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Problem Coin Recovery Consultant (Telegram) Fraud

I am having an issue with a company

The Punisher

Scammers are using an account on Telegram to try and trick victims into thinking they are a legitimate recovery company. They are impersonating GASO and other reputable organizations and have stolen Logo's and setup fake email address to try and make themselves look real. They tell victims to pay 10% of their loss amount upfront and they will recover your funds but once you pay the 10% they block you and walk away. This is a WARNING not to do any business with this company they are 100% a scam.

You can get your money and bitcoin back from scammer. visit grant-me-the-wisdom-to-see-beyond-the-net-set-out-by-recovery-room-scammers

Spam Cat would like to remind everyone that any offer of help needs to be carefully checked. Most are just shameless scumbags trying to steal more money from victims of scam.

The FPA gets so many of these that Spam Cat is gaining weight. You can see a list of some of the websites and contact info of these recovery room scammers here...


I am privileged to meet with the best hacker in the United States. He is not just a hacker but also a Developer who is dedicated to his job. I lost $209k I made from a $Pepe token to a phishing website, but after I contacted "HACKYOURMOMMY AT SCAMYOUEVENMORE DOT SCUM" my money was recovered and sent to my wallet. I paid him after he had recovered my money and that was cool with me. Although he told me categorically he doesn't usually do this with others because some humans can be funny.
I am a thief. I want to steal more money from you. Are you stupid enough to believe my fake story? Here it is.

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