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Updated: Sep 13, 2018
4.437 · 103 REVIEWS
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PointZero-Trading.com profile provided by pztrading, Oct 27, 2017

Our mission is to create top-quality and unique trading tools for the Metatrader Platform, without bold marketing claims. If you like our free indicators and EAs, kindly consider buying a product to support our work.


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4.437 · 103 REVIEWS
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Kuwait, Kuwait,
May 26, 2018,
Registered user

I’m using this indicator for 7 months And its is an excellent indicator and i made alot of money with it and can’t entertain a trade without it its realy helpful indicator .. thanks
May 24, 2018,
Registered user

Scott Carney OFFICIAL Harmonic Pattern Software / PZero a Gimmick

Again, the generation of programmers who copy my books and try to program software that they think is harmonic is ridiculous. Arturo, you can not walk both sides of the line and call it straight. You do not even understand what harmonic patterns are truly about nor do you honor my intellectual property rights - let alone the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS YOU HAVE MADE with these sub-par programs. Now, you rename the patterns and still want to associate this as a harmonic product. ALL CUSTOMERS SHOULD READ THIS AS A MAN WHO IS SELFISHLY TRY TO HOLD ON TO SELL A GIMMICK THAT EVEN HE FAILS TO SEE HURTS HIS INTEGRITY. My legal complaints are valid and you responded but your desire to sell a "harmonic gimmick" that does not even define the NATURAL CYCLICAL PATTERNS PROPERLY confirms my assertion that you need to take a long look before you dig further troubles for yourself. You are selling trader tools that you do not even use. Go ahead, code what you think people may buy but your lack of REAL TRADING KNOWLEDGE disqualifies as knowing anything about the markets.
And as far as harmonic is concerned, I will not stop protecting my Trademark and Copyrights that you fail to respect. More to come about PZero because I am not finished with you until you are out of the harmonic business.

May 17, 2018 - 1 Star Arturo is plagiarizer who has recently renamed his harmonic pattern product because I was successful in my DMCA Complaint. He tells people he respects my work but tries to get around by renaming the patterns. I own the TMs and Copyright on harmonic patterns and this is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN. I have shared many free resources to promote the ideas to help traders. THIS GUY IS JUST TRYING TO SELL GIMMICK INDICATORS and his harmonic patterns were not even close to being correct. I want everyone to know that all of the harmonic scanners are flawed and DO NOT REPRESENT MY WORK. I have the only official program that represents these protected rights. This is a continuation of my efforts to expose this BS. I am going to always protect my rights and defend the integrityof my work. So, go ahead try a PZero product but STAY AWAY FROM THEIR HARMONIC RIPOFF PRODUCT. More to come... Scott Carney HarmonicTrader

Reply by pztrading submitted May 22, 2018 Dear Scott Carney,

Thanks for your review. I do appreciate your work and try to be courteous to you at all times in our interactions, but it gets more difficult by the day because of your derranged, rude and unrespectful comments. Since you raised your issue with me to the public domain, I'll post the reply you deserve publicly as well.

It is correct that my indicator does not implement your Harmonic Trading approach to the letter: I took a more deterministic approach to it by waiting for the pattern to exist and later time the trade using a breakout, whereas you would anticipate the D point and place your order at that specific price. This particular approach of mine has been developed listening to my clients -what they actually wanted-, and it is indeed a creative license that deviates from your original concepts. Unlike you, I listen to my clients and adapt to what they want, instead of trying to enforce a methodology to them. This is why they like my indicators and not yours, regardless the names of the patterns the indicator displays.

Just to be clear, you did not send a DMCA complaint to me nor I plagiarized your work at all. You have no grounds for a DMCA complaint. I simply read your book and coded an indicator many years ago, before any of your indicators existed. So, maybe you plagiarized my indicator, who actually knows? Maybe I have grounds for a DMCA complaint.

What you sent was a trademark complaint, which is very different from a DMCA complaint, and very different from a patent, but you seem to confuse these three concepts. In fact, you are trying to enforce your trademarks as if they were patents on the patterns, and they are not by any stretch of the imagination.

What you have are trademarks, which are designed as reserved words to be used by merchants for market recognition, and enforced to avoid corporate identity theft. But nothing else: just changing a letter on these names is enough not to violate your trademarks.

As a consequence to your complaint, I renamed all patterns with a self-explanatory alternative. With any luck, they'll get traction and we traders will be able to discuss pattern technical analysis openly without fear of receiving legal notices from someone trying to build a business out of enforcement instead of value.

I would like everyone reading this to start using other pattern names to avoid issues with Mr. Scott Carney. If you use any his reserved words, he'll set out on a maniacal crusade to scare you into his compelled speech restrictions.

The pattern names I suggest are the following:

Bartley Pattern (aka as Gartley Pattern)

Lobster Pattern (aka as Crab Pattern)

Dragonfly Pattern (aka as Butterfly Pattern)

Barracuda Pattern (aka as Shark Pattern)

Flying Fox Pattern (aka as Bat Pattern)

ABCD Retracement (aka as AB=CD Pattern)

Penta-O Pattern (aka as Five-O Pattern)

Thank you.
Forex Peace Army
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If either side wishes to continue this debate at the FPA, please use the forums thread linked to this review page.
Reply by pztrading submitted May 26, 2018:
Thank you for having my indicator in such a high regard. The fact that there are hundreds of indicators implementing harmonic patterns but you are chasing me with this much energy, making other users to post reviews as well, is flattering: despite of what you say, you obviously deem my software implementation valuable. I take the compliment gladly.

But you are obviously confused about how attractive harmonic patterns are to the public and how many alternative free implementations are out there. I'd only hope I had made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling the harmonics indicator, but nope. Not even close. There are many many other harmonic indicators out there, not only mine, and piracy plays a huge role too.

I don't know what you are complaining about. Your trademarks are being enforced succesfully, I am not using your registered terms anymore since you sent the first notice. But you CAN'T OWN A SET OF NUMBERS THAT OCURR EVERYWHERE IN NATURE. You have trademarks on some pattern names and copyright of your book, nothing else. I am not using your names nor distributing your book.

Furthermore I know everything about your bullying activity and about several legal suits you have pending, including a million dollar defamation suit in which you tried to blackmail a website.

You don't have grounds to chase me any further, and you know it, that is why you resort to defamation, just like you used to do in the past. You are a legend in the trading space and not because of your patterns.

May 23, 2018,
Registered user

THIS GUY IS A TOTAL PLAGIARIZER--@the expense of others! he renames & resells someone else's work. then, when he is confronted he disactivates/renames. total bullshit & causes confusion. this was not the original agreement.
Reply by pztrading submitted May 26, 2018:
Please sell Mr. Scott Carney my regards. Thank you.
South Africa,
May 6, 2018,
Registered user

Top notch service and products.

Hi Guys,

I normally dont do this but i just have to give this company an outstanding review and testimonial.

I purchased a product a couple of months ago at a discount and i have already swapped it twice with no questions asked, i kinda feel guilty lol, but this is just a testament to the amazing service his willing to provide to his clients at no extra cost.

Arthur please keep up the amazing service, your products are top notch and far worth every penny spent already.

Guys that are sitting on the fence with a purchase, just go ahead and commit, you wont regret it. I have not and i am normally the first to have buyers remorse which i have had with lots of other service providers already but not PZ trading and his product.
Mar 28, 2018,
Registered user

It’s been fixed. And there is no problem. So great site indicators are beter than the ea’s i think. The day trading system you must try.

Mar 16, 2018 - 2 Stars it's now 3 weeks or so. And stil no answer. You say paid customer is important, that i understand. But i'm a paid customer. I got 2 free indicators and 1 paid indicator and a paid EA. I stand by my point you got some (not all) great products. But the customer service i'm sorry that sucks

Mar 2, 2018 - 2 Stars some of the indicatotors i use in 2 systems i use. The site en downloading are easy to use.
But the service is really bad sorry arthur. But you don't respont to emails. it's bin 7 days and 3 emails and no answer. thats bad service and you can't do that to your custumors

Reply by pztrading submitted Mar 5, 2018 Dear PuppyFx!

Thanks for your review! I always reply to messages in the helpdesk at help@pointzero-trading.com. I even reply to messages about free downloads, but those at my own pace -depends on the work load I have-, bear in mind that more than 100,000 people use my free indicators and Eas and I get lots of questions in the helpdesk. I give priority to paid users when my working time is scarce.

So, if you approached me in the helpdesk, I did reply for sure. Other issue is if you reached me on mql5.com, which I confess to reply less often because of the chaotic structure of the message system.

If you sent the same message several times, the helpdesk might have flagged you a spam and hid the messages from me. That is why I kindly ask users to avoid sending duplicated messages to the helpdesk.

Anyway, let me know.


Reply by pztrading submitted Mar 20, 2018 Dear PuppyFx,

Thanks for your message. I always reply to messages. Please give me your email or support tickets opened (each ticket as a ticker number). I don't find anything with your screen name (PuppyFX) I'll find out what happened and provide further reply if they were insufficient. Thanks
Reply by pztrading submitted Apr 6, 2018:
Glad it was solved. FYI, I still don't know who you are in the helpdesk.
Mar 14, 2018,
Registered user

No full refund, and they change words.

They won't give you a full refund. I purchased both Day Trading and Harmonics expecting a full refund. I decided to use Day Trading, but not Harmonics. So when I contacted them, Arthur said that every refund they lose transaction cost, so he wanted me to switch to another product. But I refused and he replied that I need to pay the transaction cost. What? In a flip second, he changed his words and can't give me a full refund?

Also be warned, if you use their coupon, there is no way to get a refund.
Reply by pztrading submitted Mar 16, 2018:
Dear Jslimcfa,

Thanks for your review. I deeply apologize for your bad experience. As you surely know, the forex market is full of people who will refund an EA after the first backtest, without reading the user guide first or testing the EA on a demo account.

The refund rate on this industry is very high and that reason I must pass down transaction/refund costs to the consumer, which SafeCharge charges me anyway, regardless the purchase outcome. Sometimes I don't have that option tho, it depends on the currency the client used to make the purchase.

This is explained in the terms and conditions of the site:
"The customer also has the power to withdraw from the software license acquired formally within seven days from the delivery of the product, with prior notification to the COMPANY of this circumstance. The COMPANY will refund the total amount of the purchase minus transaction costs."

It is indeed true that if you use a discount code there is no option of a refund to compensate the price discount: I compensate the discount in price with a zero refund rate, which allow me to offer discounts in the first place. However, I do offer a swap-to-other-product guarantee which is the second best thing and people use it all the time.

When you type a discount code in the order page, an extra checkbox has to be checked to proceed, which says: "I understand that using a discount code makes the order non-refundable.", which you must tick or else you are not allowed to proceed. I am not hiding it in any way.

It might be better to get *demos* before making any purchase. Demos of all my products can be downloaded from my mql5.com seller profile:

Anyway I apologize again for your bad experience with PZ and hope to do better in the future.

juazeiro, Brazil,
Feb 18, 2018,


excelente assistence, thank you arthur
the sistem work very well and compense the investiment
Cz, Czech Republic,
Feb 15, 2018,
Registered user

Goldfinch ea

Why is someone putting the EA on the internet that has very very good results in backtests but it's terrible in demo live account? Seriously I need some answer from this guy why is he doing that.
Reply by pztrading submitted Feb 19, 2018:
Hi Ukofx,

Thanks for your review. Since you ask so nicely.... ;-)

Goldfinch is a *free* volatility scalper that trades when price movement is big relative to the time elapsed during the movement. It works great in the tester because under testing there are spread hikes or slippage, but in a real trading there are, and this accounts for the differences, plus tester-generated tick data and live trading tick data are different.

Take care.
Feb 13, 2018,
Registered user

not trustful

Hi Arthur

Well first of all I should say that your products are good and you are a good programmer but you blocked my Grid trading EA so I can not use it anymore
I bought from you the Net safety EA and you said that I can swich and change to Grid trading EA and you helped me swiched to Grid trading EA and I liked it so much than after a period I forgot my link of update I sent you a message asking you to recover it and you sent me a bulls*** I can not recover it anymore and you stopped to help me
Now I can not use your Grid trading EA and really I decided to not ask you again and put your EA in the garbage because you are not professionaland don't respect your custommer
I decided to add this review not because I need my money back never but I want to advise people if they want to buy your products they should go and buy it from MQL5 not from you directly because you are not trustful

Finally I will tell you try to be trustfull because people give you their own money and I don't want your products and keep blocking me it is ok your EA is in the garbage
Reply by pztrading submitted Feb 17, 2018:
Dear Atarek,

Thanks for your review... As I explained several times in 5 support tickets, I did not block your license. You willingly unsubscribed from the automated email server which delivers updates notices and download links, and hence, your request for the download link reminder will not reach your inbox or spam folder.

Please provide me with a different email address and updates and download links will arrive to your inbox. If you have a problem understanding english, let me know and i'll send a translated message in your language.

You blocked yourself out, so to speak... please provide another email address.


Below the log with the logged attempts to send download links again to you:
02/13/18 06:33 PM Failed: auto@pointzero-trading.com → REMOVED 'Reminder of your download links' Not delivering to unsubscribed address

02/13/18 05:12 PM Failed: auto@pointzero-trading.com → REMOVED 'Reminder of your download links' Not delivering to unsubscribed address

02/13/18 04:57 PM Failed: auto@pointzero-trading.com → REMOVED 'Reminder of your download links' Not delivering to unsubscribed address

02/13/18 04:53 PM Failed: auto@pointzero-trading.com → REMOVED 'Reminder of your download links' Not delivering to unsubscribed address

02/13/18 06:38 AM Failed: auto@pointzero-trading.com → REMOVED 'Reminder of your download links' Not delivering to unsubscribed address

02/12/18 05:31 PM Failed: auto@pointzero-trading.com → REMOVED 'Reminder of your download links' Not delivering to unsubscribed address FPA Review Moderation Team Note: We have removed the client's email address from your comment. DO NOT disclose private client information in any future comments.
Jan 22, 2018,
Registered user

PointZero- Trading is an excellent system, software, or indicator programmer. and the service has been very quick, direct and helpful. I'll be happy to continue with Point Zero trading in the future.