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Updated: Jun 14, 2017
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FxLider.com profile provided by Marko Maksimovic, Jun 17, 2013

Fxlider is a trading name of Lionsman Capital Markets (Cyprus) Ltd. Authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license # 175/12.


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, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of,
Sep 16, 2015,

Do NOT invest with this broker it is a pure scam they deleted a turkish broker and when you ask them the support will just say I am not authorized to tell you that DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS BROKER!!
, Croatia,
Jun 17, 2013,

I dont have anything good to say about them, i am more then a frustrated for being a naive to invest money in their company, and to be honest i am not sure in which company i have invested money,since Fxlider doesn't exist, its only a name which is used by one company after other.Total legal fog, and mist!
Spread is 4x bigger then at any other broker, and execution is terrible. Support is only good until you invest, they will call you 10x if needed. After that their experts start calling you with their : Buy gold or oil...etc.
Point is i have lost my money with the so called experts. But as i can read from other people post i am not the only one.
Just stay away from them, there are hundreds of better companies then Fxlider SCAM !!!!
Nis, Serbia and Montenegro,
Apr 26, 2013,

I made the mistake to invest quite a bit some money in this company. Horrible spreads, customer service is very bad, and platform has many errors...I was able to withdraw half my money (after 2 weeks!)
Ivan P,
, Serbia and Montenegro,
Apr 5, 2013,

I was a fool to put my money on them! when I realized that they are terrible and that they have abnormal spreads and other terrible stuff it was to late. I lost a lot of money on my stupidity by trusting them.
When they did the following I decided to close my account:
- when I was in big profit they retroactivly closed my positions with some funny profits like 50$. The original profit of that trade when I went to sleep was 2300$. When I opened my platform in the morning I was surprised to see that the trade I had of 1 lot was closed and sent to history. When I called their support they said that maybe my robot closed my position sooner than I wanted it to be close.I said to them that I don't use robots they said that then its the fault in my platform and that I reinstall it!!!!!???
Igor ,
, Serbia and Montenegro,
Nov 17, 2012,

I have been their client for some time, and so far i have payed my dues for being a beginner.
1 . They have a high spread on every pair!
2. Getting requoate , on a daily level!
3. They dont have any decent licenses, except some Turkish, and they even claim that, that license is by European standards, which is funny to say.
4. They have some so called analysts, whose job is to send some signals for clients, which is very profitable to play against, since they are always wrong.
5. Always trying to force you to deposit if you are on demo or a beginner.
6. On local forums their people are writing positive comments about company but its funny to see when they some times mix the posts, so to read a male positive comments written in a female person or vice versa, They are notorious for fishing the beginners, as i was.
7. The stories that they accept money on hands for deposit is true, without paperwork, they even try to deny on local serbian forum, but they got negative comments from people who actually gave money.
Over all very bad broker to have anything with them. If you are a google smart you can avoid them.
Mladen ,
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro,
Oct 2, 2012,

Fx Lider is low of the lowest. I opened demo account, and as soon as i was online their operator called me asking when will i deposit money. They promised me that i dont need to care about my investment , since its in a safe hands of their professional management who will give me profitable signals. I started trading , and when i was in profit their management would call me and suggest to close the trade , since the trend is going to reverse, so i close it. Then they would suggest to open a new trade, and that usually is sl. Total sum is that i have burned my account with their professional management. And its my mistake since i was a beginner and stupid to think that this broker lives from the spread.. Stay away from them, total scam company. And one interesting thing, you could go to their office and give money there, so you dont have to bother and go to bank. In normal countries this is a criminal act.
Milan M,
Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro,
Jul 5, 2012,

Total Scam Company, Please stay away from this broker house, there support will only chat with you until you deposit money, then no one will answer you.