Mar 9, 2012,

keiths lazydaytrader system do not work, and it really annoys me that he is making people waste there money with these trading companies. His new system 60secondprofits is another total waste of time.....not that i believed him the 2nd time around...this one doesnt even work on a demo account!!!!. This guy is a JOKE.
manchester, United Kingdom,
Feb 21, 2012,

keith jones is peddling a free system that trades binary options with traderush...this uses the same methods as lazy day trader of scaling up after a loss to a limit of 4 trades on which he claims a 100 per cent success rate......i have just spent a day demoing it........failed spectacularly.....warning stay away.......i dont understand why hes giving this away free ....maybe hes getting some payoff from the brokers ?