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    Leverage and Margin question

    Hi there, :) Could someone please explain to me how this works; "If a person funds an account for US$4000, and the leverage is 1:100 i.e, 1%. When the free margin for open positions slips to less 50% of 1%, the highest open position will be stopped out until the free increases to 50% of 1%."...
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    Which of these brokers; Axitrader,PFD nz,Global Prime,ICmarkets,Darwinex,FXPIG,Tickmill,DirectFX?

    Thanks for the response. Any futures trading brokers you could recommend? These FX brokers that I mentioned above in my subject line, are any of them a scam or should I say dodgy? I am thinking of using PFD -nz or FXPIG or Axitrader, please let me know if these brokers are okay? Thank you.
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    Which of these brokers; Axitrader,PFD nz,Global Prime,ICmarkets,Darwinex,FXPIG,Tickmill,DirectFX?

    Getting back into trading again & I am trying find a reputable regulated broker with low spreads(for scalping & long term trades) & minimal slippage. Would any of you traders be able to recommend any from the above mentioned please or any other decent one out there that is not a bucketshop? I...
  4. J (Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited)

    What do you mean they reject claims at that specific time? I have not seen that. They allow news trading and scalping..
  5. J (Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited)

    Did you manage to resolve the issue? I am planning on trading with them..
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    FX broker questiion;Tickmill, Darwinex, or PFD nz??

    Hi, please could any of you who have traded with either of these brokers give me some feedback on which of these brokers are suitable for scalping and day trading with little slippage and tight spreads? Thanks
  7. J (Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited)

    Anyone using this New Zealand broker? Are they regulated? Any IB's for them on here? Their spreads on their websites look too good to be true..
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    Core Liquidity Markets, BO broker

    Do you have any proof that CLM forex manipulate prices?? In what way do they manipulate prices? I was thinking of trading with them.
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    Any feedback on Tickmill? Between Tickmill and IC Markets, I am planning on trading with them, but I know they are based in the Seychelles with a dubious licence. Anyone used them yet and are happy so far?
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    GDMFx So according to this thread, it sounds like I should avoid using this broker? Has anyone got any recent experience with them? I was thinking about it up until i read this thread...
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    Core Liquidity Markets, BO broker

    Did you ever get a chance to trade with CLM Forex or another Australian broker that you were happy with? cheers
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    Brokers for Scalpers? True ECN brokers?

    Axitrader, Directfx, GlobalPrime, IC Markets, CityIndex, CLMforex, Synergy FX or Armada? All these brokers seem to be ok. Are they really ECN and do you think they are fine for scalping trading? Anybody used these brokers and were happy with them?
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    IC Markets is a true scammer

    This sucks about ICM. I was considering them and about to use them to trade... What other ECN or any other non-scam broker can you recommend for scalp trading? Moderation Team Note: Do NOT recommend brokers inside of the Scam Alerts folder.
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    Core Liquidity Markets, BO broker

    The binary option Australian brokers are CLMforex, GoMarkets and Vantagefx. Has anyone on this forum used CLMforex or any of these Australian BO brokers?? They are licensed, but not sure if that will equate to no problems :)
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    Fx Discounts and Rebates IC Markets Rebates; $1.50 / RTL

    Is cTrader on IC Markets better than mt4 and are the spreads cheaper for scalpers to trade? How is it possible for you to have 50% discount and 21% less commission? What is the catch? This sounds too good to be true?