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Updated: Dec 12, 2018
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ElectroFX.com profile provided by Theo Patsios, Dec 20, 2016

Professional Forex Trading Education, Software and Guidance since 2008. ElectroFX is here to help you gain over a decade of trading experience and knowledge in the fastest time possible. Plus you get access to all the software that has been developed along the way, designed by a trader, for traders!


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Sicily, Italy,
Dec 19, 2016,

One year with ElectroFX: by far the best of all my trading years!

One year with ElectroFX: 7 months as Free Member, than 5 months as VIP.
Only one regret: I should have become a VIP Member much, much sooner!
It was by far the best of all my 5 trading years until now.
Because everything I have learnt with Theo did complete the metamorphosis and I was finally able to start my journey to consistent profitability.
I knew something about price action in the past using Renko charts but the elegance and effectiveness of Theo's method (according to the rules of supply and demand) hooked me for good.
It was not easy (it took me 5 consecutive months of constant effort and dedication), but, despite all the very misleading FX trading systems out there, one determined enough can truly be successful with Theo's approach!
Sjoerd hof,
bergen, Netherlands,
Nov 9, 2015,

im trading with ElectroFX for 2 years now and i can say that you get a lot of good value for your money.
the custom trading software is the best way to trade price action in my eyes. it provides you with everything you need and it works perfect!

the VIP video corse Theo is providing is all you need and that for just a small price. you get a lot of video's with good and easy to understand examples and explanation.

the overall support from Theo is good. you get fast reaction on emails and theo is in the live room for outlooks and questions during the day. the live room is good. 2 outlooks a day EU and US session. and a webinar on Sunday.

i can't say that this is the best trading room there is because i never joined any other trading room but i can say that ElectroFX/ Theo has done some good things for me.
but you have to put in the hard work yourself ;)
Robert S,
Curitiba, Brazil,
Mar 1, 2015,

Electrofx benefits include:
1. Custom trading software continually updated to comply with the latest MT4 build that includes:
a. Trade Manager
b. Zone Trader
c. Cell phone Alert System
d. Supt/Res Boxes
e. Multiple time frame trading (immediate, hourly-daily, and longer term) designed to meet the needs of every trading style / personal schedule
2. A 24-hour dedicated server for a true “set and forget” trading environment without the worry of power outages or internet problems (a must for South Americans)
3. A live room for trading discussion
4. A daily trading outlook identifying potential future trades
5. The best, most extensive FX video education course available. The videos are recent and continually adapted to changing technology and market conditions.
6. Free supporting Ebook
7. A team of new, intermediate level, and experienced traders available for discussion and feedback in a friendly, positive environment
8. Low monthly fee (the equivalent of a round of drinks).

ElectroFX establishes itself as the leader in two key areas.

First they have the best FX education program available for the beginning trader. In fact, I challenge any other FX education service out there to refute this statement by listing what they provide for a comparison. If what you offer is better, I will eat my words and post a positive review regarding your service.

Second, EFX is perfect for the seasoned trader as well. The trading software and 24 hour server account alone is worth the price of admission and allows any advanced trader to take their trading to a higher level.

If you are looking to safely investigate trading FX, look no further, EFX is the industry standard.
Peter v V,
Netherlands , Netherlands,
Feb 23, 2015,

In my opinion this is the best Trading Course available at the moment. Theo Patsios, the owner, does a great job bringing things back to the simplicity of Price Action Trading. That does it no way mean that it's "easy". You as a student have to put in a lot of time and effort to really get the hang of it but there's a lot of material around to help you in this process. There's a bunch of high quality videos that are constantly updated and if you have any questions Theo is always there to help you in the best way he can.
There's a free membership to start with and if you like what is offered you can choose to pay for the VIP membership at a very reasonable fee ( £ 299 at the moment). You get a LOT in return for the money you pay!!
What strikes me the most is the fact that Theo is a man who really DOES what he promises. His aim is to offer the best course available and he puts a lot of time and effort into it to reach that goal. I've been around in Forex for 10+ years and I've seen a lot of scams, BS and "I'll - make- you- rich-within - a - fortnight -scemes" ( as long as you're willing to pay me $997/ $1999/ $ ...... in return). What a relief it was to find a man of integrity and honour who really has something to offer at a very reasonable fee. I started trading with Theo's method about 6 weeks ago. During that time I only had two losing days! Don't expect a bunch of fancy indicators that lead you to the Pot of Gold although Theo offers lots of great tools to make Price Action more visible. It's a shame that the maximum rating at this site is only 5 stars. If it was possible I would go for at least 8 to 9! If you want to know more go to the Electrofx website and give it a try at the free section. If you're serious in your trading and you are willing to put in time and effort it is something you absolutely won't regret! ******** ( these are my 9 stars :-) )