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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
2.897 · 6 REVIEWS
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2.897 · 6 REVIEWS
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Daz Jamaa ,
Central Zone, Nigeria,
Aug 6, 2012,

This appears to be scam. I have tried to login to the live account referred to by the vendor but found out that while the login credentials are validated, the mt4 platform shows only blank screen with no data. I have also checked the Tytradiumfx website but found that it is closed with the following message banner hanging on the website"Closed For Maintenance". With all this, my conclusion is scam.

My advise to all is: BEWARE!
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 6, 2012,

I have purchased scientific forex and found it very educational. It must be mentioned that although the indicators and the way they are used are basic. This indicators mainly pinpoint entry when the crux of the system in my opinion is the chart analysis. Maybe i,m a bit slow, but i've been learning to trade for over 2 years and have not come across such a detailed analysis of chart data. I would have to say for the first time ever i have truly understood which direction to trade in (ie. which way the market is trending). It has cleared up the trends in different timeframes to a really accurate degree for me and now i feel more confident in where the trade starts and where it should finish. I would also like to add that Cristina herself admits that her system will hopefully be more successful for others as she admits she haa a weak staying power and would seem to take out profit too early. Overall, if nothing else her course, i would say, is very honest and in forex this is a big plua. For me the chart analysis alone is worth the course fee.

KL, Malaysia,
Mar 29, 2012,

I am reviewing the Website & her competition results.

The headline in the website states "..proven to Extract 161 % Profit per month ".
This is by PURE LUCK, and I dont believe Christina can repeat it..
why I say so:- her winning results in the competition show she made a total profit of $1,611 from 84 trades.(Initial capital=$1,000).
Just 2 trades on USDJPY gave her a net of $1,486.94 or 148.7% returns(thanks to Bank Of Japan Intervention and Christina was on the right direction at that time)...Isnt this LUCK?
The remaining 82 trades gave a net of $ 124.28 or 12.4% returns.
She has mostly scalped.The results dont show any Scientific Breakthrough, and wont be repeatable.
The whole thing is a marketing hype by Christina & Old Tree Publishing .In my opinion both have lost credibility.
I wish retail traders wont fall for such conjuring tricks by marketers.
Arc USA,
Mar 11, 2012,

I agree with tcc. My analysis lead to similar conclusions. I definitely want a refund. Two leveraged lucky trades on USDJPY which just suddenly jumped from bottom of channels to top of channel gave her the winning streak. She is careful as did not put her own money on Live but used Old Tree Publishing funds to trade.
I bought as I was more intrigued that this great mathematician had figured out Elliot Wave but saw in the course that she hardly uses it. In rare examples she does that it is questionable as to how the waves were forced to fit. It is whimsical and not scientific. Read Glen Neely on Elliot waves to get a better idea of how it can be applied with rigor
Then she uses a couple of RSI crossovers, MACD and Parabolic SARS at the bottom of channels to take entry decisions. This if you do in say H4 time frames channels you are bound to be profitable and occasionally if you have pre-entered say Non - Farm Payrolls and prices bounce off in your direction you will get these big runs
Overall an average system and expect average results. There are much cheaper and better manual systems on ebay that can replicate this performance month after month.
Ray Bruce,
Brisbane, Australia,
Mar 9, 2012,

I have to disagree with the other review, I think it’s a great course so far. As it’s only been around for a few weeks it probably to early to really tell. It’s not indicators that are used, it’s how you use them. Inside the forum I have seen no negative comments, only people who are making money. If you follow the system it will make you more money than anything else I have tried. Ray
Mar 5, 2012,

I bought the basic package at $500, not the one on one mentoring at $500 per month. I was very disappointed. It is nothing more than a forex course on the basics. Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, Candle patterns, and a little Elliott Wave thrown in. The couse on this FPA website is worth much more. I won't say it is a scam because the package is professionally made and the method works. But thie "scientific method" is not what won the contest for her. It was just blind luck. She happened to have some long postions on the USDJPY when the BOJ announced the devaluation of their currency. Everything in the method can be learned on line for free. I will definitely be asking for a refund.
Armadale, Australia,
Feb 8, 2012,

At $500 a month to learn her system that's what they are selling. Is it worth it? Who's willing to spend that to find out?