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    Jason Fielder's "FX Arbitrage"

    Yeah, after reading AEAT's comments and Jason's previous failures. I didn't fall for this crap. Heck the demo crashed for me. Absolute garbage. Thanks for the responses :)
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    Jason Fielder's "FX Arbitrage"

    Woah thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it! Did he repay the $2,000 back?
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    Jason Fielder's "FX Arbitrage"

    Hey guys, back again. What do you peps think about Jason Fielder's "FX Arbitrage"? Is anyone going to try it? I might just test it out because arbitrages do occur time to time and looks pretty practical to me (unlike theoretical arbitrages such as the natural currency compared to the synethic...
  4. AppleXY (Dustin Pass)

    Hey, What do you guys think about their $1,000 course? Is it worth it? It seems most of the content could be learnt online, but the bonuses that attract me are the trade finder (helps with your pattern analysis) and an 8 week mentoring course to hone your skills? What do you guys think?
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    Hi guys, What do you guys think of Pips4Idiots? The transparency seems fairly decent, but could be a complete waste of cash or the next megadroid? Cheers, AppleXY.
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    FX Loophole - Caution

    Hey guys, Another BS "robot" has come out called "FX Loophole" which apparently uses a "single algorithm" to "beat" the fx market. Looks like a complete fail, I mean if it was so "good" why sell it for $27-$37 LOL Just be weary guys. :) link: google it or FX Loophole - ONLY 19 Copies...
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    William Hopkins - "Revolutionary FX"

    Cheers, thanks for the replies. I knew this was full of BS, just wanted to confirm it though :)
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    William Hopkins - "Revolutionary FX"

    Hi Guys, I've found yet another system that offers that the "holy grail" but actually isn't in the EA or indicator type of format (or so it claims). So it interested me, but thinking it's a clickbank product, could simply be another scamy scam scam. Has anyone tried this system...
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    Forex Legend, true to its word? Hi everyone, Last night when I was checking my mail, I received a promo from one of my subscriptions about "forex legend". Since I know 99% of these commercial retail EAs are mainly all talk but no show and end up destroying your account like BP destroying the...