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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

2 star review by rektsquare, Turkey

I have been using Tickmill for 3 years. Spreads are tight, execution is fast, deposit is fast. But, when it comes to withdraw your money, they are the slowest and the most problematic broker I have ever worked with. It always takes more than 1 week to get your money back. To give an example, I have made a request on 17th morning and who knows where the money is, still waiting...

My primary broker sends my funds to my account even sometimes within the same day, but Tickmill, hell no, I promise that you wont get your money easy. Eventually you get it if you have enough patience.

What is Tickmill?

Tickmill is a forex broker since 2015 with multiple branches regulated by:

  • FCA (UK)
  • CySEC (Cyprus)
  • FSCA (South Africa), FSA (Labuan), FSA (Seychelles), BaFin (Germany), CONSOB (Italy), ACPR (France), CNMV (Spain)

Tickmill is a Metatrader only broker with MT4 and MT5 platforms available for desktop, mobile, and as a webtrader. Additionally, CQG platform is available futures and options trading for UK only users. Tickmill has it's own app that is designed exclusively for the account management. TradingView integration has recently become available.

Traders can choose over 80 CFDs and other derivatives in Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Futures (UK), and Options (UK) categories. Tickmill's additional features include API, VPS service, Autochartist, multiple additional indicators and tools for MetaTrader platforms, educational content, heat map, sentiment indicator, etc.

Please read Tickmill Reviews below and share live trading experiences with this broker.

Other websites of this company include TickmillPrime.com.
3.429 • 234 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Needs more windmills, Netherlands,
Jul 1, 2022,
Registered user

They take over your account if they are not happy with you!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Never trade with this company!

As the Financial ombudsman has ruled in my favor, despite that Tickmill falsified (!) data, Tickmill refuses to comply with the Final Decision. (check FOS website Decisions database - www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/decision/DRN-3148143.pdf) They have been intimidating, lying and making threats for six months.

As the person handling your complaint and refusing, but eventually after six months, is forced to comply to the FD, this person (risk and compliance director) out of grudge, she decides to terminate my accounts and they are closing all my open trades for me. Basically they are taking over my account and forcing me to watch how they close my trades and I have to swallow all the losses.
If you complain about this unprofessional behaviour, it is the same person handling your complaint again and she simply ignores you. It is outrageous!!

What it comes down to, if you win your complaint with FOS you still loose, as Tickmill controls their system and they just do what they want, regardless whether you point out how illegal their actions are. Now I have to take legal actions and spend even more money to rectify this scandalous behaviour.

I had never expected this criminal behaviour from a FCA regulatd company that brags about their license!
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Reply by Tickmill submitted Aug 10, 2022:
Hello Sophie L,
Tickmill UK Ltd has co-operated fully with FOS and your redress has been settled. The matter is closed.

Kind regards,
Tickmill Team
Uyo, Nigeria,
Jun 13, 2022,
Registered user

website not popping up on tickmill

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
i have been trying to login to my tickmill account but the website has been down since morning and theres absolutely poor customer service to respond to query
Reply by Tickmill submitted Jul 18, 2022:
Hello vellz,

We are sorry to hear about your frustration. Please note that there was a technical issue with the website which was resolved and our support team was available during this time to assist clients with any issue.
We always try to provide our clients with the best support. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration to improve our client experience.

Kind regards,
Tickmill Team
Red Sea, Egypt,
Jun 9, 2022,
Registered user

Ashraf Shahhat , Egypt

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I'm trading with Tickmill since 3 years, they are clear and excellent broker, good spread , good commtion and good team work
So, I advice everyone to trade with Tickmill
Thank you so much for all the team work of Tickmill
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Reply by Tickmill submitted Jul 18, 2022:
Hello Ashraf Shahhat,
Thank you for your review and your positive feedback.
Your opinion really means a lot to us as we continuously strive to improve our services and our products. Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Kind regards,
Tickmill Team
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 1, 2022,
Registered user

Tickmill is the biggest scammer ever, Stay away

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I give this opinion in an honest and unbiased way. I am not a competitor and have not been paid by any person to write this statement. I studied Forex, got trained and mentored by Forex gurus. I am a Lawyer and retired senior banker and I trade currencies and commodities for the last 9 years. Often, I provide traders with Forex signals for free. I am also an informal lecturer in Dubai Chambre of Commerce.
Tickmill is a scam. Stay away. They claim to aid traders, but they actually cripple them. It is in their DNA to scam retail traders. They claim they offer low spreads, but it is only a way to lure the Traders to open accounts with them with the traders unaware of what would be waiting for them. I had an account with them and when I saw what they were doing I decided to stay away though I had some difficulty getting my money from them at that time. Recently, and after several follow ups by their salespeople I thought to give them the benefit of doubt and have therefore refreshed my account by injecting some money and starting to trade with them but not for long. After few days the account was performing reasonably well. However, in the last transaction I placed a pending order way from the market price by minimum 100 pips, but they executed the order immediately after I pressed the button though the price was still far away from the level I fixed. This wiped out my account immediately and completely. I tried contacting them to resolve the problem, but no one replied. I wrote to them emails same minute this happened to which they replied only after 3 days. I understand it was a weekend. They gave me unbelievable excuses that contradicted the facts and all rational thinking. They claimed the spreads were widened, and the pending order was therefore triggered. This was not true as before and after the market closed and until the market reopened on Monday morning the sign of the dotted line on the MT4 was still showing that the pending order was not in fact triggered at all. This is the mistake that Tickmill has made that contradicts their claim. I have a recording of this along with screenshots that prove my claim. This evidence I will submit to the FCA as unrefuted evidence that they applied for the pending order on their own and the price never approached that level. How can a spread on a currency pair widen so suddenly a few seconds before the market closes and also by 100 pips? I explained that I was there watching the market and the spreads did not widen that much, but only by a few pips and that it was at the time of the market closing for the weekend and the execution of the pending order was done about two or three seconds before the market closed and there was no volatility to justify their action, but they never cared to give any further reply.
After discussing this matter with one of my senior friends in the local financial authority (DIFC) he explained that they are aware Tickmill uses tricks to steal the traders’ money and for this Tickmill uses a special software tool that is available in the market to widen spreads when they want to and during times when the customer is unaware, and it is usually difficult to monitor the spreads as the trade goes on, and they are not a real ECN broker. My friend in DIFC is a credible and reliable source of information.
They do these things knowing that the retail trader who doesn’t have the muscles will find it difficult to resort to legal action due to the complexities involved and that they are in a different country. Also whilst they are subject to FCA rules most of their foreign clients are registered under the Seychelles authority, due to available leverage, and hence it will have no impact on them. Well, Tickmill, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the action I will take.
I am taking this evidence to the FCA and posting it on all social media and over 20 Forex groups I am a member of, in addition to posting it on my Facebook where I have over 61000 followers, mostly Forex traders. I will not leave this scammer safe, hurting other people like me. Meanwhile, I am filing a legal case locally in Dubai, and getting a favorable judgment, which I will take to the UK later on for execution. It may take time, but it will happen.
This broker is a big lie and a scammer. Stay away from them. Stay away.
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Reply by Tickmill submitted Jul 28, 2022:
Dear Bassam Daoud,
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your frustration. We always try to provide our clients with the best services and support.
Please note that Tickmill do not provide fixed spreads. As per our data, your case was resolved and our team responded to you on timely manner.
However if you still would like to get any clarification, please contact our Support team.

Kind regards,
The Tickmill Team
Malaysia, Malaysia,
Jan 3, 2022,
Registered user

Total scammer

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I had been trading for about 3-4 months with this broker and only managed to withdraw once. Few days before last Christmas,i apply for withdrawal through visa. But they disable visa and asked me to do it through bank transfer instead. I'm not the first one traded with them. They should have known that my local bank would not accept foreign fund. So truly indeed my bank rejected the money. And only God knows where the money now. Few minutes ago i did another withdrawal through visa and they promptly responded that my withdrawal is rejected. They suggested me to use Thailand bank transfer instead. Which is ridiculous. So my review is that everything is fine as long as u are depositing. Profitable traders should not sign up with anything associated with Tickmill. If u are from Malaysia,never go to them.even if it is regulated by LFSA or whatsoever it is. Kalau ada yg terbaca review ni,trust me..u will end up poorer with tickmill.u know what tick is!
Reply by Tickmill submitted Feb 8, 2022:
Hello Martinus ando,
We're sorry you're not happy with our service and would like to discuss this with you.
We would appreciate you contact our Support team at support@tickmill.com to get to the bottom of the issue and find an optimal solution for you.

Kind regards,
Tickmill Team
Khaled mahmoud
Egypt, Egypt,
Dec 4, 2021,

Minimum withdraw

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
The only bad in my broker Tickmill is withdraw earns must be 100$ or mor
Thats bad low account captial
But every thing is good
Other wise tickmill treat Arab clients like scamer
Not allwed them rigister in Uk or Ero sit
Arabe can use only sysiclys.
Reply by Tickmill submitted Feb 8, 2022:
Dear Khaled,
We are sorry to hear about your frustration. We always try to provide our clients with the best support.
We would like to point that the minimum withdrawal in Tickmill is 25 USD/EUR/GBP. Withdrawal information you may find here: https://www.tickmill.com/conditions/deposit-and-withdrawal
We would appreciate you contact our Support team at support@tickmill.com to discuss this topic with you and find an optimal solution for you.

Kind regards,
Tickmill Team
hong kong, Hong Kong,
Sep 27, 2021,
Registered user

old problem - Withdrawal Issue

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
MT4 Acc. : 10205918
withdrawal no. : MH5HTD6W7DD3NRN0

already 15 days, i have not seen any withdrawal funds on my card, and no response from your support team. i don't want to say you are scammer, but you really disappoint me. please check ASAP .
Reply by Tickmill submitted Feb 9, 2022:
Dear Michael_X,
Thank you for your feedback. Is sad to hear that you were facing issues processing your withdrawal. Please note we take into consideration all the feedbacks left by our customers, it helps to improve our services.
Whether your issue was not resolved yet, kindly contact our Support team at support@tickmill.com to assist you further.

Best Regards,
Tickmill Team
blida, Algeria,
Sep 12, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
A good company, smooth in withdrawals, and has excellent customer service, which we hope will develop its system more in the future
Reply by Tickmill submitted Sep 16, 2021:
Hello larbi zeradna,

Thank you for your review and your positive feedback.

Your opinion really means a lot to us as we continuously strive to improve our services and our products. Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Kind regards,

The Tickmill Team
Mumbai, India,
Sep 1, 2021,
Registered user

Tickmill Is Running Money Laundering Scam FCA Please Read This Review.

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Everyone who is thinking about registering on this broker, please know that the broker with which you're registering is doing illegal activities, because of that your money might be lost one day. Please read my review carefully and you will also find out the cheap tactics tickmill use to loot you from indirect fees while withdrawing.

Tickmill supposedly claims that it's an " regulated broker " and that they only allow withdrawals through the method you deposited.
I deposited on tickmill through ( India Local Instant Payments ) and after that they disabled that payment option for withdrawal, which is still available for deposits. Funny isn't it? Everything works great while depositing but for withdrawals? Yeah a lot of issues.
Because they disabled India Local Instant payments method for withdrawal and allow withdraw through India Instant payments ( which has worse exchange rate about 9% expensive ).
So for deposit you get good exchange rate but for withdraw? Bad exchange rate.

So as per AML ( Anti Money Laundering ) law, you shouldn't be allowing your client to withdraw through other payment system. Yet tickmill is allowing me to do that, which makes tickmill a scam broker involved with money laundering scam.

Not only is tickmill doing money laundering with client's money, but they also steal those money with bad exchange rate for withdraw, but for deposits everything goes smooth.

Jul 9, 2021 - 1 Star Tickmill use cheap tricks to lure clients with their local deposit/ withdraw options. Initially, when i deposited my fund with tickmill the exchange rate was excellent, and the payment system used was paymero. After about 3 weeks or so, they removed that local payment option with other one called " India Instant payments'. So whatever amount you deposit the exchange rate was 9% expensive, the same case for withdraw.

The other local payment option was ' India instant internet banking ', the exchange rate is good for this. But funny enough, this local payment option is only available for deposit and not for withdraw. For withdraw on local payment option, only ' india instant payment ' option and " smart india pay" only these are available, and the exchange rate is worst.
And all the technical issues while withdrawing, with depositing there is no technical issues.

What a liars and cheaters, trading business itself is very difficult, on top of that tickmill want to cheat clients by stealing money with their exchange rate.

i did a big mistake trusting this cheaters with my money, i am looking at ways to excalate this issue to FCA, i have $1,300 with them. PM me to help me with this and let's expose this cheaters.
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POS, Trinidad and Tobago,
Aug 23, 2021,
Registered user

Withdrawal Nightmare

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I deposited $100 on an old account, it had a small balance from before deposited with a different card.

I withdraw the last deposit as I could not do anything in August.

The fools tried to send the $100 back to the old card and now I am told "the card cannot be changed".

These companies are all the same. Even if you make money. Goodluck taking it out.
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Reply by Tickmill submitted Sep 27, 2021:
Dear Caribstar,

Thank you for the review.

Unfortunately, we are not able to locate any ticket or your profile in our system.

If you have an account with us please contact our support team at support@tickmill.com with details (Tickmill account number, withdrawal reference number) so they could check and assist you.

Kind Regards,
The Tickmill Team
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tickmill regulated?

Tickmill has 5 regulators:
  • Tickmill UK Ltd is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FCA number 717270,
  • Tickmill Europe Ltd is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), licence number: 278/15,
  • Tickmill Ltd is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Servics Authority (FSA), licence number: SD008,
  • Tickmill Asia Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), licence number: MB/18/0028,
  • Tickmill South Africa (Pty) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), licence number: FSP 49464

How do you use Tickmill?

To get started trading with Tickmill:
  • first, you need to complete your tickmill client registration, login, and upload all the required documents
  • once that's done and your documents are approved, you can select your account type and create the account
  • then, select a payment method and make your initial deposit
  • next, either go directly to MT4 WebTrade or else download and install MetaTrader 4
  • finally start trading with the Tickmill

How do I withdraw my Tickmill bonus?

New clients of Tickmill can get a $30 live bonus, unless their country is excluded from this promotion.
  • The bonus account can be traded for 90 days
  • The initial amount of $30 cannot be withdrawn
  • However, as long as the terms and conditions are followed, a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $100 of profit earned in the bonus account can be transferred to a live account after the client deposit a minimum of $100 in that live account

What type of broker is Tickmill?

Tickmill is primarily a forex trading broker with over 60 currency pairs available to trade.

Tickmill also offers CFDs on stock indexes, oil, precious metals, and bonds as additional trading instruments.

Is Tickmill a good broker?

The best way to answer if Tickmill is a good broker is to read the unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/8718/tickmill-forex-brokers

Additionally, we recommend to check recent Tickmill broker community discussions: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tags/tickmill/

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

What is the minimum deposit for Tickmill?

The minimum deposit to open a trading account with Tickmill is $100.

Tickmill also offer a VIP account which requires a minimum opening balance of $50,000.

Does Tickmill allow scalping?

Tickmill permits scalping as well as news trading and the use of EAs.

How long does it take to withdraw from Tickmill?

Tickmill processed nearly all client withdrawal requests within 24 hours.

Delivery times after processing vary from instant to up to 8 days depending on the withdrawal method.

For bank wires $5000 and above, Tickmill promises to reimburse any transaction fees up to $100.

Does Tickmill have Nasdaq?

Among trading instruments Tickmill offers CFDs for Nasdaq 100, and S&P 500 US stock indexes.