Updated: Oct 26, 2015
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Premium Funds is an International private investment company found in June 2008 by an experienced and professional management group.  With over 15 years of experienced traders in our Company, we are one of the No.1 leading Investment service worldwide. Proven and transperent  performances and with full honesty and fast Client support, we are one of the most chosen Fund Management service Worldwide. 

Our goal is to give every private and business Investor a secure and great way of fund management. With the most advanced and effective trading technology, competitive services, quality performance, genuine practices, excellent customer support service and fund safety.


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2.553 · 3 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Kassel, Germany,
Mar 6, 2012,

Hello again,

here I am updating my review for PF Company.

I don´t know, how it comes they get this last two negative reviews. I am still gaining with them as same as show on their Managed Performance Statement Account on FPA site.

They also told me, that some of their other Clients positive reviews got rejected so I should update it.

From my side: They are doing a good job! Good Money Management and the best part is, that they do no cross their submitted risk ratio for their plans.

Thank you

2011-12-06 5 Stars Good Service so far. Have an Basic1 plan account with them now since 3 Months and it is doing well.

Performance and Risk ratio as same as shown on site.

Thank You
Felipe ,
London , United Kingdom,
Feb 20, 2012,

Completely agree with Sunadorer as I tried them twice in December 2011 and January this year. Blew well nigh 20% of my account in 2 days of December with ridiculously high lots then blamed the broker. Tried again with different broker as they advised. Pulled their access to my account after another one day with disastrous results. Their "trading" can only be described as reckless.
Cologne, Germany,
Feb 12, 2012,

PF was mainly responsible for catastrophic losses on my account. In December 2011 they produced -30%. January it has been -22% in just one day. After that, I had to cut it off to save at least what's left of my money.

"Strange Market Bahaviour" has been blamed to be the reason for all this. I cannot even express how crazy they traded on my account. I can hardly remember a day ending in profit. Even if it has been hard to trade on that strange forex market in Dec and Jan - they could not "manage" it at all.

My advise: Stay away!
Reply by Premium Funds submitted Feb 20, 2012:
Hello, We don´t agree on this Client Review. There for we have three major reasons. 1. The Account was managed from Us and also from Client himself and also one other Fund Manager. 2. The Client have choosen our "Aggressive" trading plan for his Management. For that Plan, the Client agress to take the Risk for his Funds and allows us to manage with high risk and lots. 3. The Client started in December with our Service and an starting Balance of 80K, we produced first an Profit of over 10K in one Week and than an negative week with -20K and quit trading for December, because of the Holidays. But the Client didn´t stopped his own trading and also not the other Fund Manager and managed well the Account and brought it to over 140K. But in Jan starting, they both overtraded and mande huge losses and the Account came back to less than 50K. In Jan we started to manage it again and still the Client himself and the other Manager were trading on that Account too and had some big Drawdown open and hit the Margin call and also our trades got closed because of the Margin Call. Our Managers have not crossed even once the risklevel of 20% and we were sticked to our Money Management. We are not responsbile for losses, which the Client gets from Margin call with his or other Fund Manager trading! We have all documents, client e-mail and also skype conservation as proof, that we have sticked to our money management and the Account suffered losses, because of their trades and margin call. Premium Funds do never cross the choosen risk level management and we would only accept this review, if the Margin call would get hit, with our trades. But as this is not the case, so the Client should submit this kind of review at all. Thank you