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TrendsFX.com (Rizwan Awan) Review

Updated: Jun 16, 2015
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May 21, 2012:  TRENDSFX IS A SCAM.  RIZWAN AWAN IS A SCAMMER.  Rizwan Awan has broken promises to not trade client accounts.  The FPA has been shown evidence that he is now making large, high risk trades to collect a few hundred dollars in IB commissions.  This is costing clients large amounts in losses.  If you have given Rizwan or anyone at TrendsFX an LPOA, contact your broker and revoke it now.  If you have shared your account password with anyone at this company, change it now.  If Rizwan Awan is your IB, contact your broker and find a way to remove him.  If necessary, take all of your money out of the account and open a new one.

Rizwan Awan is a scammer.  Click here to read more about Rizwan Awan's long history of scamming clients.

As of now, the FPA will consider any forex company that Rizwan Awan owns or any forex company that employes Rizwan Awan to be a scam.

The good news here is that TrendsFx.com's website is gone.  That's one less scam on the web.

March 2012:  WARNING!  Two of the four trading programs offered by TrendsFX appear to have broken the company's promise to stop trading when drawdown reaches 25%.  In one case the FPA is aware of, the client's account was taken negative.  The results of both of these managed accounts priograms have been removed from the TrendsFX.com website.

At this point, the FPA recommends against allowing TrendsFX access to your trading funds.  If you have granted access, the FPA recommends revoking the LPOA and changing your account password.

February 2012:  The FPA is checking some background information related to this company.  We recommend delaying any decisions about whether or not to have TrendsFX managed your funds until more information becomes available.

TrendsFX.com (Rizwan Awan)

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, USA,
Mar 29, 2012,

Rizwan Awan has resurfaced under Trendsfx.com offering about 4 different managed accounts. I tested his aggressive/Gold program with a small amount of about $2,900 - He promised that draw down will not exceed 25% but within one week, the $2900 was wiped out. He claimed he fired the reckless Indonesian Trader and replaced with two traders who will trade better than the Indonesian. I invested another $4,700 and my account grew to about $6500 thereby recovering about $1800 of my initial loss. However, I had to cancel the LPOA when I found out he was still using the Indonesian Trader. Was I lucky, because within a few days of cancelling my LPOA, the rest of account under Rizwan Awan's gold program was wiped out again. I agree entirely with what Carel Pieters has stated. Please stay away from Trendsfx.com and anybody who claims to be Rizwan Awan.
Carel Pieters,
sydney, Australia,
Mar 28, 2012,

Be warned of the managed services of TrendsFX. TrendsFX is represented by Rizwan Hayee Awan on the documentation while all my correspondence was with Sneha Marshall. TrendsFX marketed a lower risk Diamond and a higher risk Gold account to me, -ensuring me that once trading enters 25% drawdown, trading will stop and they will await further instructions from the client. I started with $5000 in the Gold account and this was wiped out after one week. Sneha profusely apologised and ensured me this will never happen again, iterating that the Diamond account trader is a different individual in Russia and that he adheres to better risk management and hedging strategies. I noticed some huge drawdowns (up to 30%) on my account and instructed TrendsFX to not allow drawdowns of more than $1000 on any given trade. Yesterday I noticed a 50% drawdown and alarmed Sneha Marshall at TrensFX, -also reminding him that my instruction was to not allow drawdowns of more than $1000. Later last night the drawdown was 65% and I instructed Sneha to close the 2 loosing positions before my accounts gets wiped out. This was ignored and I repeated this instruction again before I went to bed after midnight. This morning my account was wiped out and I lost all of the $36k that I had the day before yesterday. It took TrendsFX less than 3 weeks to wipe out both my managed accounts with them. They rely heavily on gold trading for profits, -but there is absolutely ZERO money management in place. They rely on the hope that loosing positions will bounce back while trading huge lots and in a single day they wiped out my $36k account, -refusing to adhere to my repeated explicit instructions. This business is a total scam (probably only managed by one person, -Sneha Marshall/Rizwan Hayee Awan in the UAE) and the public should be warned against TrendsFX, Sneha Marshall, and Rizwan Hayee Awan. They post a history of their managed account service on their website, -but dont reveal the huge drawdowns and wipe-outs in members' accounts. Sneha Marshall is a sweet talker and he easily fools unsuspecting clients. Please regard this as a serious warning...you would be an idiot to engage them/him for managing your FX account. I can gladly provide proof of what I am saying here.