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Updated: Sep 5, 2018
4.438 · 16 REVIEWS
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4.438 · 16 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Clark K III,
Mesa, USA,
Feb 12, 2014,

I picked this up recently due to some good reviews here on FPA. I talked to the Elite Range Bars guys a bit first and liked what they had to say so went ahead with purchasing their method. I had been looking at renko bars mostly but saw a bit about range bars and was curious and this definitely fit the bill in terms of what I was looking for. Very interesting content, good application and methodology, and some fairly unique market tips and tricks to apply as well. So far I'm still working on some of the more advanced reversal stuff and improving but I've found my trend trading VASTLY improved from before. I've always had trouble with that (after all, the trend always seems overbought/oversold) but this helped me to just keep attacking the trend if it was running. All in all still some things to learn but happy with the purchase and support.
, Australia,
Jul 13, 2013,

I purchased the Elite Range Bar System 4 months ago and I’m extremely happy and satisfied with this intraday scalping methodology. The system mainly comprises of 3 types of trading setups that occur and reoccur on any given trading day with a number of different currency pairs. I normally trade EUR/USD and AUS/USD with this system; however, it can be used trading many other pairs during any market hours. The Elite Range Bar System is based on sound, logical methodology that is easy to apply on a daily basis if you are prepared to put the time and effort into studying the system and testing your ability on a demo account until you become proficient. The system has a very good risk to reward ratio as long as you are prepared to take small losses when the market goes against you. You are able to make a profit every day if you trade with patience and discipline.

The system isn’t difficult to learn and has only a few indicators to follow. The course material is very comprehensive that includes a detailed coursebook, many hours of training, educational videos and trading blogs/videos on the website. The system and all of the material is produced by an active and successful trader, Garrett. The material covers not just the system but also many very important aspects of trading those other FX vendors don’t seem to cover in their courses. Without any waffle or fluff, Garrett provides a consistently profitable, easy-to-learn intraday scalping system that also goes into depth about risk management, minimizing risk, protecting your capital, trade management and psychology of trading. I strongly believe this is where the Elite Range Bar System stands out from the rest in a big way.

Garrett is really friendly and helpful in anything you want to know about the Elite Range Bar System or improving upon your trading overall. He delivers outstanding customer service in an apt and conversant manner within 24 hours. Simply, Garrett is a fantastic mentor, teacher and FX system vendor.

You will be consistently profitable with this system if you study hard, practice over and over again on a demo account, prepared to take small losses on most days and be patient with discipline in your approach to trading the system. The Elite Range Bar System is a perfect intraday scalping methodology for consistent profits.
Benjamin Giles,
Leicester, United Kingdom,
Jun 3, 2013,

I’ve had this system for almost three months so I now feel comfortable adding a full review to FPA to share my experience.
First off, if you are looking for a robot strategy then the Elite Range Bar approach probably isn’t for you as some have pointed out. You need to be an active trader who can watch the market and follow the rules to trade it. Since I already trade actively each day this wasn’t a problem, so it was easy to implement the strategy for the 3-4 hours during Europe that I trade the markets.
I’m not afraid to admit that it took me a bit to get a grasp of this style of trading. I am completely new to range bars so even though some of the strategy is similar to what I do already (I mostly trade M5 and M15 with moving averages), there is enough difference that it took time to settle in. It took me about three weeks to find consistency and a couple more to start seeing good profits. Since that point however I am amazed at how consistent I have been. Pretty remarkable really, as I do have a fair bit of experience but not a whole lot with this sort of trading. The biggest thing is it really improved my trading around the difficult market open. I don’t make profit every day but I do most days and haven’t had a losing week in about two months. I am hoping to get that to being profitable 90% of days but I’m not quite there yet.
I think its important for people to understand that I did have to put a lot of effort in to get to this point, and I spent some weekends studying charts and testing to improve. I felt it would be worth it when I read the course and it was for sure. If your willing to put in a little time and can trade for at least a few hours each day then this is a very good trading system.
CE Anthony,
San Diego, CA, USA,
Apr 27, 2013,

I’ve just passed my return date for the Forex Peace Army offer and I’m definitely sticking with this! I actually try a lot of stuff when it comes to trading but I think most of it is kind of junk and I usually do refunds. So I was really pleasantly surprised with this because not only was it a good price but the content was well worth it! I’ll admit that I’ve had a lot of conversations with their support as I’ve started using this but I found they were probably the most helpful of any I’ve dealt with. I’m now in the process of experimenting with new ways to enter my old setups with range bars too and its very promising indeed.
Patrick Ryder,
Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 22, 2013,

Like the previous poster, I also bought the course through the offer at FPA. I spent a lot of time reading through the information on their website and actually sent a few questions to Garrett first. I was impressed that he answered them within minutes and seemed to be very clear and direct. I knew this was a manual trading approach with discretion but this is in my opinion the best way to trade. Once I read the materials in the Elite range bar course-book I was quite impressed and could not wait to apply it. Over the past few weeks I’ve been very pleased with how much better my reading of price is with range bars and Ive also seen improvements in some of my old methods where I now use range bars for entry triggers. This course might not be for someone who wants an automated way of doing their trading, but if youre interested in learning how to follow momentum and trade it with small risk then this is the best way of doing it that I have found yet.
Neil D,
Glasgow, United Kingdom,
Apr 17, 2013,

I purchased this strategy off the back of the recent FPA discount and that was done for a few reasons. Firstly i was looking for a day trading strategy that could deliver a certain pip count/week with consistence, secondly i liked the reviews and lastly i felt Garret was credible.
When i got into the guts of the strategy however i realised that the edge in this is largely discretionary. Further, trading off of fast moving charts requires a lot of concentration and with the subjectivity i found it difficult to execute in real-time.
I have no doubt with time and patience you could make money with this but ultimately i'm looking for something more rules-based and less discretionary to build my market experience.
I do however take a few lessons from this regarding timing, particularly in the European session, and volumes. Something that all traders should be aware of.
Finally, Garret was a pleasure to deal with and promptly issued me with a refund upon request.
Mike Kaufmann,
Zuerich, Switzerland,
Mar 12, 2013,

During the last six years i tried and tested many trading related products. Like most of those MetaTrader addicts, i've been on the search for a profitable trading system, switching from one to another. Then came the time when i made a serious progress in thinking and building my mindset and i realized that a good trading system is maybe 30% of the whole story to become a profitable trader. At least 70% of your success is based on your mindset and yourself as a trader. To become a profitable trader you need a good and profitable trading system which gives you an edge and then you have to work on yourself.

The Samurai Elite Range Bar Trading System is one of those profitable trading systems and i can really recommend this to anybody who wants to successfully trade short term moves in the spot forex. There are no fancy indicators you've never seen before and you will need to learn and get familiar with the system to trade it profitable.

Another good reason to recommend this product is Garrett. He is one of the most honest and helpful persons i know in this business. Unlike other system vendors, he is a trader and he makes his living using this trading system.

If you are feeling comfortable with short term trading and you are ready to work on yourself to reach your goals, this is for you.
David Schwab,
Bonn, Germany,
Feb 14, 2013,

It was about three months since I got started with this system. Range bars caught my eye when I came across the Samurai website so I gave it a shot. It has really made me see just how much information you can get from a chart when the bars are broken down. I will admit it took me a lot of work and practice to get things going consistently with this but it was worth the effort. I feel it has improved all my trading because I gained a lot more from the book than just system rules. The timing chapters probably made the biggest difference for me but the management ideas have also improved my ability to hold for more profit. Overall it was well worth the money for me as far as trading education goes. I have spent a lot of money on pure junk and this is not in the least. You will gain something from this no matter how you trade now or in the future. Oh, great support too. Always helpful and detailed emails.
Scott Hoyt,
Texas, USA,
Nov 2, 2012,

This range bar approach was definitely what I had been looking for for a long time. For months I searched for range bar systems and tested systems but I couldn’t find one with a strong edge. Elite range bars gave me that edge.

I basically used this method as a foundation for my own trading. I have been using the ideas and building on them with my own flavor. Garrett was extremely helpful in this regard. He gave me a lot of feedback on what he thought was useful and what might be able to be improved in my own range bar ideas. It made system development way easier then in the past.

So now I trade something with some of the original methods and some of my own and I love it. I worked to stay in my area of comfort which I think really helped and it has made the profits very comfortable as well. Many thanks to Garrett and Samurai Trading for helping me to imrpvoe as a trader!
Grant Redding,
Tempe, USA,
Oct 20, 2012,

After using the Elite Range Bar System now for two months of live trading I wanted to share my thoughts with FPA. First off, I have been using trading as my primary source of income for about five years. I mostly trade crude but also some FX on the side. The forex markets have been quite difficult since the European Crisis, so I went out looking for some new methods to try and hopefully improve my results.

I came across some videos on YouTube for Samurai Trading and was impressed. I liked the clean approach and the focus on price and momentum. I probably watched about three hours of videos before I decided this fit my style of trading and then I decided to purchase the course.

I was actually quite surprised by just how much content there was. I half expected it to just be a lot of filler (I’ve had some bad experiences as probably all traders have with buying stuff) but even though the setups themselves didn’t take up much room the additional content in the course-book was excellent. The sections on timing trades, how to improve your management, and using volume were very well done I thought. The videos were also hugely beneficial to solidify the strategy in my mind.

So after doing some backtesting and a bit of demo I started to feel confident in what I had learned. There seemed to be a considerable edge here if you were willing to do the work to learn the patterns and where/when it was best to take them. I decided after a couple weeks of good results to go live with small size.

I can happily report that after two months I am seeing excellent results. My consistency in trading forex has greatly improved and I am enjoying it a lot more. I wouldn’t say it’s quite to the point where it will replace trading crude as my #1, but it’s become a serious competition.

I would definitely recommend that traders interested in range bars and a complete trading method take a closer look at this product. I wouldn’t say it’s ideal if you are completely new to trading due to the intraday nature of it but if you have a bit of a trading foundation you should pick it up quickly. I’ve found it to be well worth the investment and I’m sure others would agree.