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ThinkHuge Ltd Andrew Lockwood
Updated: Apr 13, 2023

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4.473 • 163 REVIEWS

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ny, USA,
May 30, 2022,

They have change their game

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I bought into their trade signal back in the days, they never sent out one winning signal and they was so dishonest always using different name about 5 that i know off. Now they playing school teachers. Maybe they got better if they do why don't they sent out signals.
P.s.I think forex is a ghost market.
Reply by submitted Jun 6, 2022:
Hello Keith,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are not a signals provider. We provide market commentary, education and live analysis. Members of our community can share trade ideas and it's up to members whether they would like to follow trade ideas.

If you're looking to become a consistent trader then knowledge is crucial and that's why we focus on delivering outstanding education and guidance. Signals alone will not make someone a successful trader - it's much more than that.

Keith, we invite you to come and check out our trading room again and take some of our new courses, we're sure you'll like what you see!

Thank you,

The team
Heage, United Kingdom,
Mar 26, 2022,
Registered user

100% Genuine company

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have seen the most recent review claiming that is a scam..... RUBBISH. I have been a paying member for 3 years now. The education is superb and the mentors teach on a daily basis and also giving trade ideas.
I have followed some of these signals using my own trading methods as I have been taught and I have been successful.
To the people bad mouthing companies.... Just because you can't make money yourself or are to impatient to learn correctly hopping from company to company bad mouthing them. You are wrong in your approach. Trading takes years of hard work and can not be taught overnight.
Mentors should not have to show bank statement or accounts to prove anything. If people join and look at the trade signals they will see for themselves by looking back at the charts that most trade ideas work.
The Mentors and members are excellent and please do not be put off by fake reviews from people that have blatantly blown accounts and have no risk control.

Oct 29, 2020 - 5 Stars This is by far the best trading room out there. I have taken many courses over the last few years and spent lots of money investing in myself and my education.
I have been a member of another chat room in the US at a very expensive cost per month and that was only open a few hours a day.
Forex signals offer a 24/7 chat room with several live streams per day in the week from the mentors. The price is fantastic especially for what you receive including the education.
There is educational material and workshops available 24/7 and if you have any questions about the material you can contact the mentors direct, ask questions in the live streams or chat to the community.
I can't give them enough praise as this group of people have helped click all the pieces of the puzzle together for me.
If your a newbie trader there is everything there for you to have a successful trading career if you are willing to invest the time in yourself and learn a strategy and listen to advice.
There is something there for everyone whether it be a newbie or an experienced trader.
Even if you remove the mentors from the room you have an amazing community of full and part time successful traders that are really friendly and happy to help.
United Kingdom, United Kingdom,
Sep 20, 2021,
Registered user SCAM FRAUD Andrew Lockwood FRAUDULENT

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months SCAM FRAUD Andrew Lockwood FRAUDULENT

About time someone spoke up about these scammers Andrew Lockwood and Nick McDonald

For years they have operated under the radar. It seems they started out as a signal provider in around 2012 using the likes of FXViper, Kilamanjaro purportedly a “bank trader”, TradeAlerter, individuals they hired to trade client’s funds.

Guess what all BLEW UP losing 100s of thousands of their customer’s money (if not millions).

If that wasn’t bad enough they then brought on board Day Fox, Smart Trader, Steady Capture and some others.

Guess what? Yep same story all blew up every cent of their customer’s money, probably millions of dollars.

I personally lost a significant sum following / Nick McDonald the scammer and his traders.

Nick even had his own portfolio running his own money with his trades and guess what he lost all of it and even deleted the videos from his YouTube channel.

This was all from around 2012 till around 2018 a miserable and failed project where lost several million of their client’s funds providing useless signals via their “traders”.

Funny how they deleted all the old threads where all traders lost all their customers money but you just need to google any of the names above to see everything touched blew up.

I left the forex scene for a bit after such a negative experience with but recently I realised Nick McDonald and the scammers have come up with their latest masterplan.

Providing forex signals didn’t work so they realised they had to change the dial.

Step forward “forex education”. Genius.

Nick McDonald and realised they couldn’t find any trader who actually made money so they hired Andrew Lockwood another losing scammer to be an “educator”. realised Forex education is a much better business model. The business model they had before meant providing myfxbooks and real results. All of which ended up in multiple blown accounts.

By using Andrew Lockwood as an “educator” if anyone asked for results they could simply claim “hey we are here to teach you to trade for yourself, we are not here to trade for you. We are here to teach you to catch fish for yourself.”

The usual crap fraudulent forex educators come up with when you ask for any proof of results. Nick McDonald got burned once he wasn’t going to get burned again.

Even more genius - instead of having one educator, let’s have 3!

Step forward Andrew Lockwood, Mark Bennell and Max Norbury.

That way if anyone asks for any trading proof we can confuse them by saying we have a “range of tutors all with different styles, it’s impossible to show all their trading results together”.

Here’s a fact - none of the traders that work for make any money trading and there is no evidence any of them have ever worked at the level claimed.

In particular that scammer Andrew Lockwood. Will start a separate thread about him. Complete fraud, doubt he has ever had even a year’s profitable trading in his life.

Bottom line the whole setup is a fraud, none of the educators make any consistent money trading and the whole thing is a just a scam after the original business model failed.

I call on to provide any evidence any of their educators make money, if not they should shut their whole fraudulent operation down.
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Toronto, Canada,
Apr 28, 2021,
Registered user

The Best Trading Community

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I completed one year of my membership in ForexSignals and extend membership for another year today. Here you will learn to look at trading as a real business and how to be profitable in business. You will learn strategies, and most importantly psychology of trading and how to control your emotion, being patient and wait for the right trade. Mentors are unbelievably available to the questions. you will be amazed with the amount of training materials available online in portal. Daily streams happen on trading days and I could review what I learned in education section. The members in community and chatroom as awesome and you can exchange ideal and learn from them, decent people always ready to answer your questions. I followed Max Norbury trading strategy and I learned a lot from him. Mentors are not only professional trades but truly decent people who love to share and teach people in community. Thanks Andrew for providing such an amazing opportunity for me.
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Dublin, Ireland,
Feb 5, 2021,
Registered user

Amazing Education Community

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Cannot rate this place highly enough. I started with them in April 2020 and I've used the site everyday since. 4 highly knowledgeable mentors, all trading different strategies so lots to learn. Highly recommend IF you're willing to learn.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ForexSignals a good forex training company?

Unbiased users reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if ForexSignals is a good forex training company.

Please come back often as company services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent ForexSignals community discussions:

What is is a forex education company, offers a paid Trade Room where you can learn Forex Trading with 3 Forex mentors.

The trade room service includes daily live streams, a global chat room, forum, blogs, indicators and trade signals.

How much does Trading Room service from ForexSignals cost?

ForexSignals offers the Trading Room service in 3 packages. A 7-day free trial is also available. 
  • The Apprentice: $97/month
  • The Committed: $297/month
  • The Professional: $567/month

Does ForexSignals offer 1 on 1 mentor?

Yes. Andrew Lockwood and Max Bennell are the main coaches in ForexSignals.

Either of their session is available for 1 on 1 mentor at the time being. This is applicable to the annual plan.

How many ForexSignals' trading signals do I receive?

ForexSignals aims to deliver anywhere from 5-25 trading signals and market commentaries a week.