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Updated: Jun 25, 2018
2.676 · 9 REVIEWS
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Templer is a forex broker. Templer FX offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile global forex trading top platforms. TemplerFX.com offers over 60 forex pairs, cfds, and indices for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.676 · 9 REVIEWS
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Jun 22, 2018,
Registered user


THIEVES!!! i put in a trade at GBPCAD at 1.76755,my SL was 1.76919,the maximum the stop loss would remove from my acc was -7$ trading 0.06,i went to work...the trade went against me but instead of stopping at the SL,i came home to find the whole acc wiped out to 0.00!!! i told support and they even refused to investigate the matter TEMPLER ACC NO 131507 TRADE NO 8415741...and as far as i know,SLs dont just magically stop working!!! this broker is a thief!!
Nairobi, Kenya,
Jan 1, 2018,
Registered user

Absolutely terrible!

Ive used templer for a while now....a number of SERIOUS issues,
1.the first is that they are not transparent on their liquidity providers,so you never know if they are legit or if they will run away with your money after you have made profits.because of this,I'm scared to trade large funds with them,or any profits that i make I remove instantly as insurance just incase they refuse my withdrawal or something.
2.when trading you notice a couple Strange shady things like pending orders executing when the price is no where near them or stop losses extending or sometimes when you make a profit,like e.g your take profit triggered, but the trade registers as a loss in the account history.(And ive actually experienced this)
3.Another problem you notice when trading is that once you have opened a trade the charts will stop and hang in moments of large market volatility so that you'll never know if you've made a large loss or not.In regards to this I'm was forced to use the mt4 on my android at the same time as when trading the charts on my PC as the phone mt4 doesn't hang or lag when the PC mt4 is acting up(both are connected to the same wifi).
4.In relation to this,the PC mt4 also lags when closing a trade so that you make large losses before the trade closes.it refuses you from closing the trade hence I'm forced AGAIN to close a trade from my phone mt4 as it has no lag.
5.Another serious issue and actually the one that made me move on from templer is the fact that after i live chatted with the tech support on my issues they denied all of them even without looking at my evidence(i had screenshots)..and the few times they looked at my screenshots,the tech support guy told me that he'll have to foward it to the ''main office'' for assistance meaning that the live support guys are actually useless in that they REALLY cant help you. meaning basically that even I could do that guy's job.. I waited 2weeks to get a reply from the ''main office'' after which the response email was a long muddled reason as to why my take profit had initiated but registered as a loss;they refused to refund me.After this I left templer.And im not coming back.
Mombasa, Kenya,
Jul 7, 2017,
Registered user

Templerfx is not only east Africa's best but worlds best

Since Templerfx was noticed by many trader in east Africa, it has been a good experience with their instant transactions, good customer services. Has the best and a very genuine broker. Love Templerfx .it has a nice experience in trading. good platforms. its a broker you will alway not be disappointed telling a friend to join. their E-wallet/mobile transactions are amazing. with templerfx, you will always work out your financial emergencies with no haste
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Oct 18, 2016,

I'd advice the broker to my friends

I have been trading with Templerfx.com for few months. I trade smoothly and don't face any platform freezes. I've opened universal account and I do kinda long terms trades there where my trades keep open for more than three weeks sometimes. Also I was never disappointed with their live chat. They are very helpful.
LOS ANDES, Argentina,
Mar 15, 2016,

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine,
Nov 22, 2015,

two years with templer worth giving five stars, guys. Mostly for online support. They really help when you need it. good spreads and a webtrader . Good job!
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Oct 26, 2015,

İ used to work with this broker. Too many years. Can not say any negative. Good broker. But too muuch time taked withdrawn the profit. 2 or 3 days. Fixed law spreads in majors from 0.5 pips. Very good support.
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Aug 20, 2015,

I've been using the binary options service since last year. Cons are lack of Skrill and tiny symbols list. Pros are MT4 terminal for trading BO and good support service. Invested 500, withdrawn 850 and I still continue my trading with them. I didn't face any problems neither with execution nor with withdarwals ( exept for no Skrill option :( ) . 4 of 5 stars so far.
Beirut, Lebanon,
May 31, 2015,
Registered user

Definitely a very smart system implemented there. When your account starts winning, your execution dies all of a sudden, and if you are on a 60 seconds option for example, the feed just stops moving till the expiry time is 1 second ahead, the feed spikes a fraction of a pip against your order and your binary order loses and feed gets back to normal.