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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Other websites of this company include ArbitrageRobot.com

WARNING:  An FPA Traders Court case has been filed against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with this company unless this issue can be resolved.


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2013-0232013-02-25fxeasy75 vs www.fxrobot-mam.comguilty


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Pedro Silva,
, Portugal,
Oct 28, 2013,

Stay away from these guys!
They blew my account in 4 days and know they don answer my emails!
Scam - Scam - Scam!
ym leong,
singapore, Singapore,
Feb 12, 2013,

Issue escalated to Traders Court fxeasy75 vs www.fxrobot-mam.com | GUILTY
I have started a PAMM acct with their Tokyo team (at least thats what they claimed they are located, complete with biz registration certificate). The results were extremely shocking and I have emailed them to directly ask for compensation. I have also email HotForex (their PAMM choice) to ask for a department whereby I can file a formal complaint against them

I am waiting for sufficient time on their (Arbitrage FX) behalf to discuss and decide what to do with my requests for compensation. I have given them SEVEN days to reply which is a fair amount of time to resolve the EA issues (they use their own EA to trade PAMM acct). After which I will file a scam alert and hope that FPA is able to help me with this
I am fully aware that for fund management, the fund managers can placed all sorts of disclaimer NOT to be liable for any losses. But they are very unethical and even their live acct login with "live" trading results using their EA maybe a suspect. Maybe as I dont have actual proof of this. Their terms & conditions is that they will make 500-2000% per month consistently. So far the my managed acct has a total of 7 losses and NO winning trades.

I am very very disappointed and shocked regards their behaviour. After my mail demanding that they compensate me (as this amts to fradulent advertising on their site, as well as suspected fradulent acct details), and have yet to receive their reply

It maybe that I can say goodbye to my capital as they can standby their disclaimer regards losses which they wont compensate. But I will still post this to warn all traders to STAY AWAY from them, until they fixed my issues, please dont even consider buying their EA or opening a PAMM acct with them

So now scammers have cross country and register themselves as a licence company in Japan. If you are interested to know how their PAMM is doing, please goto Hotforex, select "PAMM" then search for 66708, that is their PAMM acct and look at the HUGE negative there!

YOU have been warned and if you still go ahead, you will be throwing away your $. As it is, I have already threw away mine. Sure fx is high leverage investment and u can lost all your capital, but this scambag can really do the "photo-copy" 101%, with all sorts of demo + live acct login details for you to check and get hooked in. I even checked THREE accounts (one live, 2 demos) for their acct results, before committing myself. And I monitored "their " demo acct for TWO months, from Jan/Feb (in fact the fxopen demo acct started in Dec/2012).
I thought that by doing this pre-buy action, will at least avoid the scammers (at least they had a LOT of demos and live accts to login and check their results). But they are so good that it will take a fx forensic investigator to uncover their unethical behavior

FPA board of admins: Pls let me know how to proceed. I intend to file a scammer alert folder, but it looks like I may be fighting a losing fight, esp since its a managed acct. The only thing I can get satisfaction from is warning others and making sure that they get blacklisted by ALL traders!

Review Moderation Team Note: Please see the link at the top of this thread and also read YM's reviews at http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/www.arbitragerobot.com for more information.
claremont, South Africa,
Jul 23, 2012,

in my opinion these people are scammers
they take your funds to invest in pamm account,
your funds dissappear in a pool of lies between them &
brokers & then they refuse to reply to emails.
you have no recourse to any statement from them or broker