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Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 2000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 2006
Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, 1510, Saint Vincent And Grenadines
Contact:, +1 646 844 7187
Regional offices:
Regulators: FC #
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (330+)
Cryptocurrencies: (15+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: VISA, AdvCash, Bitcoin, ePayments, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Help2Pay, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, Neteller, Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney, RBK Money, Ripple, Tether, VLoad, WebMoney, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, MasterCard, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Help2Pay, Local Bank Transfers, Neteller, Payeer, PayTrust88, Payza, PerfectMoney, Ripple, Tether, VLoad, WebMoney, Yandex Money

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1.987 · 21 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

germany, Germany,
Nov 22, 2012,

This is my second review of this broker.

After i submitted the last desperate review, here my experience from a second try.

1. The connection problems have been resolved.
2. The execution speed very fast, i traded volatile markets as well as low liquidity markets.
3. Spread and commissions seem reasonable, depending on liquidity, time and vrey less on volatility.
I traded FX, CFD on indice futures, commodity futures and metals.
4. Deposit was instant with liberty reserve.
5. Withdrawal was fast too but delayed due to a wrong telephone number on my profile. I was not asked for a passport which surprised me, tough the sum was not big but it was the full account balance. I was not asked silly questions or threated to stay.
6. When calling them to ask what was wrong with the withdrawal i got a russian speaking lady who redirected me to a manager with little english skills, nevertheless, he understood me and was very cooperative.

Bottom line for me is, this broker has proven they can provide a acceptable, if not above average retail trading environment.
I believe if you speak russian you get a very good support, my account was assigned to a personal customer supporter.

Also to mention, i never had the feeling they go for my acocunt with silly tricks like spread widening, delayed execution, spikes or whatsever.

The reason i write this, is i also took the time before to wanr other, i believe its jsut fair to correct that after my last experience.

The traded account type was MT4 standard, i started with 5 $ dollar, and gambled my way up to 120$ which i cashed out, tough, my intention was to test them again.

2012-09-17 2 Stars i have traded with grandcapital for 1 week, till today.

In this one week markets where prettty volatile as the ECB and FED decisions took place.

The server from grandcapital is located in germany, i got a 12ms ping from my home connection.

Beeing sayd, i have an it background.

From the first day on i recognized that trades took relatively long to get filledm should be pretty instant with 12ms ping, right, usually it took 1-10 seconds.

Then, my connection was gone at least 1 time an hour for about a minute, during news releases this seemed to increase.

The support told bme to check my firewall (guess they had no diea that i know this stuff very well, i already had wireshark running by then.) MY firewall was disabled and the router ports forwarded for mt4.
Still the connection keep breaking, increasingly in volatile markets.

The support told me then to contact my ISP to ask why the connection was lost, in my opinion this is a total joke, i have 2 other brokers with mt4 and never experienced anything similar.

My personal opinion is that either their hardware is miserable (they host with hetzner which mainly offer discount servers). Or they actively prevent HFT.

However, if you trade news or if you have another HFT strategy, based on my experience i suggest to avoid this broker, tough, i can not prove these statements, its my honest, personal opionion, the 2 star rating is based on the fact that i can not prove what i have sayd, from my perspective it was just terrible to trade there.
Poland, Poland,
Apr 29, 2015,

Broker its OK Grand Capital offers real nice trading bonus an binary options. ..
La Mirada, USA,
Jul 12, 2016,

Not impressed with the Terms & Conditions for their $500 Bonus promotion. At the end of the promotion, you are required to deposit the same amount of higher of the profits that you won otherwise all profits will be deleted.

Lets say you profited $100 from the $500 bonus. You are required to deposit $100 or more in order to qualify for the bonus otherwise they will just delete it. Here is the ridiculous part: You are required to trade a standard lot size of 1.0 to earn $5 out of that $100. So it will take an enormous 20.0 lot size total to earn that $100 you earned from the promotion. With 1.0 standard lot sizes your profits should be in the hundreds, if not thousands. Requiring customers to trade a standard lot to earn $5 is one of the worst deals I've ever seen from a broker.

I hope I am understanding this correctly because apparently it takes a professional trader to take advantage of their promotion from what a representative was telling me. I doubt even a professional trader would find this deal enticing.
lahore, Pakistan,
Nov 15, 2016,
Registered user

Grand Capital is a big big scam. they block your money if you earn and you can do nothing to get your money back.

I want to Inform all clients working with the broker that this is a very very big scam. Stealing client's money by offering bonuses and then If you made profit you will be kicked off legally.
I was offered bonus and when I start and deposit more than USD4000 total in my 3 accounts 485323, 485600 and 500528 they give me bonus 115%. Then I trade for a week and make almost USD11000 profit. then I requested withdrawal on 2nd of NOV 2016. Now they start delaying and after 7 days on 10th of NOV they block my member area access and then disabled my 3 accounts. I can not access my accounts and can not login to my member area. I go to live chat at website and talk. they told you will get email after an hour and I received this email after an hour,

Dear Ali Mazahir,

According to the Client Agreement "5.7. The Company has the right on its own discretion to invalidate any Client’s trading transaction or close one or several Client’s positions at a current price at any time, in case the Client violates the present Agreement and/or relevant Regulations." and "5.8.To suspend service provision to the Client at any time, in case reasonable grounds are present, without prior notification of the Client and without disclosing the reasons." your initial deposit has been sent to your details.
when I ask reason, they said we can not tell reason.
I have all proofs regarding my case some snapshot I am uploading for reference.
At live chat you can clearly see the tone of their lies. also they have accept at live chat by saying "YES YOU HAVE PROFIT". I request you to invite them and I will prove everything they demand. They are ruining trader's lives.
Reply by Grand Capital submitted Dec 20, 2016:
Hi Mazahir,
On the 2nd on November you contacted our customer support, asking about the withdrawal terms as a bonus was granted upon your deposit. To address your question, our support manager looked into your account, which showed profit, as we can see on the second LiveChat screenshot you submitted.

After the mentioned conversation, you created a withdrawal request. For security reasons and to detect abuse of bonus rules, etc. accounts are reviewed prior to withdrawal. A suspicious activity was detected on your account and a thourough investigetion resulted in a blockage of your account as per the pp 5.7 and 5.8 of the Client Agreement you cited above. You were notified by email (the 1st LiveChat screenshot you attached).

Please note that Grand Capital does not tolerate abuse of our systems of any sort. On the 9th of November all the funds initially deposited by you were retuned back to your Skrill account in the amount of 4 170 USD(the screenshots are available in this thread and you were permanently banned from using Grand Capital services.
Agra, India,
Jan 22, 2017,
Registered user

I have placed withdraw and decline in every 3rd day

Grand Capital they have wrost technical support. Once you place withdrawl recuest you think you will get in 3 days as there terms. But the third day they will decline your withdraw recuest and say rule no, 3.2.1 you cant withdraw money while trades are running even there is enough margin . They want client close all trades and wait three days without trading then we withdraw ?? lol what a joking broker they just dont give money back. sucks
Reply by Grand Capital submitted Feb 6, 2017:
Hi Mohitverma044,

Please provide your account number so we can look into the situation.

Thank you,
Grand Capital.
Jun 27, 2017,
Registered user

terrible execution of orders. in case of profitable trading this broker uses all sorts of tricks to kill the deposit.

my experience with grandcapital binary option account about 2 month,all deposit and withdraw without any problem.

now i stop trade with grandcapital and change to new broker
terrible execution of orders,profitable trading this broker uses slippage to kill your deposit.
example: EA ordersend buy USDCHF at 0.97192 but my order open at 0.97232
Slippage 2.8 pip without high impact news Is unacceptable
Jul 12, 2017,
Registered user

My first and probably only trade with GrandCapital. Was a binary put trade at 117.840 but trade opens at 117.797 instead, which it definitely never hit when I opened trade.

In accordance with item 3.3.of the Regulation of effectuation of nontrading transactions: If you are using system for execution of trading orders «Market Execution» Company does not warrant exercise price. During the execution of Requests execution price can change significantly as a benefit for the client, and vice versa.
If you think, that there was the error with execution, write to technical support: - indicate account number and order number.

No reply from technical support yet.
adelaide, Australia,
Aug 2, 2017,
Registered user

The biggest legal scum broker in the whole world, they never let you withdraw your profit, trust me guys, Dont waste your time
Reply by Grand Capital submitted Apr 16, 2018:
Could you please provide grounds for your accusations? So far this looks like a troll attack. Scam brokers don't stay on the market for long. Grand Capital has been withdrawing profits to traders for 11+ years.
Gampaha, Sri Lanka,
Sep 13, 2017,
Registered user

Testing Start The Broker

13/09/2017, To day I Started Trade With Them with their 500$ Bonus Nothing is Deposited By Me ..My Account Number 589522, Let's See What Will Happen...... After this I Will Recommend OR Reject This Broker
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Oct 12, 2017,
Registered user

Time for GrandCapital to explain what violation means

Hello GrandCapital, from the emails we sent this is the only reaction so i will respond here if the Administrator from Forexpeacearmy allow.

Reply by Grand Capital submitted Sep 29, 2017:

Hi Fairtrading,

Over the course of you working with us, we have processed 15 withdrawals in total for your partner and trading accounts.

Concerning the case you mentioned in your comment, that is the result of the audit which showed a number of violations. Denis did try to assist with the issue but was unable to, as the audit was going on.

If the company detects any violation, it takes the necessary actions to prevent further abuse.


I can make a very long story again, but i skip that this time.
A professional company is transparent , There are violations , how can a client violate anything if he has a MT4 terminal provide by you , trading instruments provided by you , have to deal with a payout provided by you, using the opening times provided by you ?
In other words there can not be any violation.
In the last years i have seen you sending this messages to many customers that they are violating whatever bullshit article you have in your terms and conditions.
Just because the withdraw amount is to high and Dealing Desk decide not to payout.. Because if this was really a violation you would tell exactly what is happening, and what the client need to do to prevent. It is just an excuse and you all know that there. But ok, lets give you the benefit of the doubt, please explain in detail what did we violate, and don't come with the same answers that you do not comment on it. Just explain honestly what are these people doing wrong and on what grounds you empty there accounts.

Sep 24, 2017 - 1 Star Because i have been working for GrandCapital and having problems getting my own money out i decided to give full transparency about how this broker is stealing your money.
As you can see here in the forums many people are complaining about.

1. No withdraws when trades are open.
2. Withdraws never arrive
3. Money is suddenly retracted from the balance with a simple email about violating one of the many articles they have.
4. No communication possible only with account managers who say they can't do nothing.
5. Never receive your IB commission because of IN/OUT ratio

This is all part of the strategy to delay delay delay ..
These are just a few points i am sure many of you experience, so why is this ?
Simple, they don't like to pay and see how far they can go, if you accept it and do nothing it is profit for them. In January the CEO said they are almost getting a Cysec license but they can not come even close and will never get it.
This broker hunt for new people, they do not have professional traders stay with them, because you can't get your money out.

I did a withdraw on 4-8-2017 and on 1-9-2017

After going to the support you get things like this :

Then after 50 times you get things like sorry it will take 1-3 days extra...
We where passing more then 6 weeks so i started to talk to all the account managers who i know :

Mr. Goutam Das :

I needed to contact Denis Kulagin, he would be the man who could solve this issue quickly.

Mr . Denis Kuglain :

On road now. Will reply to you soon. Goutam told about your issue, will check and try to help.

[This go on for days and days , with things like]

Mr. Denis Kuglain :

this is Bug I think
they need to fix it.
oh...hi Heico.
seems that its a bug, yes.
go directly to our dealing and asking them.
sorry for such inconvenience again...
hi Heico,
checking now
stand by
asked finance to boost your wd
in queue
Etc... etc ... etc...

[Keeps going, like this for weeks]

Mr. Denis Kuglain :

Hi Heico it was totally approved 2 days ago as I know
3 days I suppose or earlier
will let you know
I'm will be in Shina next 10 days
so you can ask Mike Novik - ok

[ Clock keeps ticking]

Mr. Denis Kuglain :

just cam back from China!
sorry for delys
will push my collegues
Will go to fin dept right now
Hi Heico. Not in office now. Asking Mike now to check statuses
Sorry for inconvenience

Then after 6 weeks of waiting for your withdraws this is what you see when you login :

They removed all the profit from the last months, reason ? Unknown... violating article X, what says complety nothing.
Now comes the interesting part, these account are being copied from a master account who received (a part) of the withdraw one week before. So that means all trades are identical so they just decided who they want to pay and who they don't want to pay. Pure scam.

Now back to Mr Denis Kugalin :

Heico, I'm telling you again that I'm responsible for other direction.
As you know I'm working with partners and regional development. I'm not your manager. And I tried to help you deal this issue.
If company made decision and send you email it means that it has reason.
Anyway as I told you I forward your alert to collegues

[ He suddenly can do nothing , its all out of the hands of everybody]

So i went to the Financial Commission who is investigating this case, first they need to come with an answer and of course there is not response yet.

Do you have something similar ?  Remember to make backups from your statements in MT4 because they wipe it when they retract your money. Shame shame shame GC how can you deal with your customers like this.

So now its time for GC to rectify.

Reply by Grand Capital submitted Sep 29, 2017 Hi Fairtrading,

Over the course of you working with us, we have processed 15 withdrawals in total for your partner and trading accounts.

Concerning the case you mentioned in your comment, that is the result of the audit which showed a number of violations. Denis did try to assist with the issue but was unable to, as the audit was going on.

If the company detects any violation, it takes the necessary actions to prevent further abuse.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Capital legit?

Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if GrandCapital is a good broker.

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent GrandCapital community discussions:

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts for GrandCapital?

  • Minimum withdrawal: GrandCapital accepts withdrawal requests for amounts starting at $10.
  • Maximum withdrawal: Grand Capital doesn't limit the maximum amount of withdrawals. However a withdrawal via wire transfer should be more than $2,000.

Is Grand Capital regulated?

Grand Capital is a member of The Financial Commission, an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body for Forex, digital currencies and blockchain.