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Updated: May 22, 2018
1.569 · 3 REVIEWS
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The Volatility Factor MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The Volatility Factor automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a demo account by the Forex Peace Army™. The Volatility-Factor.com forex robot works on 2 currency pairs, GBP/USD and EUR/USD.


Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Volatility Factor+0.0536.3+1.897
Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro+0.6879.6+71.073

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Volatility-Factor.com profile provided by Volatility Factor EA, Jun 2, 2016

Volatility Factor EA is developed from the createros of the most popular forex robot WallStreet Forex Robot

Volatility Factor EA is a very flexible forex robot which can be adapted precisely to cover all the needs and expectations of all forex traders. Volatility Factor EA has a very complex trading algorithm and it is equiped with smart exit system. All of this makes Volatility Factor EA very profitable forex robot.

The current version of Volatility Factor EA is 7.1 (2nd June, 2016). Below you can read the top feature of Volatility Factor EA:

  • Advanced money management system

  • Spread protection system

  • Broker protection system

  • Hidden Sl and TP option

  • Compatible with NFA brokers

  • Close only on profit option

  • News filter to avoid losing money during high impact news and events

  • Time management system

  • Can be used on unlimited currency pairs.

To learn more about Volatility Factor EA please visit our official website: http://www.volatility-factor.com


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1.569 · 3 REVIEWS
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Sofia, Bulgaria,
Jun 14, 2017,
Registered user

Makers of Volatility Factor UNETHICALLY charging existing owners USD$137 for latest update!

The makers of Volatility Factor have just released a new version (as of 13 June 2017) called Volatility Factor 2.0. The company is CHARGING existing owners of Volatility Factor for this update, and this is WRONG – as the original sale was made on the basis that all future updates would be free. They have the cheek to now ask for USD$137 for the update!

This is completely unethical, and shows just another money-grabbing EA company trying to screw their existing user base for every last cent. Please, write to them and let them know what they're doing is wrong. They shouldn't be doing this and in numbers, we can shame them into doing the right thing.
Guido Craenen,
Wassenaar, Netherlands,
Jun 18, 2016,

Bought and testing version 7.1 on EURUSD and GBPUSD. In demo account turned a 10.000 dollar account into a 53 dollar account within 3-4 weeks (20th may - 17th jun). So, not very good. I have the detailed MT4 statement available to proof this.

Asked a refund and waiting for it.
Reply by Volatility Factor EA submitted Apr 5, 2017:
Dear Guido Craenen,

We checked your case and we found that you have traded with totally wrong settings. We copy here one of our messages to you where we explain the reasons of your losses. By the way just to clarify your 10k account is a demo account.

"Dear G.H.M. (Guido) Craenen CISSP CEH,

We checked the settings included in the archive. You have mixed the
settings. You have traded with totally not recommended settings. Here
are your mistakes:

- RecoveryMode is enabled
- ADVSettings are enabled
- MaxNegAdds is 5 (for gbpusd)

When the RecoveryMode is enabled the robot increase the lot size with
a multiplier with the idea to compensate the previous losses. But when
the ADVSettings are also enabled the robot multiply the lot size for
all additional trades. You have two times multiplying which leads to
huge risk. You have also set MaxNegAdds 5 for GBPUSD - this means that
you may have 6 trades on GBPUSD pair and every next trade has bigger
and bigger lot size. You have mad Volatility Factor EA machine for
losing money. We are sorry for your losses but this combination of
settings is very wrong.

Additionally you have used some custom settings for EURUSD. The
recommended setting for EURUSD are the default settings.

We recommend you to reset your settings and start trading with default

Currently you are one of our happy users. We also noticed that you have bought 2 additional licenses. This means that all the problems are solved and Volatility Factor EA works well for you. Thank you for being one of our loyal users.

The current performance of Volatility Factor EA can be found on our official website: http://www.volatility-factor.com
Nick McDonald,
Sydney , Australia,
Jul 24, 2012,

This EA has been great for me since the update 2 months ago. It hasn't had a losing week. I'm also running it on a live forward test. http://www.mt4i.com/users/volatilityfactor/stats