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Updated: Oct 19, 2017
1.27 · 8 REVIEWS
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1.27 · 8 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2013,

I was initially hopeful with the sales and statistics accounts with this EA - how wrong I was!

I have been running this EA on two different accounts for a few months now and I am under the impression this is another con with delayed fake account stats.

All the small winners are mainly the same as theirsBUT the very large losses somehow do not appear on there delayed results!

Useless risk reward coupled with 'missing' huge losses make this EA as a terrible rating and probably a scam.

It has all been said before by past reviewers here - just avoid this useless EA at all costs - another failed attempt with a good ecn broker with great spreads too.

AVOID - terrible!
Los Angeles, USA,
Oct 17, 2012,

I have been using this EA since June of 2012. Results were slow. However on the 15th of October there was a 50 pip stop loss. I have been checking their online statements form the "live" accounts and the loss has been removed. Two of the accounts show an increase in lot size. The EA does this as a "recovery mode" after a loss. However no loss is shown in the statements. This is proof that the statement is fake!! I have proof!
qld, Australia,
Sep 12, 2012,

Further to my review of 25 July 2012 - have had Pipjet running for a while now - same result - 1 pip at best per trade. Trades very sporadically and, as mentioned before, seems to trade against the trend.
Recommendation: Save your money

2012-07-25 2Star Had this running for about 1 month now. Currently 6 pips up - 47 pips down.... Trades have a generous TP ( av 40pips) but Seem to close trades once they get 1 pip into the positive and let the losing trades run to the SL ?? Totally agree with b4freddo -appears to trade against the trend. Will give this a few more weeks to see if it improves but at 1 pip at a time it will take a LONG time to recoup the price. My recommendation - don't buy it just yet - I'll report back in a month or so
Roland Rene Gschwind,
Chiang Mai, Thailand,
Sep 7, 2012,

Just published on my website http://www.forex-forex-now.com/PipJet.php

September 7th 2012: Email received from PIPjet Team recommending another EA!!!
We have received an Email from the PIPjet Team recommending Expert Advisor AUTO FOREX INCOME. We have not found it in any Tests at Forex Peace Army or Forex FBI. If you are clicking the Link in their Email you are redirected with a Hop-Link from Clickbank to a sales page for this Expert Advisor so they are getting commission on the sales of this Expert Advisor. And not one word is mentioned concerning their "Super-Star" PIPjet...

PS: One of my clients claimed the money back from MegaDroid Team within the 60 days guarantee, but he had to contact Clickbank to get it.

2012-08-20 No Rating I just have published this on my website www.forex-forex-now.com/PipJet.php:

August 14th 2012: Email received from MegaDroid Team, Subject "Forex Broker Review":
"We've got something very special for you today!
One of the most important…and strangely one of the most overlookedcomponents of the trading experience, is your broker!
Your FX broker can make or break you just as easily as your tradingsystem can.
The two exist in a symbiotic relationship working hand in hand to produce your results.
You could have the best system in the world, but if you've got the wrongbroker, you might as well be flushing your hard earned cash down into the sewers!
That's why we've put together the most comprehensive broker report onthe web, just for you!"

That sound for us like: Because you do not have the right Broker - PIPjet is not making money for you...

August 15th 2012: Email received from MegaDroid Team, Subject "The 2 best Forex Brokers in the world":
"We took over 30 brokerages to task in the process of writing our report and settled on just two that we were willing to give our money to.
There's just one division between the two brokers that we can recommend with confidence, it's only dependent on whether you're inside or outside of the US.
There is a lot of stiff competition inside the United States frombrokerage firms, but the cold hard truth is that none of them are doing a particularly good job.
Even worse is that it seems that traders inside the US have beenbrainwashed in to believing that overseas brokers offer no protection and are going to run off with their money.
You might find this hard to believe, but every major brokerage failure and outright brokerage scam in the last several years has been by US brokers!
In fact, the largest unrecoverable losses of client funds have been through those same US brokerages. This just demonstrates what an ineffective, underfunded compensation scheme is being run by the NFA.

Here are a few things reported by the media that you might not have heard:
- MFG made $1.6 BILLION of client funds vanish
- PFGBest committed fraud to the tune of over $100 million
- Refco tried to hide $430 million in bad debts

And…these are the big brokerages that most US citizens have become accustomed to doing business with.

You DO NOT have to work with people that are not going to respect your investment…you HAVE options!"

What are the options?
By clicking their Link to the Broker Report you will find 2 IB/Affiliate-Links (Introducing Broker) to open a Live Account with their 2 recommended Brokers, so they can get commission on your trades.
But the most interesting thing is:
None of these 2 Brokers is the Australian Broker Pepperstone.com where they have invested their money and have made the huge profits with EA PIPjet in the 5 accounts that they are showing on their website...
Ireland, Ireland,
Aug 30, 2012,

I bought PipJet and opened accounts with two brokers VantageFX and HotForex. The latter is highly recommended by "PipJet Team".
I carried out very extensive backtesting on both brokers and got reasonable results on VantageFX but on HotForex (recommended!) there was no combination of set ups that produced a profit. In fact in all cases the account was wiped out within 3 to 6 months in any timeframe over the past 3 years.
I used PipJet support very frequently and they were very responsive to my questions except where I have noted below. My concerns are as follows; (1) there is no corporate or officer information available and other than via a support ticket there is no way to contact the company. This is very unusual in a reputable company. (2) The live results I obtained for each of the two brokers with exactly the same set ups have absolutely no correlation !! (3) PipJet publish results weekly on a number of their accounts but refuse to say what parameter setups and what brokers are used. (4) Pipjet have ignored all of my requests for sales or admin contacts within their organisation.
As you might imagine, I feel disinclined to run a live brokerage account on default settings for 6 months to find out whether it makes a profit or wipes out. The fact that it is very difficult to identify a single individual within the organisation and that there is no easily identifiable way to contact the business, leads to a conclusion which I will allow the reader to draw.
Nicholas Pappas,
Calofornia, USA,
Aug 28, 2012,

It's a scam. I have it running for a month with only $16.00 profits. if it looses and one day i will loose it will wipe out all profits plus i will be out of a lot of money. Lots of hype but it does not deliver. It's a loosing proposition.
Cape Diem,
Home, Sweden,
Aug 18, 2012,

My Experience with PipJet. Its only SCAM. Beware!!!!
PipJet Robot Version Update - v1.01 Released

Almost double the number of profitable trades!
Instructions to merchant
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Description Unit price Qty Amount
$121.25 USD 1 $121.25 USD
Subtotal $121.25 USD
Total $121.25 USD
Payment $121.25 USD

However my experience in contact with PipJet:
I hereby send the two losses with PipJet. I am using a VPS during all the trading time. As you can see I do think your EA is complete correct in installation. However as you can see I did have a loss of 72 PIPS yesterday. I am most surprised to hear that you did not have any loss. I do wait eager for explanation. To then I do not dare to use your PipJet EA.
The answer from PipJet:

Our customer support team has replied to your support request
Hi !!!!!!!

There will always be differences in results between Metatrader platforms provided by different brokers. For such robots as scalpers it could be caused by many different things: Spreads and commissions, account types, broker types (Dealing Desk / No Dealing Desk), broker's server delays and even your Internet connection speed.

Then I tried again - but every winner reported by PipJet was a loser on my live account. The biggest winner was 0.5 PIPs
I bought PipJet Robot as you can se. However, my results on a VPS run by Ultima systems - A very good one, for me the very best VPS Host nearly cost me the half of my account caused by PipJet SCAM.
Manassas, USA,
Jul 29, 2012,

Very disappointed! Don't waste your money. The Megadroid team's ad states that this robot took years to perfect and yields steady profits with practically no losses. How very terrible for them to have spent so much time on development and now in one week (according to the results posted in the Members area) one of the sample accounts shows a profit of only 0.1 pip--not even 1 whole pip! The only thing I'm happy about is that I got my refund.
Csaba Vas,
, United Kingdom,
Jul 25, 2012,

Pipjet is a joke. Just got my refund back. But no one will refund me the 9% losses on my account in 2 weeks. I wanted to get my refund last week, they asked me for a bit more patience - the result is 2% more loss.
It is the same "team" as the makers of the so called "Megadroid", and that ea caused me 30% losses just with one trade! Do I have to say anything else...?
melbourne, Australia,
Jul 24, 2012,

Have been running pj since release on live account with vantage on recommended settings.Shows nothing near results on advertising at release. Trades rarely,once in second week twice in first week and takes cents in profit. Has been updated once and only slightly better. It made me 5.85$ yesterday, which puts it up roughly $2.50 from the beginning. A long way from their results. Have found it gets in against the trend and at change of day which causes it to incur the swap fees, which have a big effect if negative. Have advised support of what it is doing for me they just say it will get better and to hang on. It does get out quick but it isnt showing any ability to make much of a profit. If they could programme it to recognise the trend it would be a massive improvement because of the speed it can get out. It also gets into a trade about half way into the 1 hour bar it is set on, I feel it should be nearer the open of a new bar. The rate it is going it will take a long time to get back its purchase price, but it is through clickbank so I have 60 days from purchase to get the refund. It appears the developers are altering it as they go depending on feedback from buyers, because if it was so good before the release it wouldnt need to be tweaked so soon after release. Not impressed so far and am getting pretty sick of all the bull.... that gets peddled before a release, which is turning out to be untrue.