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Updated: Aug 20, 2018
4.465 · 79 REVIEWS
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ForexSignals.com (Nick V. McDonald)

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ForexSignals.com (Nick V. McDonald) profile provided by ForexSignals.com, Apr 3, 2018

Founded in 2012, ForexSignals.com is a portal for aspiring forex traders to follow and learn from professionals, in real time.

The 24hr trading room features 5+ live daily streams from a team of experienced professional traders. During these streams the traders discuss the market live, take trades and provide trading advice to members within the room.

In addition to the trading room, there is also a comprehensive forex educational academy across 100+ instructional videos which take students from beginner to advanced trading techniques.


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4.465 · 79 REVIEWS
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SA, Australia,
Aug 17, 2018,

Lots to glean for the beginner to experienced trader.

This is the best help you'll get on trading Forex. The site has evolved and improved continually. The Daily reviews by Mark Bennell are simple and informative. His expectations and cautionary tactics on pairs that are "in play" gives you a road map to profitable trades. I can't speak highly enough of his work & the site in general. The chat has some great minds there too, many different styles and ideas put out by the community.
Aug 12, 2018,
Registered user


I've been a trader for many years and this has also helped me because of the 24hr live trading room. I've learnt a lot and have become a consistently profitable trader now. =)

Link is below
United Kingdom,
Aug 3, 2018,
Registered user

Does not fulfil its promises

This website promises - 'Our professionals regularly publish easy to interpret forex signals for you to follow'.This is not true. Two professional post no signals and the third about 1 signal a week,The education material is interesting but it is hard to believe that their strategies work when the people who teach the strategies post very few trade signals and the ones they do post fail more often than not. Such a shame as the site has so much potential but this is not the place where you are going to learn how to trade full time.Before you join ask about how many signals are posted in a month and what the success rate is.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 27, 2018,
Registered user

Excellent website and community to learn the art of forex trading.

Excellent place for all novice and experienced traders to learn and share ideas. The training material is also very good and easy to follow. The daily webinars held in the trading room by the mentors are particularly helpful where all members can participate and ask real time questions about the markets.

5 out of 5 for me
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 20, 2018,
Registered user

Started Forex trading in March 2018 and by chance came across Forex Signals and decided to give it a go. Since I joined my confidence and knowledge have grown and now I'm trading on my own ( Part time). The site has an excellent academy and 3 professional mentors who each bring a different style of trading. For newbies If you want to learn about trading and how the market works and what influences price I would highly recommend them.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 19, 2018,
Registered user

Best Educational Site For the Budding Forex Traders. Managed by Trustworthy Guys. No Scam Here

Best Educational Site For the Budding Forex Traders.
Managed by Trustworthy Guys. No Scam Here
Brighton, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2018,
Registered user


Brilliant place for new traders to learn and for not so new traders to get back to a better place. Friendly environment, honest feedback and genuine support. All mentors are dedicated and provide individualized support. Daily streams analyzing the market. The place functions on a "teach you how to fish" basis rather than just providing fish (signals) which in my opinion is more valuable. Lots of learning material in the academy. Mentors are open to all questions. No trade porn and genuine expectations.
Jul 2, 2018,
Registered user

2014 i joined, its good for chatting trading with old and new people. But the analyses which is called pro traders who gives you, i cannot take it! so the question which i asked or anyone from group asked, if they cannot answer and if they don't have clue they will block you for 64 hours and again if you do, block again again and again....

The client service you will really understand. you will get same answers
Reply by ForexSignals.com submitted Jul 16, 2018:
Hi Robinson2312,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a member at Forex Signals for as long as you have!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve recently had an unsatisfactory experience inside the trading room.

As you’re aware, our professional traders' video stream multiple times a day. Their objective is to give you the best analysis out there on how they view the markets to trade.

These streams are a great opportunity for our members to ask any question they like for our traders to answer. Whether that’s on trading strategies, analysis on the markets, trades they’re taking; there’s no question too difficult!

We’d like to think we’re as open as possible to ensure your success in the markets.

Sometimes not all questions will get a direct answer during a live stream. However, we have traders online 24/7 in the live chat to ensure you get the answers to your questions.

Our policy is not to kick nor block someone from the trading room based upon whether we have the answer to your question or not. The only time we would kick or block is if the member was being offensive.

With that said, I would like to investigate precisely what has happened here so that we can get this situation resolved and cleared-up.

If you’re happy to, please could you email support@forexsignals.com and write to the attention of "Dominic". Please could you also include the username that you've used for the trading room. I will then look into this with our traders and get back to you immediately!

Many thanks!
Jun 2, 2018,
Registered user

Well, It has been a gruelling 7 Months for me, But I can now comfortably trade on my own! Something that should have taken years. Yes I have been on the computer 12 to 14 hours a day, looking at charts, Using the training that Mark Andrew and Joel have provided. I knew nothing when I started, Never had anything to do with economics or trading of any type. I started from scratch, and these Mentors and the Forexsignals members took me under their wing and helped train me Well !!! You don't need to go anywhere else to learn properly. But don't expect free signals, They are there, But you are encouraged to learn and make your own analysis of the signals provided. Many of the signals go into detail as to why the decision was made to trade that pair. Trading is now My business, And forexsignals is a crucial part of it.
New Zealand,
May 15, 2018,

A great place for new and experienced traders

If you want to learn to trade your own signals this site is a must. This is not a signal service but a community of private traders who share ideas and knowledge with multiple daily live streams from great trading mentors. A great place for new and experienced traders alike. Buy the annual sub and be done with it, highly recommend.