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Sive Morten is working for a large European Bank since April of 2000, and is currently a supervisor of the bank's risk assessment department. We are very lucky that we all can benefit from his extensive knowledge of forex market (and banking industry in general).

This forum contains his Weekly Market Overviews and Daily Video Updates with the primary focus on EUR/USD, GOLD, and BITCOIN

Sive Morten has also written a complete trading course and answers your forex-related questions here:

Forex Military School | Complete Forex Education by a Pro Banker

The course is hands-on trading oriented. Complex subjects are explained with easy to understand terms, practical examples, and charts. No prior forex experience is required to study, but seasoned traders will also benefit from Sive's vast trader's expertise. is the only site where you can find the course of this quality FREE!

All you need to know about Blockchain and Bitcoin and Monthly Bitcoin Briefing Articles by Sive Morten are located at:

Sive Morten Blog - Crypto * Forex * Gold