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Updated: Feb 12, 2024

What is JFD Brokers?

JFD Brokers is a forex broker offering the MT4 and MT5 top forex trading platforms.

JFDBrokers.com offers over 60 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities, stocks, indices, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

Please read JFD Brokers Reviews below and share your live trading experiences with this broker.

Other websites of this company include JFDBank.com, JFDPrime.com, JFDWealth.com, JFDChange.com, JFDChina.com, JFDPartners.com. JFDEurope.com, and CIErope.eu.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: $500
Established: 2011
Address: Kakos Premier Tower Kyrillou Loukareos 70, 4156 Limassol, Cyprus
Contact: support@jfdbrokers.com, +49 40 87408688
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #150/11, VFSC #17933
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, Guidants
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes
ECN: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (60+)
Cryptocurrencies: (4) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (20+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: ✅ Yes
News Trading: ✅ Yes
Scalping: ✅ Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

MAM: ✅ Yes
PAMM: ✅ Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), Neteller, SafeCharge, Skrill, SOFORT
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), Neteller, SafeCharge, Skrill
* Please check broker website for more information
2.789 • 22 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of JFD Brokers

Ibrahim 9
saudi arbia, Saudi Arabia,
Jul 10, 2022,
Registered user

Worst broker I have ever dealt with

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
. They shamelessly steal your money.
A few months ago, my account was suddenly disabled and without warning or notice.
I called support and they said my address proof had expired! I have to bring another proof, so I decided to withdraw the rest of my money and close the account, but
I was surprised that withdrawals are also forbidden unless I bring proof of a new address proof ,
so I had to bring my bank statement. But they refused. Why? I don't know.
Their answer has always been that you should bring proof of address.
After a few tries I ignored it, it was $167 and it wasn't worth the trouble to file a complaint and the like, maybe I was wrong about that.

I'm no longer interested in actually getting back $167 and I know they're the type to not even care about their reputation, but I wanted to warn those who are considering opening an account with this scam company and tell them that their true face will only show when you think of withdrawing your money.

I'm really sorry to write like this, but I have to
My account number is 91062 and emails are available.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 18, 2020,

Very bad approach of handling customers

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I have invited in physical stocks with JFD bank and I was able to use my account without any problem for about 3 months. One day, and without any notice, I got a call from their customer care to inform me that they are obliged to close all my positions (with loss or profit it didn't matter) as they are informed by their broker that physical stocks is not allowed for non-EU residents. I understand that such action is in compliance with their own or their broker's policy, however, If they performed proper profile check from beginning they may have found that I'm not resident in the EU and hence wouldn't have allowed me to use their platform for Physical stock.
Due to this unprofessional and inaccurate processes JFD has, I got all my positions closed in loss.
Anyhow, I am now able to trade physical stocks with other brokers and without being a resident in EU. So a big question arises here: Did JFD Bank really need to take such action because I'm not resident in the EU? My recommendation will be: stop dealing imminently with this broker to avoid similar instances and incur losses.
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Oct 27, 2020:
Dear Mario,

We are sorry to hear about the loss you incurred from the closed cash equity positions in your account with JFD. We understand the confusion that you and other clients might have in such an unfortunate situation.

At that moment, however, we were forced to take immediate actions to remain compliant with the changes in the legal framework that governs the offering of physical stock on our trading platforms. Although in short notice, we took all actions to notify our clients and update our website to reflect the new conditions.

We want to assure you that the satisfaction and long-term success of our clients are of the utmost priority for JFD as an international 100% DMA/STP broker. Hence, we want to confirm that our team is working on a solution that will allow us to offer cash equity to residents of your country once again. We are confident about a positive development in this matter.

Meanwhile, we wish you robust health and much success in your trading!

Best regards,

JFD Group
uk, United Kingdom,
Apr 23, 2020,
Registered user

JFD Brokers

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I left a review on JFD on 16th of January about how bad they are, and guess what? they have disappeared, they closed their "platform" and stole/"lost" people's money!!!. On their mt4 the slippage is unbelievable, they know how to do it, they wait a long time then wipe out accounts, especially small accounts every few months. Why do people use them I dont understand?? go to other brokers, you will be better off. They know how to play the rules and get away with it. save your money.!!!
their email ends with, "we are at your disposal" only scammers talk like this in 2020.!
read my previous review about them

Jan 16, 2020 - 1 Star This review is about JFD Invest.
I had to take time out to write this review, don't loose your hard earned money.
These people are either the stupidest or the biggest thieves in trading. having lost money with them, it became clear that they buy EAs (robots) from Eastern European countries for around $75 to $300, then trade peoples/ clients account with them. Their "strategies" loose 20% in one month and make 1%-2% a month, so the maths is very simple, It will take them a long long time to get your money back if you ever get it back. They make money from spreads by trading your account. They keep sending marketing emails of how a strategy has made 1.2% in a week, but you wont hear them tell you 6 months performance of that strategy because is will be so bad. Their "strategy" suddenly disappears or stops trading, you loose your money and no one tells you that its has stopped trading. when you talk to them they seem very casual about it, as if to say its only money.

 1%-2% is very easy to get from other investments where your funds are guaranteed. When you talk to them, their English is very poor or they pretend its poor. they keep mentioning "strategy" to sound flash and cool I guess. They immediately  go to the Disclaimer that you can loose all your money. They are the most preemptive people I have come across in trading, they laugh when you mention their losses as if to say its all good there is no problem, its part of trading. If you ask them "how many people work in your office"? they will avoid answering at all costs.This is NOT the new way of investing as they claim, its the best way for them to make lots of spreads in short time and once everyone's money is lost they will discontinue this rubbish.you can see results on their platform but once you give them your money you will see how bad they are. there are no good traders to step in and correct mistakes. they will treat your money like demo account.
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted May 29, 2020:
Dear Joss1,

We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our services. It is another example of the complexity associated with CFD trading, which is not suitable for everyone and requires a profound understanding of numerous factors, market phenomena and the risks involved. We understand your confusion and anger about any incurred losses. Therefore, please allows us to clarify the following points:

1) The JFD Invest mirror trading platform did not “disappear” because of a negative review but because of a technical malfunction outside our control. We replaced it with a new upgraded managed account solution that would offer the clients more options and efficient trading. You may learn more about it here - https://www.jfdbank.com/en/investing.

2) Slippage is a pure market phenomenon based on the depth of the market of a particular financial instrument which is outside the control of our company applying a 100% DMA/STP agency-only model sourcing liquidity from 20+ Tier1 bank and non-bank liquidity providers. Moreover, with JFD, positive slippage is also enabled. More about our regulation and licences you may find here - https://www.jfdbank.com/en/about-jfd/regulation-licences. More about our pure agency model you may read on this webpage - https://www.jfdbank.com/en/about-jfd/why-jfd.

3) JFD’s primary source of revenue is the commission charged on clients’ trades which is quite low and competitive. A full overview of our commission you may find in the contract specifications here - https://www.jfdbank.com/en/online-trading/account#contract-spec-start. “Wiping out” clients accounts is not a practise that we are in a position of doing since, based on our model of operation, we are not licensed for market making (B-booking) which would essentially render profits based on client’s losses. All client funds are kept safe and fully segregated from our company funds in world-class banks. Our commission-based agency model has proven to be the win-win solution for our clients as it helps them control their costs efficiently. No wonder why thousands of clients stay with us for an extended time. Apart from the default commissions, we may charge performance or other fees for using our managed account or other investment services. All trading costs are prominently disclosed on our website.

4) The performance of any investment strategy is subject to fluctuations caused by the ever-changing market conditions. Hence, the power behind our mirror trading solution was in the diversification of the individual strategic portfolio allowing the users of JFD Invest to connect their live trading accounts to multiple strategies allocating funds according to their risk profiles. Therefore, temporary losses in one strategy could be compensated by the profits of another one. Providing a short-term performance overview of a strategy on a weekly basis (in a standalone newsletter) aims to present its dynamics. Full performance charts and stats were available in the platform for all users to see. As we never apply a “set it and forget it” approach, all listed strategies were continuously monitored by our Portfolio management department. Once again, we would like to point out that the mirror trading platform was not stopped due to a losing strategy, but because of a significant malfunction in the system of our technological provider.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that apart from providing all necessary preliminary information freely available on our website or upon request and strictly abiding by the regulations, we are unable to prevent anyone from making certain investment decisions.

We wish you much success in your trading journey!

Best regards,

JFD Group
Zürich, Switzerland,
Apr 18, 2020,

Pure Scam!

Length of use: over 1 Year
So I had my money invested in the Mirror Trading Platform. Without further notice JFD decided to get rid of the platform. So obviously my account had several open trades running summarizig up to around 3500.- Euros. The plattform was closed and all my open trades were gone. Yes, thats how they make business. The next day, after the service had been shut down, I received an email confirming the service is not available any more.

Im trying to file a lawsuit here in Switzerland. Let's see how far I will get.
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted May 29, 2020:
Dear Steve,

We understand and share your anxiety caused by the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the extraordinary shutdown of our mirror trading solution. Therefore, please allow us to note that when an unprecedented and completely unexpected technical malfunction of the scale which we experienced happen, there is no other reasonable action than stopping the platform immediately as it was out of our control.

We took this decision purely to protect the interests of our clients that were using the platform. In addition, we acted quickly and efficiently to offer an alternative solution based on a managed accounts infrastructure providing new investment opportunities in a strictly regulated and supervised environment. If you haven’t done so yet, you may learn more about it on our webpage - https://www.jfdbank.com/en/investing.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We wish you much success in your trading journey!

Best regards,

JFD Group
Ben Augustin
Den Haag, Netherlands,
Feb 21, 2019,

Overall good experience so far, still wary because of other reviews - will keep on testing.

Despite what the previous reviews claim I thought I’d give this broker a try (after testing on a demo account for about 3 months) with the smallest sum possible - 500 euro.

It’s been about four and a half months now. The first couple of months I had ups and downs but nothing out of the ordinary. Had a few spikes during major news which hit the stop loss levels and looked like they are not natural. Last such spike was about a month ago to be precise - 29th January 2019. However, I did verify those movements with a couple of other brokers where I have accounts and on TradingView as well - they were present. So, as much as I’d like to point a finger and say the broker is manipulating the movements - it’s not. I did lose but then recovered.

In the near future, I plan on expanding my portfolio and investments by adding another 500e to try out their invest service. From what I read it’s basically copy trading but they call it mirror trading. On the surface it looks promising.

The profits from my active trading I plan on putting into crypto cfd trading. The good thing on the crypto cfds is they have removed the commission for them. The bad thing is the spread is a bit wide. Nothing much different than other brokers though.

Got an email with news that they are launching stock trading without commission. Will be keeping an eye on that too. So far, it looks promising.

Overall, I don’t know what the others are going on about, but as far as I am concerned - the broker is good.

P.S - I should mention their withdrawals work good. Did a test to see if they work and how fast. Had my money in about 26 hours from submitting the withdrawal request. And that is important.

I am still wary of them being a Cyprus regulated broker is why I will limit my deposits and will proceed with caution but the fact that they purchased a German bank is somewhat relaxing.
Bladel, Netherlands,
Nov 21, 2018,
Registered user

What everybody tells about cyprus broker is true i think.. another example here

Well after today I have good reasons to believe that this Broker is not an honest one.
I enter a trade and inmediately it goes against you.. I did 11 trades with 0.1, and yes against me almost like a rally.
Today I was trading again but also was monitoring other websites with live chart. What I expected. I enter a trade with JFD
and it went against me. On 3 websites Fxstreet, Fxempire and Dailyfx was it 8901 and with JFD it went inmediately
from 8901 to 8905 or 6 and stayed there. I opened 2 trades and it went both against me like a rocket As soon the candlebar
came up inmediately it went up as well with the same distances
as 5 or 6 pips while other live chart stayed put . They can say they are different websites.. It changes after I enter not during doing nothing
Spread moves like crazy when entering. They are manipulators while they pretend to be honest ecn. I lost a lot of money with
them and their commisiions are insane so it will be impossible to gain money. They have no idea that having steady staying costumers
are more important and profitable then leaving costumers because the leaving ones give always bad review wich they are right of.
I guess they calculate it how fast a costumer leaves. They care less about it. But now I wonder, did I
always lose of my bad trading, wich is also true or also a lot because of them cheating on their own clients. This broker is impossible or almost
impossible to gain money from. I was gaining money but after that it went all the time against me. like most people tell about JFD. Those awards or regulated company
as they pretend to have or be they always react with these awards but are wortheless if they don't act like it. You can be acting like
an honest person and talk like it but the reality is different. SO maybe they have to use those awards and regulations papers to hang
in the toilet to clean their backs.I will ask those award giving company and cysec company what those regulations are based on or how an award
will be reconised and then tell them my story and ask the question if they take their job serious or are they just for show and investigate JFD. I did allready today
And how it is possible a company like that act like market maker on a sneaky way. I have one last trade there, hoping that I regain my
own money, profit is not needed and then I move on. I lost 3000 wich is a lot and a lot like 1000 on comission. This company is the same like most other broker from cyprus. They go there because
they can avoid taxes and paying. To mislead the system and if they do everything to mislead taxes and other regulations then a stupid
trader like me is even more fun and easy to steal from. Stupid because I believe in honest brokers, also from cyprus were some broker
gangsters operate from.

Pretending to have a office in London is just lipservice and for the show. Now by my search to look for a more honest broker and
put my new generated money on, I have I found a threat here on forex peacearmy that readed that JFD is liquid provider.. So I think my suspicions
are right about them.. A wolf in sheepsclothes and not a real honest broker but a bank acting like broker. Move along if your smart and
try to find out wich broker has JFD as liquidy provider because they are market maker. They trade against you when entering. Maybe this LP called JFD is
manuipulating the market all the time with any cyprus broker and trading against the honest people who maybe could be good traders but thinking they are not because of these kind of trading against costumers policy MM. no matter wich broker


Also, we detected the use of non-market quotes at the opening of orders owing to the imperfection of Metatrader 4 platform’s architecture.
It took us some time to detect the above problem. If we compare the chart on our server and the chart of our liquidity provider JFD (LIQUITY PROVIDER JFD !!!)
we’ll see non-existing quotes on our server. The liquidity provider declined the orders opened at non-existing prices and the orders
were not therefore covered by the counterparty. They were interfering all the time

The Slogan of them says it all.. We take your side in the trading... That is what MARKET MAKERS do !!!!

Every broker that has even a link with cyprus is a no go and let them never get any costumer anymore. also not with a L=fake London office. To have a london office is just another lie just to cheat on you or for the show pretending they are something they are not. JFD is also a activtrades.. If you look at the
websites https://www.activtrades.com/en/professional-trading-accounts and https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en they have the same logo. Coincidence ??? I think JFD is the big bank and big trader who rips of people money unfairly.. They are the ones behind every Cyprus broker
scene and trading against honest people. Most websites says 90% of the people lose money.. Well I think it is not because all of people are bad traders but banks like this one makese you lose.. CYPRUS>>> STAY AWAY and Pray for a big flood to whipe out all those manipulating brokers. Sread the word... Cyprus Brokers are the traders gansters maffia. And hope the good people of cyprus may get a good name again.

Sep 14, 2018 - 3 Stars The prices are almost the same as on other charts of fxstreet or forexfactory.. Still
I have the feeling there is manipulation because when I go long it goes against me and when I go short as well like hedge, It stays in that range.. Commission are really high. I lost 1000 euro and 700 euro commission. Trading a lot is costing a lot. Pay for transferring money to account. all together it is a lot of paying before trading. I have nothing against commission because I rather have commission then market making but it is really high payments in my humble opinion. I don't want to speak bad about this broker but I think of leaving anyway because of my feeling of manipulation because of the direction changes when entering, can be coincidence and bad timing of me but those things are always difficult to prove. If they say they are ecn. Can be but the bank behind it is not or someone else does it for them I Have that feeling. SO I think to move further and spend my money somewere else.. anybody wants it but I need to have a good feeling and it doesn't feel right.

Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Sep 20, 2018 Dear rodri,

Thank you for your comment!

We understand your concerns and confusion as there is constantly plenty of situations when traders observe unexpected price fluctuations. This is one of the reasons why margin trading is very risky. Although these range movements you have described are a normal market phenomenon, we encourage you to request a post-trade execution report from our Client Service for the applicable trades you have doubts about. You will receive an official confirmation this way along with detailed explanations of your cases in question.

Indeed, we have all reasons to believe that our commissions are among the lowest in the market, nowadays. If you are a high-volume trader, you may get in touch with our Client Service and learn more about the possibility to get volume-based commission discounts.

Moreover, we have recently launched a brand new digital asset management solution called JFD Invest which could enable you to automate your trading by following successful strategies with a proven track record. If you haven't heard of it yet, you may learn more on this page - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/jfd-invest/mirror-trading.

You are free to decide which broker to use and we wish you success in your trading journey. What we can certainly reassure you is that we do not have any means to manipulate the market prices as we are strictly regulated as a matched principal (agency only) brokerage company.

Hopefully, we managed to provide further clarifications on your case.

Best regards,

JFD Brokers
1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Nov 23, 2018:
Dear rodri,

As we have already mentioned, there are multiple means we provide our clients with to verify the execution of their orders. We are afraid that your statements here simply do not have any ground making no sense. For example, we never stated that we have an office in London. We have a clean record with the regulator and a licence which is available for everyone to check.

We regret about your anxiety but this discussion has become unproductive based on fallacious claims and accusations towards our company. Therefore, we would suggest that you focus your energy in productive directions such as trading education to further strengthen your skills and knowledge of how the markets work and the role of the different participants.

We would recommend that you check the Events section of our website - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/research/webinars-and-events where you can find helpful learning opportunities and register for live webinars. Check also our JFD Research section - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/research - to get a good overview of the technical and fundamental side of trading analysing the markets.

We would also highly recommend that you gain a solid understanding of the EU regulatory framework for the retail brokerage services to get rid of unreasonable price manipulation doubts.

On our end, we will keep upgrading our solutions to provide more investment opportunities to the retail trading community. We have recently introduced commission-free crypto trading and plan to add much more on-exchange traded stocks (cash equities) to our real multi-asset offering.

With that said, we have nothing else to add in this discussion and would like to wish you success in trading!

Best regards,

JFD Brokers
1150, Austria,
Aug 12, 2018,
Registered user

MT4 Scam

I am a trader with JFD Brokers for a couple of years now and could find similarities with my old Broker FXCM when they where trading against their customers.
For some time now, JFD provides access to your account via a 3rd party platform on the web, which made me discover how they behave.

Primarely I started to use that platform on the web and started to make profits with a strategy I developed over the past years. For the reason, that I am not always on my computer I use MT4 platform on my phone and for some indicators the desktop version.
What happened was, that as soon as I opened MT4 after a long time not using it, I noticed an increase in ticks which always went against my positions I opened in the other platform. As soon as I set a stoploss, the chart was hitting it.
Recently I wanted to go out of a high leveraged Position and wanted to do it over my MT4 on my phone. First it took a long time to load the platform, secondly it didn't let me close my position on the first try and in the end the price moved an overall of 80 pips against me, providing the margin call. It was verys funky how price stopped after all my positions where closed. To the worst, this is the second time the exact same scenary happened. I know in terms of Risk Management I had a totally overleveraged position, but still there where 80 pips room. The time I wanted to close in loss where no news and the marked didn't even open yet.

So my recommendation is to stay as far away from this broker as you can. There is clearly some algorithm running against higher leverage positions and the preliminary condition for it to run is an open MT4 platform.

For some reasons I like them when it comes to support and how they handle some things, but not providing refund in this case and also not investigating on a clear order manipulation is the absolute nogo.

They really like to tell you how fair they are and that they provide Post trade transparency. But just have a look at it, it just states, that you didn't get slippage and who took your order. In terms of who takes your order at a list of about 15-20 liquidity providers (including some bank names you know) you will always notice some unknown liquidity provider takes your orders. The PTT is actual toilet paper in the end.

Based on the reacton of JFD on this review and how they want to handle this case + the margin call before this one, I will think about taking further actions.
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Aug 16, 2018:
Dear realvalue,

We are sorry to hear about your issue and would like to kindly ask you to get in touch with our Client Service team for further support and investigation of your case. Please provide them with as many details as possible (including your live account number) to ensure a proper resolution.

Please kindly note that we strictly abide by our regulation and licences (https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/about-jfd/regulation-licences). Our company has a clean record regulatory-wise and we have built a solid reputation as a pioneer in the zero-conflict-of-interest brokerage operations. Therefore, you may rest assured that we do not apply any algorithms or tools that could manipulate the prices which we receive from the liquidity providers and we have nothing to do with any form of a scam. Moreover, our trading infrastructure guarantees you full anonymity in front of the counterparties that fill your trades (the market makers) avoiding any stop-hunting practices.

We would like to point out that large price fluctuations are a common market phenomenon and technical issues with the execution of trades may happen due to the nature of the order execution process (more you can read here - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/about-jfd/why-jfd - as well as in section 6 of the Post-Trade Execution Reports, see an example here - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/documents/JFD-Brokers_Post-Trade-Execution-Report_Sample.pdf). Although such issues are out of our control, we are always ready to support our clients and find the best solution.

We hope we managed to provide further guidance on the issue.

For any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact our Client Service available to assist you 24/5.

Best regards,

JFD Brokers
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

JFD Are Stop-Loss Hunters! Don't trade with them!

Yes, here is another screenshot, showing that the broker is JFD.
In red colour, another 2 fake spikes which are not present in any other broker.

You just lost a new client, sorry!
With these fake spikes all of the time, my stop-losses will be triggered each time!

Jul 27, 2018 - 1 Star Broker's trading conditions as somewhat fine but there are strange and fake spikes that no other broker has.
Here's one:

There is spike in any other broker!
Their excuse is "We receive quotes directly from our liquidity providers". However, they might have installed MT4 and MT5 plugins to manipulate the quotes they receive. It was very popular business decision when brokers wanted to earn more money in the past.

Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Jul 30, 2018 Dear ruseneca,

Thank you for your comment. Please could you provide a screenshot including the full terminal, where it is clearly visible that this chart is taken from an account (live or demo) with JFD Brokers?

In the meantime, please note that we are duly licenced by CySEC to to provide the investment services of Agency Only Execution (i.e. reception and transmission of orders, execution of orders on behalf of clients), Portfolio Management and Investment Advice in relation to Transferable Securities, Options, Futures, SWAPS, Forward Rate Agreements, Financial Contracts for Differences (CFD) and other Derivatives. We are not permitted to deal on own desk (make the market) manipulating in any way the prices shown on the terminal.

Moreover, we are able to prove the true nature of our 100% DMA/STP execution model via detailed post-trade transparency reports available to all our clients upon request to verify the execution of any order. You may find more information here - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/post-trade-transparency.

We hope we managed to clarify this case and wish you successful trading!

Best regards,

JFD Brokers
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Aug 2, 2018:
Dear ruseneca,

Thank you for providing more details on the case. We have investigated it further.

Please kindly note that the candlestick spikes that you have observed on your MT5+ demo account were not seen neither on MT5+ live, nor MT4+ live or demo charts. We have found out that the reason for these candlestick spikes visible only on MT5+ demo accounts was caused by a temporary incomplete synchronization between MT5+ live and MT5+ demo which has been fixed. We understand your confusion and are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please also note that if such spikes occur on our live servers affecting any of our clients, upon request every single trade in question will be reviewed in detail from the relevant department for possible rectification. JFD stands for Just Fair and Direct and we have strict policies and procedures in place to protect our clients' interests in full compliance with our licence and regulation.

Therefore, despite this particular case, we encourage you to continue testing and using our solutions.

Best regards,

JFD Brokers
Varna, Bulgaria (The offices of JFD Brokers),
Jul 30, 2018,
Registered user

Reliable broker, no issues (and I forgot to mention that they pay my salary)

Never had any issues.
The support is fast and quite knowledgeable.
Love the tight EUR/USD spread, positive slippage and the low commissions.
One of the most reliable brokers I've traded with.
Payouts are fast.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
5 Star rating removed.

This reviewer is an employee of JFD brokers.  In addition to this "client" review, he has also posted in the FPA's forums as if he was only a client and not an employee.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate forum spammers.  The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
California, USA,
Jul 10, 2018,


JFD will allow you to open a demo account but not a live one!
What's worse? They'll put you through all the process of opening a live account, collecting your tax ID, bank account information, then only to deny your registration and flash out a message that says"...due to US regulation, we can't accept US clients..." I wonder why JFD couldn't just let people know that if you're a US resident then you can't open a live account upfront like all other offshore brokers do. Is it really necessary for JFD to collect the applicant's tax ID, home address, and bank account info first before determining that they're not qualified for live account because of their residency?
So if you're a US resident, BE CAREFUL!
Reply by JFD_Brokers submitted Jul 30, 2018:
Dear Sean,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the live account opening process. We need to collect the tax ID number for initial verifications. It is true that we are not allowed to accept retail clients from the USA due to regulatory restrictions, as noted in step 2 of the live account registration form. However, residents of the USA can still open a live account with us if they are categorised as "professional" clients meeting at least two of the following criteria (supporting evidence should be provided):
1) the client has carried out transactions in significant size on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters,
2) the size of the client's financial portfolio (including cash deposits and financial instruments) exceeds 500,000 EUR,
3) the client works or has worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged.
Additionally, the minimum deposit should be 250,000 USD, CHF, GBP or EUR.

Demo accounts can be opened regardless of the country because no trading with actual money is being done.

To further improve the user experience considering your feedback, we have updated our website to inform upfront all potential clients about the respective restrictions and placed relevant notifications in step 1 in our account opening form - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/online-trading/account/register.

We hope that we have clarified everything regarding the issue, but should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service - https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/contact-us.

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