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Updated: Feb 7, 2019
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Formerly at ForexTradeRoom.net

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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, United Kingdom,
Jun 28, 2016,

First off he was offered a special 6 months offer of $499 instead of the usual $199 a month. I wanted people to commit to the longer term as you cannot judge trading on a month by month basis. The results are sent EVERY month with the trade alert emails and available at anytime upon request. I even showed the month that we made a small loss (nothing to hide). I never trade on a Sunday (rarely) and never on a Friday. I traded up until the 8th June 2016 and the Thursday I had the emergency with my uncle who lives in a very remote location in the Uk and has no other family to look after him and I explained this in an email. The thursday I didnt trade because of this and wouldnt have traded the Friday anyway. I was away the following week so no trades placed (also I have a very specific criteria for entering trades and with the build up to the referendum the markets were extremely slow nothing to trade that I saw apart from one pair that I missed). The following week when I was due to be returning home I sent an email from a Mcdonalds restaurant using their wifi to update and say that I wouldnt be trading until the UK referendum was over as the leverage and spreads and market conditions were too dangerous as my strategy has fairly tight stop losses and good targets and I thought it was likely to get whipsawed out of positions. I returned fully on the Thursday and sent an email that we would resume trading from the Monday27th june once the markets had absorbed the vote result on the Sunday evening and trade alerts were sent on Monday 27th as normal and a webinar date for the 28th June. Dinesh hasnt attended a single webinar to want to learn the trading strategy, hasnt asked me a single question about trading since he joined, I have offered members 1-1 trading help in the live room and 9 people have taken me up on this and I have attended regardless of timezone, sometimes trading in the middle of the night to help these people. We have achieved a 5% return in May and 2.02% in June so far (thats with missing the 9 trading days that I was away (as I dont trade the other days so thats all it was 9 official trading days and due to referendum). How can I help someone that doesnt ask for help, attend any webinars or ask for the 1-1 support. That was the offer in the original email and all my other 24 members are highly satisfied, I can even provide random emails from members about how they are making money consistently for the 1st time in over 5-8 years of trying forex themselves. How good the support is, how detailed my webinars are and how I am willing to help anytime of the day or night if it is requested. http://forextraderoom2.webinato.com/archives check out my webinars for yourself and especially the 6th June and you will see the detail. There is no fraud, no cheating but this guy wants everything done for him. How is it fair that he comes in on the 6 month deal that I heavily reduced and make no money from by time I pay for my time, the webinar software at webinato and then he doesnt want to be helped nor learn how to trade then request a $400 refund so he gets all my strategy, webinars and trades where we have made 7% and he ends up getting that for practically free. I do not agree with that and I the only reason I offered the 6 month deal was for people to commit to learn and if they did not stay then it falls into a monthly price so I have offered him a partial refund as per the monthly rules where you pay 1 month in advance so he had may into june, yes june has been quiet so I also offered to extend for another few weeks to cover the 2nd month and then refund the difference. I am not doing this for free and giving a strategy that makes consistent money trading just a few minutes per day using daily and weekly charts and have every single other member happy for someone to come along not want to learn, not ask for help not ask for 1-1 support and expect to get all of their money refunded as this is totally unfair on me and other members who have paid their subscriptions. If anyone would like a full copy of the results, matched to a trading account I am more than happy to provide them there is nothing untoward here whatsoever and I will not be responding to this review anymore, you can make your own mind up on it all. My email should you want the results is safclad2004@ic24.net

Have a great day guys and happy trading
Dinesh Yadav,
India, India,
Jun 27, 2016,

forextraderoom.net is closed now and its changed to forextraderoom.co.uk
This guy is a fraud and indulge in cheep ways not to fulfil his membership agreement. He claims to be in forex for years and having many veterans subscribed to his trading services. I am with him from past 2 month and didn't received any alerts/webinars for 3+weeks. He said he got 3week emergency...!!!Though he is able to reply to emails and post comments on paypal claims but his emergency still continues for trade alerts and webinars. Cheep and fraud.
I joined on 2-May and below is what happened to me. I paid 499USD for 6 month membership and the main points of membership were:
1. Access to numerous learning and training videos on website.
2. Daily trade alerts
3. Weekly webinars recording.
4. Access to website including past month performance.
Since the next day I joined, website went down, and it’s still down to this day, 27-June. He excused of website hosting company getting virus attack and losing his data including all training/learning videos. He never shared access to past month's performances and trades taken. Upon asking, he just mailed that in XXX month we made 5% (for-example). Onetime he said staying with some family so having hard time combining results. Looks like an excuse.
I never took his alerts on real account because i was skeptical of results and wanted to see previous performances before trading on real. Mail alerts keep coming till 8-June. On 9-June he mailed that he got emergency and have to travel to his uncle who lives far away. With no proper access to internet, he will try his best to issue setup alerts. To this day, 27-June, have not received any trade alert email and webinars. On confronting over emails, he excused that no setup were found for 3+weeks so he didn’t issues trade alerts. Sounds like an excuse, isn't it.??
My take:
I am in forex trading from past 4-5years and has so far managed to breakeven my account. Learning videos was something i was really looking for to identify setups on my own. But his website never came up and hence learning videos remains a myth. On asking he excused that videos are of different strategy and wont help. Whatever, I signed primarily for then and i need them. Still no access.
Secondly, it’s very hard to digest that no setup came for 3+ weeks. I sympathize that emergency can happen with any one, but for continuous 3 weeks.!!!. I would be more than happy if he accepts his emergency situation kept him away from issuing trades rather than blaming the market.
So for 3 weeks out of 7weeks, there was no meaningful activity. With 6month paid and continuous 3weeks of no activity can make anyone curious and afraid of him being fraud. Till the date i received his alerts, 8-june, his performance was 2-3%. But i didnt benefited from his alerts because I wanted to see past performance before trading on real because his stops are quite wide 100-150pips. And he never shown past performance. Finally on 24-June, I asked for refund and opened a dispute on paypal. Discussion on dispute is still on. He issued trades only for one month plus 2-3days extra. So i am eligible for refund of USD400+.
If he didn’t issue me refund, I will open a case on forexpeacearmy. I have preserved all emails mentioning emergency situation and can shows them while opening case on forexpeacearmy.

Below is one of his email where he mentioned excuses for website and past performances:
Trade Alerts 8th May 2016
safclad2004@ic24.net 12 May 2016 at 03:00
To: Dinesh Yadav
Hi Dinesh

I will forward results shortly in couple of days as they are stored on my home pc and im staying with some family for a few days.

The website is still going through getting rebuilt after my hosting company got a virus and lost most of my stored website. It shouldnt be too much longer. Apologies about it

On May 10 2016, Dinesh Yadav wrote:

Can you please share results for Feb, mar and Apr month??
Also am looking for educational videos which you said are available on your
website for members. Can you send me link for them??


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