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Updated: Jun 18, 2018
4.5 · 6 REVIEWS
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StrategyQuant.com (Mark Fric) profile provided by DZstrategyquant, Nov 16, 2017

Hello and welcome all here.
We are european based software company that develops program for developing algorithm trading strategies. What makes us different from other companies is our back testing engine, that really leaves in only the fittest strategies.

If you are not so far familiar with algorithm trading, you can follow our series on quastic.com

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or doubts. And we will be more than happy if you will experience our trading program in free trial.

Here it is how it works:
1. Create thousands of different trading strategies based on artificial genetics (that means no one else will have the same strategies as you)
2. Perform heavy back testing on all possible market conditions to prove that the strategies can be profitable also in the future.
3. Only the fittest strategies will survive the heavy back testing.
4. Create portfolio of profitable strategies to receive optimized performance.
5. Keep developing and testing new strategies, adding the profitable ones to the portfolio and removing the inefficient ones.


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4.5 · 6 REVIEWS
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Milano, Italy,
May 29, 2016,

Hi All, I'm using StrategyQuant version 64, and previous and after initial period of learning curve I have to say I'm start having good results. If well utilized that package can pay itself in the DEMO period ! I developed a set of strategies and accurately filtered based on my personal criteria (Sharpe Ratio as main driver but not the only - I can share the process not of course the details). Considering the logic behind the tool I think, we need to use very carfully the power offered by Strategy Quant; the profit achievable is in my opinion directly proportional to the knowledge you have about statistics and experience is strategy evaluation and selection; then in my opinion also very useful to grab the best form that tool strong knowledge about portfolio management. With that tool the possibility to generate overfitting strategies exists but inside the tool we have the option to ovoid averfitting strategy by selecting the right strat. WFA is well developed, very close to the top on the market and likely for the WFA optimization the best, but here again risk to overfitt the model. At the end the tool is in my opinion excellent to jump on the next level of trading. Genetic algo has not yet tested enough but only with "Random Generation" is really a smart tool. In addition, the Strategy Editor included is good enough to develope strat in traditional way. Again this is in my opinion a good tool that I will use a lot to explore thousands of strat. Via the txt pseudo code you can clearly undestan what you are doing ! no risk of BlackBox tool in which to apply option but you don't know what you are doing ! And finally in addition, the support ix excellent ! CZech Team of StratQuant is very kind and supporty and of course skilled on the tool utilization and in trading activities. Cheers Massimo.
Todd S,
San Francisco, USA,
Jul 9, 2015,

StrategyQuant 3.8.1 is a fantastic piece of software for finding and developing forex strategies for MT4, as well as thorough and sophisticated back testing and forward testing analysis. I have no programmer experience at all but I was able to figure out how to build 8 really good strategies that have been performing as back and forward tested. You do have to read the manual carefully, as well as the articles on the website and go through the forum to get a good grasp of how to use the software properly. I also have the EA Analyzer and EA Builder and those too are great programs far superior to the competition and are easy to use.

In addition, the customer service is outstanding. The owner, Mark Fric and his staff, are very responsive, polite and highly competent. They address questions and software bugs within a day or two. Fantastic company and great products. I highly recommend them for analyzing and building automated strategies.

Birm, United Kingdom,
Jan 28, 2013,

I have been using EA Wizard now for 6 weeks and find it excellent in being able to rapidly prototype EAs based on defined trading strategies which can then be tested and go live! Impressive and forces the newbie or any other wanting to master automated trading to understand the if this then do that type of logic - which after all is the basis of trading. Like anything worth doing it does require a few hours of learning and practice.
Very impressive, excellent support and it works. Jonathan
, Ukraine,
Jan 13, 2013,

this product is excellent and support is great. it is also easy to use.
Massachusetts, USA,
Dec 11, 2012,

Ea Wizard (not Genetic Builder)

"Not as easy as you think"

I purchased the Wizard for the reasons that were hyped - much easier and faster to use than actually employing the programming methods in MT4. Faster, easier, better, etc.

Create my own EAs from any set of indicators I use! Wow!

But I am significantly disappointed.

Unfortunately, I have not found this to be the case. I am reasonably intelligent and thoughtful. Yet, I have not been able to jump in and use what I purchased - despite 3 extended attempts.

In my experience, it is not intuitive and the process does not flow smoothly. I found the in-program help / guidance lacking, not detailed, not practical.

The Forums offered me nothing - in part because the access to direct answers / existing topics / solutions - were no where to be readily found.

But please know that I have yet to contact Mark Fric directly - and will as I need direct specific how-to's that I cannot find elsewhere. I intend to once I have more time.

This is just my own opinion and experience. Maybe I am a complete idiot and unable to do what was described in the advertisements. maybe it's just me. Therefore, do your own research and form your own opinion.

In the meantime, I will continue my struggle - as I need this application to work for me as promised in the advertisements.

My rating will increase, when and if my issues are solved.
Scott Wang,
Wisconsin, USA,
Oct 24, 2012,

This utility is FANTASTIC! From the moment I placed the order at 10am it took me about 2 hours to install the program and create a backtestable EA that is based on 3 custom indicators lining up, a moving TakeProfit that is based on one of those indicators, and a dollar-cost-averaging feature that adds a second position and closes it at the same time as the first.

I may still need my programmer for advanced projects but for simple EAs and testing ideas, this is the cat's meow!

Of course I still have much to learn (like how to make some of the inputs external) but I'm very impressed with how easy it was to set up a fairly complicated EA using custom indicators and funky order management from start to finish!
Various tropical places including the, USA,
Mar 21, 2012,

If a million code monkeys typed random trading algorithms for a million years, one of them would create the ultimate Holy Grail EA.

I'm doing an intensive review of Genetic Builder here:

My intensive review of Genetic Builder

What I like about Genetic Builder is that it provides me with the coding power of a few hundred thousand code monkeys that can all type very fast. I don't know if it can make a Holy Grail anytime soon, but what I've seen so far looks promising.

Mark has been very responsive to questions I've had and already fixed a couple of minor issues with the program.

I feel this program has the potential for a 5 star rating, but want to play with it some more and see if I can get an EA that I trust enough to put on a live account.

Mark Fric,
Prague, Czech Republic,
Feb 7, 2012,

Genetic Builder a software that is able to generate new forex trading robots.
But it is not one of the tools where you can visually build an EA without programming, Genetic Builder does something different.

It creates trading strategies randomly, according to given preset conditions.
So it is able to create strategies that you as a trader WOULDN'T THINK OF, and it is able to to it quickly and test the generated strategies right away.