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Updated: Jan 12, 2018
3.56 · 7 REVIEWS
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ForexBlackBook.com (Dustin Pass) profile provided by Dustin Pass, Feb 10, 2013

Global Profit Systems International LLC



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3.56 · 7 REVIEWS
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Ronald Ellis,
Los Angeles, CA, USA,
Jun 6, 2013,

I was sent the invitation to join Forex Black Book, by Dustin Pass. The main reason was there was nothing to lose, there was a 30 day refund policy. The FBB works with an offshore broker in Panama and I never opened a live account for that reason. I found the software incompatible with how I approach things and claimed a refund well within the thirty days. I have yet to receive the refund and they initially claimed that I hadn't paid in the first place, so I sent them a copy of my debit statement which shot down that objection. Then they claimed I hadn't cancelled, and I sent them a copy of their own confirming email proving that I cancelled within the 30 days. That was more than two weeks ago and I had given them until June 1st to make the refund before I warn the world about them. I have received no messages and they refuse to cancel my subscription to their alert service. So I decided to take action and expose them as a scam.
Bethany Beach, DE, USA,
Mar 29, 2013,

I have been using the Forex Black Book for about 2 months now and I have found that this is a very pragmatic approach to trading currencies. I have gained the most from the daily trade room which is an entire 90 minutes of instruction and commentary by Ross Mullins. I have paid for my subscription by following the prompts. Not all trades are winners and you still have to exercise caution and proper planning, trade size, risk/reward ratios, etc. This is NOT easy money but IT IS one of the best services that I have found. The educational part is 2nd to none and the Black Book is a great guide for finding trends, proper placement of stops, and profit targets when trading Forex.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Mar 7, 2013,

I first had the opportunity to try a free version of the Forex Black Book after watching loosing and winning trades on Dustin's presentation video. His technical and honest approach toward this system did get my attention.
Additionally it just so happened that all the JPY pairs at that time of me (sceptically) watching the the Performance of the FBB, gave a green arrow in the direction of the Green/momentum bar at the bottom of the system. All these pairs gave large rewards in pips and some are still currently in the mode of reaching some of the pre-determined targets.
When the system became available to the subscribers I purchased my copy. Unfortunately for my budget I could now only afford a small trading account, but I guess this forced me to be even more disciplined and selective, as to which trade to choose, which had the probability of the highest reward and least risk.
Being a medium to long term swing type of strategy, some trades identified can carry rather large stops, so as with all forex trading, discipline to minimise your risk and maximise your chances of reward are important and in the end ones own decision, which trade to take and when.
All that said I am very satisfied with the FBB - I took 17 trades (adding my own criteria of risk due to my small account size) - I had four losses. Since today 18 trades and four losses, however on a 500 GBP account I traded my account to 730.73 GBP with a loss of 66.54 GBP and this starting 21st January 2013.
Dustin has another huge benefit he adds to his system - a very hands on informative live trade room/analysis run by Ross Mullins.
Ross is an absolute star - he brings home the way the FBB works and with his in depth knowledge of technical trading he combines the technical aspects of trading with the FBB. This in my opinion (and proof in GBP) forms a very powerful combination.
Now it is really only up to oneself to assess the risk, listen to the guidelines (a combination to Dustin's guidelines and Ross's interpretations/guidelines) and place trades, which will fit into ones own risk assessment.
I have yet to trade a better system showing consistent profits (systems of which I tried so many over many years of trying to master the markets in some way).
I have to thank Dustin and also Ross for providing a system and professional back-up, which eventually got me to see the light.
Next step is to strive for a better funded account, so I can be part of and maximise my results with this profitable opportunity.
Kyiv, Ukraine,
Mar 6, 2013,

I have been using Forex Black Book for about a month now and I can honestly say that this is one of the best Forex systems I've seen to date. I have been a longtime follower of Dustin Pass and have his Straddle Trader and Elemental Trader. Both of those tools I use and still make money with to this day. It is not common to see systems work like FXBB but it has been a great tool. The arrows are easy to read on the 4hr chart and it fits well with my trading style. I highly recommend Forex Black Book as I'm up about 18.5% on my account in 30 days. Now I know that's probably not going to be the average but my exposure has been severely limited due to the tight stops Ross recommends in the live trade room. Oh ya, that's another thing. Ross' trade room has been a great help and to be able to go in there everyday and have Ross talk about current markets is very good.

All in all I think this system is here to stay. And I am a Dustin Pass fan for life since I know he personally created this system. Thanks Dustin, Ross and Team!
Gloucester, United Kingdom,
Feb 18, 2013,

Having purchased this and the Elemental Trader am am wholly satisfied with what we have here. I have a complete trading arsenal that caters for reversals and for trading with the trend. Using the 2 together with multiple time frame analysis, ie looking at the weekly to get an idea of any major support and resistance levels (after all what could seem like a good entry on the 4 hr may end up reversing because of a key level of support or resistance on the higher time frame). Weighing this up with the potential targets at P1, P2, P3 and finally P4 gives me a much better idea when to take my final profits off the table. It is possible that a break of the key technical levels on the higher time frame (of which this indicator does not apply, because its for use on the 4hr timeframe) and the trend continuing further, however I for one would rather have my profits in the bank and be able to trade the next opportunity.

As for the customer service that I have received upon, purchase and most definitely the after care, I rate 100%. I am grateful to the team and Dustin personally for developing such a product and backing up what he says.
I have suffered some drawdown and had a coupe of trades that I was stopped out of for a small loss, no more than about 4% off 3 trades. But this is part of trading and drawdowns will happen. My profits from using this strategy are however greater than these drawdowns so my account is slowly increasing. I have only been running is since the demo was first launched and I was up 42% in that month alone. I think February so far has been a transitional month on a lot of pairs but this is where the elemental trader comes into play really nicely.

I for one Dustin would one day like to meet and thank you in person for developing the software, providing the customer service including the after care that has transformed my forex trading. I now have a trade plan that is easy to follow, stick to and execute, and it also makes money.
James Agnew,
Scotland, United Kingdom,
Feb 17, 2013,

I have cracked this system, its nothing more than a macd system with the trend, i have unlocked all of his secrets to this system its using the 5 ema shift 5 for entry with the macd at a certain position, when the macd goes under the 0 line in an up trend you want to look for a buy, so the entry is when the price crosses the 5 ema shift 5 after you see the macd under 0,

so my overall take on this system is that it does work, but I think its not fair to be charging money for this system as people already have access to this information, so its unfair to charge so much, i would have to conclude that this system is a scam , under the conditions that its no more than a macd trend system
Reply by Dustin Pass submitted Feb 19, 2013:
Hello James, I am glad you found our system profitable and I am glad your overall take is that it does work however I assure you I do not use MACD as part of this strategy. That being said, even if I did use it I don't see where that is relevant or why you would have an issue with this. There really isn't anything new. Its a matter of how you use what is available. If I use a certain tool ie MACD (which I don't) and I find a way to use it profitably then I am ahead of 97% of the traders out there who typically fail and my system has value and could be sold. Anytime you purchase any strategy or software you can pretty much assume it is using a combination of indicators or concepts that are readily available at no cost somewhere. What you are paying for is not the tools but the time and energy spent in identifying the ones that work together as well as the rule set that is used to apply them and be profitable. Best of luck with your trading.
NSW, Australia,
Feb 6, 2013,

They've released an indicator template and shown how to trade it on video. The claim is that it doesn't repaint, maybe the arrows that are used for entry don't but the trend indicator did. They asked for feedback on their page so I submitted some comments and questions, nothing nasty, just how can this be tested when it Does Repaint and targets are constantly moving. They left all other comments from people looking at the history and believing that it was the next holy grail but they're not seeing the whole picture. My post was deleted , there was no comments or explanations. This in itself should be a big Warning . I have placed six trades using the system with a good stop distance (well below previous lows ) . I've had three trades lose , two are running at a loss and one in profit. My humble opinion is that the indicators are not as reliable as they first appear. I've looked at many things over the years and I wont be using or adding this to my trading , it's a loser !!
Reply by Dustin Pass submitted Feb 8, 2013:
This response is directly for Damien however it will prove relevant to anyone testing the Forex Black Book Indicator. This indicator does not repaint. Not the trend or the signal. As far as your experience with this indicator goes, you currently do not have enough experience to leave a valid review. This strategy is based on the weekly and the 4 hour chart. There is no way you can get a true bearing on a strategy like this with a week or two of use. To give you an example, I have a trade open on the CADJPY from December 24th that is up almost 1000 pips. That one trade has taken several months and would offset several small losses like you have described. I have had several trades like that in fact. This strategy will take losses during momentum shifts and we are very open about this fact but given time it more than makes up for them during long runs. Considering your losses are no more than 2% to 4% (assuming you follow our guidelines) and your gains are more like 15% to 20% you just have to use it long enough for the markets to trend. If you look back in history it catches almost every major move in the markets. This is not packaged as a Holy grail strategy so if you were under that impression please accept my apologies. To give you an example of a similar concept I will use the Turtle traders. They would trade all year and the majority of their profits would come from 2 or 3 trades. This strategy is not nearly to that extreme but it is similar in that you may fight through a momentum shift for a week or so and then catch a nice 500 to 1000 pip run. Looking at the date of your comments you can see we just finished up major runs on several pairs which means you tried the software as the market was leveling off. Call it bad timing. For a more full picture you can watch this video where I go through all the trades on an account both winners and losers to give a more rounded perspective of the strategy as a hole over time http://www.forextradersdaily.com/crisis/?p=709 I would also like to add that our demo version is primarily for you to see the software as a hole. We do not trade every signal and I state this in my videos. We have filters that are applied that we teach in our training material for those that purchase the Forex Black Book. Without these filters you will incur more losses than usual because you will take trades that we would not necessarily take. I hope this has shed some light on your concerns and I would love to have you continue to work with the indicator and provide feedback I am a huge advocate of clear and accurate reviews however it's important that any review given for a product is based on the proper use of said product. I thank you for taking the time to publish your experiences as it makes our community a better place.