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Updated: Dec 11, 2018
4.596 · 9 REVIEWS
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Feb 2014:  FxEvolve has contacted the FPA to let us know that they no longer serve retail customers.  They say that their business model now focuses exclusively on Institutional Portfolio Management.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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4.596 · 9 REVIEWS
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California, USA,
Jul 2, 2012,

Simply put: After paying too much for complicated and expensive courses withholding "proprietary" instruction, the FxEvolve team is clean fresh air. This no nonsense, practical approach is clearing my head from forex smog. Give a try on a webinar, you'll see..
Daniel S.,
, USA,
Jun 23, 2012,

I know the guys at FX Evolve and have come to know the head trader and teacher there. Jason and I started our FX learning back in 05' 06' and we met through a mutual friend. Since that time we have learned many of the same market principles from many of the same teachers and I have got to know Jason. I can say say without reservation that Jason is a man with integrity first and foremost and FX Evolve is all about delivering the TRUTH when it comes to trading and not the HYPE that most other mentors and educational firms sell. FX Evolve will not teach you the holy grail, a method that will turn $100 into a million or promote "inside the market" techniques that ONLY FX Evolve knows exists. What they will do is give you a foundation about what the FX market is all about, guide you through market structure-technical analysis, help you to understand fundamentals and news, and present you with several trading models that you can use or taylor them to becoming your own. You don't go to college, graduate and then immediately become a millionaire in your field. You must learn the principles and then learn how to apply them and WORK HARD to achieve your goals and this is no different in trading. Jason does not pretend to be a know it all guru. He is very humble. He gives credit to ALL mentors and teachers he has learned from, mentioning them by name many times over as to give them the proper credit for the techniques that he has learned from them. However, Jason has tweaked them to try and get the ultimate from these approaches as far as risk and money management is concerned. Folks, there are other good educational firms, some of which Jason and I both have been involved with and learned from. Jason's goal for FX Evolve is not only to teach but to create a community where traders can come together and have a place to interact, learn and prosper together. This is a very formidable task. The odds are against most traders ever becoming consistently profitable. The cards are stacked against you from the start. Jason realizes this, therefore, he is doing what he can to produce sound educational material building upon what he was taught. With the live room occurring on a daily basis, video updates, webinars, and the live/recorded courses, considering how reasonable their membership fee is, you would be hard pressed to find as good a value anywhere, much less a better one. If you are looking for a free ride or a magic FX pill then this firm is not for you and I assure you that you will not find one that will live up to your expectations. However, if you want someone who can give you sound market knowledge for a very reasonable price then I would urge you to just consider FX Evolve as ONE of your building blocks in learning how to become a profitable trader. View FX Evolve as it should be viewed, a very viable part of your FX education in conjuction with other resources. Remember this, FX Evolve can give you solid market knowledge but it's up to YOU to become a successful trader.
John Guma Bondia,
Barcelona, Spain,
May 11, 2012,

As a mathematician I really appreciate simplicity and clarity in any new study I begin. With FxEvolve I’ve found this. I’ve learned a lot with them, specially all the stuff related to the “mechanics” (as they say) of the Forex Market Place (Liquidity, liquidity hours,…).
I also attend to their Trading Room, and I can say that I’m very happy about it (specially because my Equity has increased). Jason is doing a great work there. He explains the reasons why he is taking each trade and he does it with an extreme clarity. Besides he explains a lot of other stuff related to Forex in a very comprehensive way.
Congratulations to Jason, Ross and all the team.
(By the way, I’ve got quite experience in Trading Rooms, Forex Courses, Trading Courses, etc. So I can say that (please, fxevolve team, don’t read the next) I find their quotes really chip)
John Guma Bondia
Fred C.,
Fort Collins, CO, USA,
May 11, 2012,

I have been meaning to write this for a few days now after stumbling across the initial. I was really shocked, just being in the community for so long and seeing how their overall service has been to me and pretty much everyone. I'm not a rookie trader but was just looking for an extra bump to help me along. Really the live trade room and their other events is basically where everything comes together. If we have a question, it gets answered, trades are taken with a simple-enough method to allow us to follow and basically grasp what is being said. Seeing all of the nonsense out there and having struggled with other methods I have had a very good assessment of this group and they really strive to do what's best...that's obvious. Most importantly, they put their money where their mouth is. I've come across few that do this and most lose money. The course materials were outlined well and it always bugs me when people think they or anyone else is mimicking anyone. This industry is filled with junk and as far as my eyes can see it was just good base content. As far as the comment about a "multi-million dollar hedge fund" that's total garbage. I actually even asked about this. They said they basically introduce people to cherry picked managers following strict metrics. So nothing big there. I dunno, I just like to see what's good get the recognition it deserves. These guys go the extra mile.
, Singapore,
May 9, 2012,

I work in a hedge fund and have attended over a dozen trading course and FX Evolve is one of the most advanced with insights into how dealers, market liquidity, order flow works. They e.g. Jason talk with a lot of experience and not on the textbook stuff but on market structures, these knowledge are essential because the text book stuff will get new traders killed. The Trade Rooms gives a good guide to new traders on the scanning and market/price analysis routine to setup new traders with the right mindset and habits.
Washington, USA,
May 9, 2012,

FXEvolve is also one of my trading partners every day. The information, teaching, technical analysis and community is awesome. I find that if I follow the trading plans I do not get stopped out unless, as can happen anywhere it just did not become the trade we had set up for. FXEvolve is teaching people to become traders, not to and wait for someone to tell them when to enter and when to exit but to use the knowledge they have been given and then put it to use effectively. Each week they are adding more information and training to the site and I could not be more pleased with what we are learning. Not at all sure where Paul's complaints came from but that has not been my experience at all, makes you wonder. I highly recommend FXEvolve to all my fellow traders and will continue to do so.
Charlotte, NC, USA,
May 8, 2012,

I can't believe the course was just given that comparison. being in this industry for a while now I can vouch that they might as well be giving the material away for free as per the quality and price it's currently at, the price keeps going up, but still. it's more than the course but this Paul guy seems to compliment and then bash it at the same time, which is weird.

as for no answer to emails I can't imagine, personally have had no issue there. I have even visited the office in person. I dont know who paul is but i went ahead and took a screenshot of the community stream two days before he left this review (where anyone is welcome to ask questions). I have never seen a question go unanswered and sometimes the community members answer before the FX Evolve guys.
Erik Hass,
Oregon, USA,
May 7, 2012,

FXEvolve has effectively become my best trading partner to date. You will learn specific unique principles that are very effective and can be applied to your trading plan. Best of all as a trading partner the verbal articulation of the market fundamentals & technicals assisting the trader in real-time are the best I've seen. In addition you have the opportunity to get involved with the FXEvolve Community where there are daily & weekly videos enabling further development trading forex along with connecting with one another through the forum. This is the real deal. Very thankful to have this available. Now you have BEEN WARNED about the post from Paul London. :) I'm sure there will be others giving a more accurate view of FXEvolve.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 20, 2012,

The content of their course is sound however it is almost the same as Chris Lori's work. They bang on about calculating your expectancy and being mechanical yet they themselves use a discretionary approach. The discretionary approach is very convenient for them when using the Live trading room as they will often say after the fact that they got out before being stopped out and most of the time you will get stopped out. Their live courses and video courses are riddled with interruptions due to technical problems which they can't even be bothered to edit out. The biggest problem I have with them though was that of communication. They do not respond to emails, EVER! I managed to get through on the phone and asked a question and was given a quick answer and they then hung up. I have tried calling back numerous times only to get their answer phone and to leave a message. Even after that they could not be bothered to call back.

In sum, this is a really shoddy outfit. They have ripped other people's work without making it their own, modifying it in any way. They claim to run a multi million dollar hedge fund to entice to make you believe that they know what they are doing. The reality is that they don't and the fact that they do not want to communicate with you directly is a sure sign that all they want is your money but then want nothing else to do with you. BE WARNED.