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Updated: Aug 20, 2018
1.646 · 70 REVIEWS
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April 30, 2018:  GDMFx just received 4 more FPA Traders Court guilty votes for failure to pay money owed to customers.  This makes a total of 6 guilty votes against the company.

The FPA now considers GDMFx to be a scam.  The FPA recommends against depositing any money with GDMFx.  If you have money with this broker, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it as soon as possible.

The FPA is disappointed in how the CEO of GDMFx has handled these complaints.


GDMFX is an online forex broker. GDMFX offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. GDMFX.com offers over 20 currency pairs, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.
Traders should be aware that GDMFx does not appear to feel obligated to process withdrawal requests.


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Court cases

  • Open0
  • Resolved0
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty6
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2018-0232018-02-15peci1 vs gdmfx.comguilty
2018-0352018-02-18Ondřej Švehla vs gdmfx.comguilty
2018-0422018-02-20Iridius vs gdmfx.comguilty
2018-0722018-04-13elpatron_rvw vs gdmfx.comguilty
2018-0692018-04-06Sr Yesvi M vs Gdmfx.comguilty
2018-0672018-03-25szwedu897 vs gdmfx.comguilty

GDMFx.com profile provided by GDMFX, Jan 19, 2018

Global Derivative Capital Markets NZ Limited (GDMFX) is a global broker providing online currency trading services. The company is registered in New Zealand and listed on the New Zealand Company’s Office site under Number 3945518 with its regional headquarters based in Auckland New Zealand since August 2012.


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1.646 · 70 REVIEWS
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Maringa-PR, Brazil,
Aug 17, 2018,
Registered user

Gdmfx its a SCAM

Hello Guys..all ok? Im Vitor from Brazil...Im here like another victim of gdmfx....as I can see in your comment.....gdmfx its clearly a SCAM.. I requested a $ 998 drawing and they just do not respond, they dont give a sign of life. In contrast, I have friends who asked for small withdrawals (like 45usd...50usd) and, funny, they paid. That is, they pay these crumbs for people to believe they work! to make people believe that they are a wright company... and then...if you need to make high values withdrawall, FORGET friend..

Its not enough know how to do graphic analysis, understand markets, indicators, spend time, energy and everything else, if you are at the mercy of a rubbish broker company...

india, India,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

Withdraw and manipulation issues


I am file this complain on behalf of my account and my clients accounts as I have PAMM account with GDMFX and under my account I have 4 accounts.

Account numbers as below
Master Account : 8159012
client 1 : Satpal Patel :8159098
client 2 : Sanjesj kumar :8159097
client 3 : Prabhat Ranjan :8159138
client 4 : Akash Patel : 8158872

We all have our total deposited $ 5000 in november 2017. After some issue my clients do not want to trade anymore so we apply for withdraw our account fund in january 2018. and company keep saying lie to us and now they declare that they are scam company and government blocked their accounts. So please beware from this company and We are now doing legal process against this company and keep you updated here.


May 17, 2018 - 1 Star THE WORST broker ever i seen in my life. have issue with withdraw from more than 6 months and now they stop live chat and also they do not reply to my emails as well.

Jan 8, 2018 - 1 Star nothing to say just read the online chat below, waiting for withdraw for more than one month...
Please Please Please Stay away from GDMFX.COM
better to give that money in charity......

Mr. PetrovSupport Agent

Mr. Petrov Hello akash. How may I help you?

akash Ticket #F2GS8

please update the status

Mr. Petrov Unfortunately, we do not have any new information from our accounting department

I will send them a reminder and as soon as they reply we will inform you

akash its been more than one month

Mr. Petrov We are sorry for the delay

akash how long more ?

Mr. Petrov I can not give you an exact time

akash so i need to wait for life time?

Mr. Petrov No, at the moment we are experiencing issues with our payment processors

akash you are keep saying this from one month

you are a big company and how you can not have payment processors?

tell the truth please

Mr. Petrov They are experiencing issues at the moment and as soon as they are fixed, your withdrawal is processed

akash i want to write a review on FPA Read

Mr. Petrov Ok

Dec 14, 2017 - 1 Star The worst experience i ever had in my 4 to 5 years of trading history.

(1) I withdraw $350 on 5th of november 2017 and still they do not have any update for the withdraw

(2) after create a ticket there is no answer for two days

(3) this one is the worst one, I had an open trade 1.60 lots of EURUSD BUY, I close my PC at 10:00 pm night as regular shedule. In the morning what i see is really rediculas. the 1.60 lots trade was close partially two times with 0.49 lots and it blew my $1600 in midnight at 12.30 - 1.00 am.

When i complain regarding this they keep saying that it was execute by me. How can i execute the trade in night at 1.00 am???

Friends please keep away from this broker. might be declare as scam in short future.
Russian Federation,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

Withdrawal Problems. No live support.

Hello everybody!

The same situation. I created gdmfx account in 2016. Now my balance is near 2,7 k. I tryed withdrawal to Skrill 2 times: 500$ (three weeks ago) and 100$ (one week ago). Still now - no results, no money in my Skrill account. My requests's answers by gdmfx support bot: "Due to a massive amount of withdrawal requests recently, we are sorry your withdrawal request was put on hold causing it to be a delay." and "We are unable to provide you a specific time frame due to a massive amount of withdrawal requests recently. We are sorry your withdrawal request was put on hold causing it to be a delay. We will try to process it as soon as possible".
Jul 30, 2018,
Registered user

Withdrawal Problem

I m using gdmfx for a couple of year and i found that my withdrawal about 750 USD is not processed since about 2 months ago and i still have about 5300 USD in balance.

Worse still today i m not able to login to my MT4 and wonder how to make a full withdrawal since my small amount of 750 USD was not success since 2 months ago and the money still not yet bank into my account.

What can i do...next ?

Anyone can help or any advice ?

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
We recommend reporting this to the police and financial authorities in your country.  Please get a thread opened in the Scam Alerts folder for more advice.
Pretoria, South Africa,
Jul 25, 2018,

Totally Dissatisfied

I tried to follow up my withdrawal at GDMF. Since September 2017. I did not receive my money now. Who can O contact to get my money.?Concerned S. A
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Jun 21, 2018,
Registered user

I need help about GDMFX!

Hello friends,

these days I found out that this broker has financial problems.
I have a small amount of money (2,3k) which I have not yet draw.
What would you recommend me before I make draw?
I will enjoy your advice and recommendations.


May 17, 2018,

The worst broker

When can I get my money back?? I do NOT care how bad your financial situation is. Where is our money? Our funds are supposed to be kept in a segregated account. you know this is a crime. If you do not resolve this issue you have to go to jail. I know you are operating in Burgeria, Europe, not New Zealand.
quebec, Canada,
May 15, 2018,
Registered user

Scam alert

Warning: Gdmfx doesn't wanna pay me waiting for my withdraw since april 4 i contact them many time via email support and they still refuse to give me a time frame when they gonna pay me please avoid this broker.
Madrid, Spain,
Apr 24, 2018,
Registered user

GDMFX scam, keep away

As many of the traders on this site GDMFX has stolen my money, They were working ok since I began with them in June 2017, then in October 2017, after doing a lot of trading with them, they refused to withdraw my money. They don't answer my emails, neither the phone. I have contacted a lawyer in NZ. I guess they are in bankruptcy.
Santa Catarina, Brazil,
Apr 13, 2018,
Registered user

Stolen by GDMfx 2407$

Issue escalated to Traders Court elpatron_rvw vs gdmfx.com | GUILTY
I have been a customer of Gdmfx since August 2017, I have never had any problems before.
But this year the problems started, I have withdrawals delayed since the fourteenth of March.
In the contract they give a maximum term of seven working days, which term has expired days ago.

One: https://prnt.sc/j3x7tv
Two: https://prnt.sc/j3x86u
Three: https://prnt.sc/j3x8j7

Contract of GDMfx:

The support says they will pay, but they do not give a deadline.

I mean, maybe they'll pay tomorrow, or maybe one day before Christmas.

Support also says they are having problems with their payment processors...

But I got in touch with both the neteller and the skrill, and reported that everything is fine with the GdmFx account.
Follow this answer: https://prnt.sc/j3xfdq

And then they said again that there was problem with payment processors...

Regretful of this situation...
I should have opened the complaint as soon as the deadline stipulated by them expired, but I waited patiently for as long as I could.
I need the money to pay my bills, and so far nothing, more and more difficult to live on binary options.