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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Medellin, Colombia,
Jan 11, 2013,

Please stay very far away of this SCAM. I invested USD10.000 in this company run by a person called CRISTIAN STEINBACH. they show in their web great performance, 3 to 4 strategies, all of them with superb profits above 25% per month. Be aware, all figures shown in his web site are FALSE. This guy is a liar and a fraudser. I am sure he makes good money in comission by scalping. I would describe him as the most crazy and dishonest trader I ever encontered. I had in my account a madness of open positions at the same time, he exhausted the funds in 20 days. "Preservation of Capital" null. After this time of incredible stupid trading my account was left with USD427.
I wrote to him to ask for an explanation as his performance on my account was totally different from what I could see in his web site. He explained to me that the forex broker had made an unfair call and has destroyed his MAM System. I checked with the broker and never happened anything like that. Mr. Steinbach just blew the account with the most stupid trading I have ever seen.
Please avoid this scam. You will lose 100% of your capital and he will win enourmous commissions by scalping.
By the way, the forex broker was THINKFOREX, no blame to them. and I already recover my funds with my own trading.
The following step is to advise the Swiss authorities as he seems to operate from that country an unlicenced company.