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    Forex brokers scam and my dilemma in choosing a broker

    I totally understand I’ve seen more regulated brokers manipulate blatantly than ever recently! I currently use two unregulated brokers as I feel they are more reliant upon their reputation.
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    FX market is not balanced before the end of the day

    Yea, I wait for ideal trade conditions and I’m way more patient.
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    Be aware of these SCAMS on telegram

    Does anyone else remember bet robot
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    Ontega scam

    This sucks bro
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    FX market is not balanced before the end of the day

    Some weeks it’s impossible to divide your attention with lifes obligations
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    EURUSD Technical Analysis by GetKnowTrading

    Great post mate very thorough
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    Where to start?

    It’s a real pain getting started mate. It seems there is no linear path with the amount of online education that there is. I would start personally with identifying support and resistance and the way that price interact with those key areas. What parameters would you seek in order to trigger a...
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    Account size to trade full time?

    I think he’s merely trying to understand at which point in his journey he could consider this. This is a question everyone asks themselves at some point regardless of what stage they are at
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    Account size to trade full time?

    That is reasonable
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    Pepperstone: placed orders with 11pips slippage. It is legal?

    Leaving trades open is a dangerous game
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    Turn $10 into $1000 in a day by forex trading

    It’s just a gamble basically
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    Crypto Brokers

    Yea the volatility is extreme. Can be very bad can be very good
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    Possible scammer? Tinder and Forex

    Exactly bro
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    Crypto Brokers

    CedarFX are reliable mate with up to 1:100 and 0% commissions