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Updated: Apr 7, 2015
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Adolf Unger,
Vienna, Austria,
Dec 17, 2013,

The NPC is nothing for if if you want to become a millionaire within weeks. I gain some notable profits about once a week, that's no more then 300-500 Euro per month.

Its quite save, you almost can't loose money. I haven't found any other method performing for me. All the fancy ads about millions and trillions are fake.
YM Leong,
Singapore, Singapore,
Jan 6, 2013,

I would advise caution in buying this product and I have now opened a Paypal claim against this company. The product is advertised to be automatic, yet requires a person to KEEP changing parameters to suit news trading times and to ensure MT4 is open during those times. Granted that ALL ea's require the MT4 to be opened 24*7, but if I only open MT4 during news trading times, whereby mostly news that affect US, Euro have a tendency for most effect (since these are the 2 most traded zones and currencies), it may mean that I have to keep awake at those zone times. Its 12-15 hours differences between US and where I live. Its a total no-brainer. FYI, whilst NY is 12 hours differences, WV is abt 15hrs.

If I placed it on a VPS, I would still had to set the news trading times parameter on that day. Granted that I can always update it at least a few hours in advance, or even at least 1-2 days in advance, since there is not necessarily a news release every day. But this also meant that if there are more announcements that day (which is very common for news release, depending on what sort of news u wanted to trade), I would have to either "time" my setting and re-setting of the time parameter, or attach a few EAs and set these to different timings. Its not difficult to attach a few EAs, but please read on...

Another point which the developer choose NOT to disclose was the fact that the EAs will generate 2 trades for same currency pair, one for buy, the other for sell. If one of the trades is hit, it is best that u cancel the other trade. EA WILL NOT take care of this for you. Since MT4 does NOT have oco, this meant that you are back to staying awake till your eyes dropped

I filled the claim, as I really failed to see how a product that was advertised as "FULLY AUTOMATIC" requires me to keep changing parameters, keep track of which trade was executed and to cancel the other pending trade. In real trading environment, it maybe that both trades can get executed before you can say "REFUND". You are potentially left to "decide" which trade to close coz if you choose the trade that has more negative to close, you may still be wrong, coz the direction may turn as news announcement comes to an end. The user guide suggest setting 10-20pips for TP and abt the same for SL. Again with 2 trades executing, you can then wait for one of the trade to hit SL of 10pips, then manage the one that didnt, and when the 2nd trade exit with 20pips profit, you would have 10pips profit (less the 10pips lost). If you by now had not realised that this automatic product is turning into a nightmare and all for 20pips profit!

During news release a 10pips SL would meant that both trades would have been lost despite if the trade was "going" in the right direction, as the prices whipsaw largely. Most brokerages even those extremely honest ones cannot guarantee slippage during news release, as major banks that provide the liquidity tend to quote further away from normal quotation, in order not to buffer against how the actual news may affect the ex-rates of those currencies affected.

Since I have filed a claim, I would rate "terrible" as the product failed to prove its "automation". As expected the seller (developer himself) refuted the claim and Paypal is now investigating all claims. Since its under investigation, I will not escalate to scam

I am not sure I can speak for everybody or even most body. I would only say that my experience was extremely bitter. Those that would like to try this product can go ahead if you are ok with setting time parameters