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Updated: May 16, 2018
1.376 · 11 REVIEWS
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August 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court Case guilt vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with AnyOption unless this issue is resolved.


February 2013 Note:  The FPA requests that AnyOption.com please stop spamming the forums.  Incident 1Incident 2.


Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.



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2016-1412016-08-04Anyoption Scam vs anyoption.comguilty


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1.376 · 11 REVIEWS
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Madrid, Spain,
Jan 17, 2017,

It is a scam. Claim to them through specialized lawyers in broker defense

They cheat you with quick wins with small amounts. Then they convince you to put big sums of money to repeat the successful trades recommended by then.
You put more money and fin that their recommendations are lost many times, then offer you bonus operations and recommend Martingale strategy to make the volume they ask for any bonus (x25times the amount deposited!!)
Needless to say that Martingale is the quickest way to lose. They know it. But they recommend to clients who trust in their advice (they win your trust with hundreds of call from sales agents that present as brokers but are psychologically trained to obtain your trust).
It is a scam. Claim to them through specialized lawyers in broker defense
VIktor Sz.,
Budapest, Hungary,
Jul 6, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Anyoption Scam vs anyoption.com | GUILTY
SCAM!!! I have made 5000 GBP deposit. My profit 31.000GBP. They closed my account. I haven't got my deposit and my profit back. I asked them what was the problem exactly but still no answer. If you make profit they will close your account. Please visit my youtube channel under the name Anyoption Scam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYD1Qg0Q7W7uT1bb2EpH4tw I have lots of evidences how they cheat. NEVER make deposit and please withdrawal all off your money until it's too late Dear Mr Having looked into the issue you raised we have concluded that your account has been terminated as a result of a violation of the Terms and Conditions for the operation of the trading platform, specifically your account was closed under s.15.4. It is Company practise to compensate the deposits of client’s that have been found to violate the Terms and Conditions. In light of these findings and the fact that you have already withdrawn sums in excess of the sum of deposits you have made, the Company is not prepared to offer you any further amount. In regard to your request regarding your trading account data, please find attached the log of all transactions conducted by your account. Please be advised that the complaint will be treated as settled if we do not hear from you within four weeks of receiving this report. Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything further. Kind Regards, Compliance Department ANYOPTION 42- 44 Griva Digeni Avenue Office 401 1096 Nicosia Cyprus
, Netherlands,
Apr 21, 2016,

it is a real criminal organisation ,after a wins from 1800 euro,
i have been blocked and there is no more contact posible any more.
stay away !!!!!
Rudy Hagmann,
Buchs, Switzerland,
Sep 29, 2015,

Anyoption is not playing fair at all. Their Computer systems fail if there are some interesting trades. Sample : FED Interst Rate ...
I had many more funny freezes while i saw a good deal...
I think it is manipulated. You must be aware that the whole system is a Rip off. They play with you, you cant beat the system, but you have signed that you are aware of that....
vijay Singh,
Liverpool, United Kingdom,
Jun 14, 2014,

They are hundred percent scam .I have made some profit and once they fount out you are making profit your account will get freezes. I stopped doing trading with them .Recently I have received a phone call from Cara Stern one of the Accounts Manager asking me to deposit some good money then she will delete accounts history then it will work again ? This is total a blackmail . This is again there trick to con me . It show that they are deliberately targeting traders account and you will get a message Action failed when ever you will try to place a trade . I have already made complaint with CYEC for full investigation about their scam . John Caine is one of fraudster in their company so don't believe him .
vanya g,
kgm, India,
Oct 16, 2013,

i have an account with anyoption, i deposited and started trading, i am in profit after some days and then i came to know that i am unable to take trades, i have contacted many times to support of anyoption, but they are not helping in anyway, they replied me with a mail as follows

Dear Mr. G,

I hope this finds you well.

anyoption's trading platform allows investments at almost any given moment.
There are rare cases, for example when there is a temporary delay of a few seconds in receiving continuous data from the banks and stock exchanges, where the platform will not allow investing until live data is calculated.

This is not a technical problem but the way the platform works.

If you would have tried a few seconds later your investment would have most likely gone through. Please be aware that you may come across this matter again in the future and take it into consideration when investing on the platform.

In order to try and avoid this situation, we suggest that you will try trading different assets and in different expiry times.

If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone number: +44-2080997262
Fax number: +44-2070992101
Email - support@anyoption.com
Live Chat on www.anyoption.com

Best regards,
John Cane
anyoption™ Support Team

but i have tried to take a trade for hundreds of times , but no use, they are not helping in any way, so please dont invest in anyoption, i have many videos , i will upload them also please check them.

the youtube url is

i have uploaded 6 videos, please check all of them
singapore, Singapore,
Sep 2, 2013,

Anyoption is a cheating website! A total scam!

I received a email saying that they are giving a risk free trade that says min 5k investment for this trade.

If the trade that they gave is lost, they will refund you back the $5k. Ok so I called and ask this particular Senior staff of theirs, by the name of Cara, about this risk free investment trade. She said if the first trade is won, I will get a bonus but I can't withdraw this bonus cos i will need to trade 5X of the initial 5K investment, which is $25K of volume then I can withdraw my 5K capital + the bonus. Ok then I said fine with me, cos if I win the extra bonus, I dont mind to trade more with them.

So I went ahead to start the first risk free investment trade that she gave.. She gave 5 recommended trades but 4 out of the 5 were lost! And I put all my $5K into one of her losing trade that she gave. Ok so now the trade that she gave I totally lost, and after that this is the worst part that had ever happen. My account then reflected back the $5K, & I called their customer service, and they said that this 5K was considered a "Bonus" to me! Omg this 5K should be a REFUND! since the trades that she gave was lost!

I was totally pi$$ed off and I flared up, how can they said the refund is a BONUS back to me?! I was very very angry..and they said in order to get back this "Bonus", I need to trade additional of $25K in order to take back my money! My money is the 5K that I have invested in her losing trades that she gave!

So all investors, did you all see the unfair, misleading, cheating case of Anyoption by how they cheat investors to deposit money then just gave a losing trade or not even going to be responsible for any trades that they gave, they push all the responsiblity to the investors. Then in the end to get back my refund, I need to trade 5X more of my initial deposit in order to get back my REFUND $?

If you want to refund to investors, refund in a amicable & fairness way. Even if Anyoption gave a winning or losing trade in the 1st place, I still have to trade $25K more just to get back my bonus (if I win) or refund (if the first trade that they gave was lost).

This is not the way for Anyoption to cheat & mislead or scam investors to get onboard their company. I was fooled into joining their website bcos of their scam promotional marketing! All the rest of the investors beware! They tricked people to deposit then after that just ignored you cos the trade that they gave there's no accountability to it at all! Even a 10-yr old child can give their risk free investment trade, cos even if lost or win, Anyoption wants you to trade 5X more volume in order to get back your money, be it a bonus or your refund!

The UK authorities should be alerted and take action against Anyoption in the manner that they carry out their cheating of clients. A thorough investigation must be probe into their company on their operations!
Majid Hussain,
karachi, Pakistan,
Aug 24, 2013,

I lost $5,000 with them. They are really bad. Their platform just freezes. They are just like any other forex broker out there
San Fran, USA,
May 23, 2013,

Rip off Run - Stay away. Poor customer service also.
Jaime ,
Singapore, Singapore,
Jan 13, 2013,

I've been trading Binary Options with Anyoption and so far so good. The support is ok, my account manager always gives you updates and email, once a month they call me and check on my trading. The withdrawal process is also good, when you place a withdrawal, you need to wait 2-3 business days for approval but the money goes straight to my account (i'm using debit card). The only problem is that the minimum amount per transaction is $25usd so if your balance is lower than 25 you cannot make a trade unlike other binary option broker that allows up to $5usd. Still for me, this is one of the best binary option (the other one is ioption)