Morpheus Demo Account Stopped test

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+1.17% WEEKLY · 97 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
-6 (Gross Pips: -567)
Average P/L per Week:
+1.15% (Gross P/L: +207.71%)
Maximum Equity used:
17.8% (Feb 16, 2011, 11:03:00 AM)
Test started:
Jan 17, 2011
Test Stopped:
Nov 27, 2012 (Tested 97 weeks)

We'd like to thank for volunteering to be part of the FPA's Performance Testing Program.

2012-12-03 The FPA time limit of this Demo Test has expired...

2011-01-17 Morpheus installed on EURUSD, EURGBP and AUDCAD M15 charts with default settings except MM=true...

Description: Morpheus Automatic Trading Robots is compatible with any forex broker supporting Metatrader 4 Trading Platform and can be started with account sizes as low as $1000. Introducing The Pre-Release Of The Morpheus Expert Advisors Series. A concept spanning 3 years in development to produce Superior Expert Advisors for the MT4 Platform. The Morpheus Expert Advisors consists of four individual Trading Robots. The Advisors are designed to Trade the Several Currencies in both Ranging and Trending Markets 24/5 automatically. Each Robot Trades with Internal Indicator Logic utilising a complicated Mathematical Algorithm. Each Robot uses Clever Money Management and risk control to produce a high degree of accuracy. The Robots are compatible with all MT4 Brokers and ECN. The robots can run simultaneously from a recommended $1000 account.