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Updated: Nov 30, 2018
4.895 · 9 REVIEWS
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4.895 · 9 REVIEWS
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S., USA,
Dec 23, 2016,

Viewmytrades helped to push my trading into the winning column

I had been following 'viewmytrades' for almost 2 years before I took the leap of faith and decided to join for one month as a tester to their services. That was about 18 months ago. Since that point I have been in the trading room and enrolled in their training. IMO they are very professional and true to their word about what you see is what you get. If they have a bad day those accompanying losses are posted in the numbers. There is no fluff or hype, just straight forward analysis and trade set-ups that usually work out. I have been very pleased with them. Tommy is a super nice guy and is willing to spend a lot of time answering questions and helping to get things going correctly from the start. I am not a newer trader but also not an expert trader either. I found with my medium range existing trading knowledge and their expertise that helped push over the threshold of becoming a consistently winning trader. Thank you to viewmytrades.
Al Atlas,
Seattle, USA,
Apr 30, 2016,

ViewMyTrades.com is the third trading room I've joined, so I'm doing better than a lot of other reviewers. I have learned so much here in such a short time, which I never expected. Tommy runs a very orderly, predictable, disciplined trading room. I've been paper trading for a month and I have gone from completely clueless to really having things under control. I've also purchased their training course, which is direct interaction with Tommy, the ViewMyTrades owner and primary trader. The course has been fantastic, especially because it has given me a solid base from which to branch out on my own. Overall I'm very fortunate I found these guys. I expect to go live myself in another couple of weeks which never would have happened at either of the other trading rooms I was in. VMT is a high integrity, honest business. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
Doug Sandquist,
, USA,
Jan 22, 2016,

As a veteran inconsistent trader and member of many rooms in the past, I think maybe I have found a room I can stay in for years to come. I did a 3 day free trial then I paid for a month which I am 4 days into that first paid month but for this small time period of 7 days trader is clear on his calls and mentions many times that some traders front run his entries and profit exits by a tic. This will assure you of being in every trade that is counted. It then all comes down to contract and money management. How many contracts do I trade, when do I take profit, etc. Trader does give suggestions but you do need to figure that out based on your account size, emotions, etc. The lines and boxes on the chart are hard to see an exact price so It would be nice if trader had a place where the trades could be written so I have a place to reference when I forget what he said about an entry or stop cause things do move too fast to ask sometimes but I understand screen space is limited so I try to listen closely and note stuff down.
In summary I am impressed with Viewmytrades early on and personally I do not care whether he trades or not, the bottom line is honesty and can I make money following and so far the answer to both are yes!
Missouri, USA,
Nov 7, 2015,

I normally don’t write reviews, but with so many “so called” professional trading rooms out there (that are marginal at best) I felt compelled to share my positive experience with viewmytrades.com.
I have tried seven other trade rooms in the last six months and all but one were either dishonest, not consistent, or were run by generally poor traders...then I found viewmytrades.com. When I went through their website and looked at the results and testimonials I was immediately skeptical, but after researching the reviews online (which were nearly all very favorable) I decided to give my 8th trading room a chance; and I am very glad I did.
In the short time I have been with view my trades, I can honestly say the results we are seeing in the room match exactly what is posted on the website and shared on youtube.
Of course there are losing trades, but the winners far exceed the losers and the risk/reward ratio is exceptional. In most cases your stop loss is around 1-2 points and your take profit (on average) is anywhere from 2-14 points or higher, depending on market conditions. Of course every trader’s psychology is different and results depend on your risk profile and how you choose to enter and exit the trade, but the best part of the program is that the suggested entry, stop loss, and take profit targets are clearly called out in advance so if you can control the emotional side of trading and follow instructions, you should do very well.
Lastly, I want to comment on the moderator who runs the room and owns the company. He is very straight forward and precise in the room…there’s no fluff or added BS like in most rooms. We are there to trade and to be successful and it’s refreshing to see that kind of professionalism and attention to detail. Also, the science behind his methodology is very sound. There are many times we hit (and sometimes miss) to the tick. I also find the moderator to be very honest in his reporting which is not only rare in this industry, but very comforting; especially when you are trying to build trust and confidence when taking trades.
So long story short, I am very pleased I found viewmytrades.com and plan to be with them for a long, long, time.
Lombard, IL, USA,
Nov 6, 2015,

After trying several day trading systems, I finally found one I really like. Easy to follow instructions - high percentage of winning trades - and with very small risks. Thanks Tommy, great job!

Texas, USA,
Nov 6, 2015,

I've tried many different trade rooms over the last five years and i always end up leaving, mainly due to bad calls or the orator letting you know how much money they just made after the fact. I've been a member with View My Trades now for just one month, but already i know that this is going to be where i stay. Tommy let's you know well ahead of time what he believes is going to happen and exactly where he enters and scales. It's entirely up to you if you want to follow, but more importantly Tommy explains why the market moves the way it does and why sometimes it doesn't. I highly recommend VMT
Michael ,
Florida, USA,
Jul 13, 2015,

2 months ago I had never ever thought of day trading. I have zero background in finance other than staying out of debt and balancing a checkbook. Today (7/13/2015) was my first day trading live in futures. Keep in mind I had to google what e-minis were a short time ago. I have watched VMT daily trade videos on youtube over and over. The live trade room is just as you see in the video. Tommy calls the trade setup and you ultimately get it where you feel comfortable at. I don’t scale in. It’s above my skill level but I understand the strategy of it. I traded two ES contracts today and was up 2.75 points net. I got out early on most trades because I’m ultra conservative. I want to protect my capital at all costs. VMT made it easy. Really really easy. Prepare yourself first. Watch their videos. If you have never traded before do some of your own research on terminology and practice practice practice on a simulated trading platform with recorded market data. Then take the free trial. Trade live money if you want or just sim trade in the room. Either way if you prepare yourself just a little bit and protect your capital you should do fine. Do I expect to win everyday like I did today? No. But today was a very good start thanks to Tommy and VMT.
I’m going to post this review on several sites. 5 stars for VMT
California, USA,
Jun 24, 2015,

I was a subscriber with View My Trades and for personal reasons had to discontinue service. My experience prior to joining VMT was with options, so trading futures was a new experience for me The first noticable difference in the trading done in VMT was the discipline that was taught and practiced. Losses were taken very seriously which was very different from my past experience with other services. Rules were set and strictly adhered to. Most of the losses I suffered were because I did not practice good discipline. I believe Tommy as the moderator of VMT was pleasant, educational and understanding of the members of the community. I felt Tommy was very honest and forthright. He was extremely transparent with the trades that were called out. He always posted only trades that were actually called out and even went so far as not taking credit for trades if there was any question or misunderstanding of the trade. Most other services take credit for trades that they do not actually call out if these "nonexistent" trades make them look good. In my experience, if a person practices discipline and follows the trades that are called out in the live trading room he/she should be profitable and successful with View My Trades. When I had to cancel my subscription Tommy refunded the unused portion of my subscription cost even though he was not required to do so. I would have zero reservations describing with VMT in the future.
San Francisco, USA,
May 23, 2015,

I want to review ViewMyTrades (VMT) based on criteria that is important to me, and I feel to other traders. The primary purpose of trading services is to make its customers money. Then, sub-factors of that primary purpose come into play such as 1) Affordability, 2) Return on Investment, 3) Honesty of Provider, 4) Subjectivity of Indicators and Strategies and 5) Compatibility with various trading styles and platforms. Of VMT's 9 service options, I have tried Option 1 Emini Live Trading Room, Option 2 Custom Proprietary Indicators, Option 3 Morning Bias, Option 6 Morning Email Alert Trade Set-ups and Option 8 Charting Service.

My background related to trading/investing is that I've been trading futures, forex and stocks for 9 years, I have a Master's degree in finance, and spent 4 years in the US Army (significantly helps with discipline when trading). During that 9 years of trading I made a small fortune short selling during the market collapse a few years ago, and then lost about 70% of that fortune in the 12 months that followed. That roller coaster ride gave me the best trading education anyone can ever get and has allowed me to be in a position now where I make solid respectable gains consistently with minimal risk.

The following reviews VMT based on the criteria I previously established:

1) Affordability: This is relative of course, so each service needs to be weighed by what trading style and account size is being used. Crunching the numbers is key as you have to ensure you will trade large enough contract sizes and frequently win enough trades to make enough money to cover fees and still show a profit. However, VMT offers several 9 options with different pricing and various discounts. So the variety of services and pricing and discount options make it accessible to all trading account sizes. So I give this category 5 out of 5 stars.

2) Return on Investment: The Trading Room has been difficult for me to turn a profit, but this is based on my own trading style which isn't as short term as Tom's is, and the fact I work a 9-5 job and can't sit throughout the whole 1 hour or so session every day. For those who can sit through his whole Trading Room session, trade very short term trades and scalps, and have multi-monitor high speed computing (good processor and lots of RAM), this is a good option and you can easily develop a style/strategy to consistently make a nice profit on top of the fees. The Proprietary Indicators I was only able to use for about 10 days since I ended up in NinjaTrader hell and got cut off from the charting service (I'm a Tradestation user). But in those 10 days I saw a lot of good potential with the ES. However, I did not see good potential with spot forex, mainly due to the spreads and the short term nature of the indicators' setups. But for the ES, the indicators worked real well and were one of the best forward looking indicators I have ever seen. The Morning Bias was an excellent purchase. Virtually anyone can use it and make money off of it. The Email Alerts are probably the best as far as value, ease of use and return on investment. They have a lot of rules tied to them which must be followed, but they are very simple outside of that and produce very high probability trades that will easily get your money back plus a profit. The Charting Service I don't believe offers a good return on investment. I like simple and clean charts, and a minimal quantity of charts, but Tom likes numerous charts with tons of trendlines and Fibonacci levels that makes the charts very cluttered. So for me, it doesn't work, but for others who like Tom's style of charting, it is a great shortcut to get key levels to watch for throughout each trading day. Overall, I would give return on investment potential for VMT 4.5 out of 5 stars.

3) Honesty of Provider: I have interacted with the owner, Tom, numerous times through email and a few times on the phone. Everything he has said has been 100% true as far as I can tell. I have no proof, or even a gut feeling, that anything he has told me is not the truth. As far as not trading himself, I could care less if he does, but he told me that he does trade. That's fine, I believe him since I have no reason not to. And he is not obligated to provide his statements to anyone. Again, the key is whether or not VMT can make you money, not whether Tom trades and makes himself money. Additionally, he clearly states several times, and even in my email inquiries, that his posted results are of the full move of the trade and are impossible to mirror in their full potential. This is typical in trading services and understandable. You merely have to know the percentages, stop levels, and average or minimum profit potential and you can get a good piece of that move and make money. Nothing dishonest there. So, as far as honesty goes, it's an easy 5 out of 5 star rating. Anyone who disagrees with Tom's honesty should post solid proof of dishonesty, not gut feelings, or things you "interpret" as dishonest.

4) Subjectivity of Indicators and Strategies: this is a big one for me for trading services and indicators as I know there are a ton of slick salespeople that love to sell subjective services and indicators to traders. This way when people don't make money on them the seller can just say they are not experienced enough and need more help trading. VMT does not do that intentionally for sure. However there is subjectivity involved in the Trading Room only when it comes to what trades to make and what position size to use. The setups themselves are not subjective and are clear a day. The Custom Indicators are a bit subjective but VMT developed them in a way that it's pretty clear where and when to enter and exit trades. Tom told me through email that there is a little subjectivity in establishing the Bounce Points on your own, however I have not purchased that service so I can't state specifics beyond that. The Email Alerts and Morning Bias are not subjective. Overall I give VMT a 4.5 out of 5 star rating for subjectivity in general, but compared to others in the industry VMT is a solid 5 star rating here.

5) Compatibility: Now here's the one kink in the armor of VMT that is quite frustrating for me. I am a Tradestation user and have to stick with them as I am already invested in various custom indicators and semi-automated strategies. VMT's Charting Service, Custom Indicators and therefore the Bounce Points service, all require NinjaTrader. If you have NinjaTrader already, or don't mind paying for their software and datafeeds, then ignore this. But if not, like me, then you'll find that the lack of compatibility with other platforms quite frustrating. I understand a lot of time and money and support is involved in developing indicators for a particular platform so it's understandable. So for compatibility I still give them a 4 out of 5 star rating since most of their services do not require NinjaTrader.

Overall, VMT is an excellent service, and although not a perfect 5 star in every category, I don't believe any service I have tried would even come close to these ratings I gave them. So relative to the industry, from my experience, VMT is top tier overall. Only OEX Street comes close in my opinion. VMT is not a get rich quick or Holy Grail service. You will not win 90% of trades and get every point posted in the results (Tom clearly states that at every opportunity). Your goal is to simply get a piece of that pie and make a profit through a sound trading plan. Get the data, crunch the numbers, develop a plan for each service, and get a solid piece of those posted results on the website.