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    About People Selling Forex Systems

    There is way too much dishonesty in the forex world, and I, for one, am sick of it. I just sent three emails informing people that I had just unsubscribed from their mailing list because of blatant dishonesty - things like telling me to "click here for this FREE system", that turned out not to...
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    TradersWay Forex Broker is a Scammer

    Unregulated - Thank God Yep - God bless 'em! Seriously, "unregulated" does not inherently mean "dishonest". One must, of course, use caution when dealing with ANY broker, regulated or unregulated (there are thousands of people who've been ripped off by REGULATED brokers - I'm pretty sure...
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    GUILTY Case# 2012-037 | nasser2020 vs

    Joke You've got to be kidding - I mean, that is just laughably stupid. I can't believe anyone would have the gall to say that company policy requires an apology. Has there EVER been a company in the history of the world with an "apology" policy??
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    GUILTY Case# 2011-028 | Wally001 vs

    Almost a miracle...a bad miracle I'd have a hard time losing $100k in just three days even if I was TRYING TO. I mean, that's almost a miraculously bad performance. In any event, speaking as a former broker, I've never known any (legitimate) managed account service that would trade recklessly...
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    CFTC Sues 11 More Forex Companies

    Chris - PLEASE don't give in to the CFTC's outrageous attempt to rule the world. As a U.S. regulatory agency, they have NO legal authority over a private corporation in Cyprus. I opened an account at Trading Point in order to escape the CFTC's onerous regulations myself. The idea that...
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    CFTC Sues 11 More Forex Companies

    Uncle Sam *****slaps traders again This is such a cruel joke. The ungodly hubris of the CFTC to think they have the right to regulate brokers all over the world - it would be laughable except for the fact that I have to deal with this crap. I have a trading account at Trading Point, and am...
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    CFTC Sues 11 More Forex Companies

    Trading Point - I hope you will stand your ground against the CFTC in this matter. This is nothing more than a U.S. regulatory agency arrogantly attempting to exert its power worldwide. I have a trading account with you, and am not the least bit worried about the safety of my funds.
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    Pips 4 Idiots = pure scam (beware)

    A huge "red flag" for any trading product is being offered "upsells" (additional related products for sale) when you go to purchase it. Remember that they just spent 20 minutes telling you that what you clicked the "buy" button for was the ultimate trading system - Now all of a sudden you find...
  9. J and Danny Wall, the Master of Stall

    I so hate it when these things happen. I love forex trading, and wish the best to everyone trying to succeed as a trader - it is more than criminal when people like this steal from people who are risking their hard-earned money sincerely trying to improve their lives. And of course I echo the...
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    Buyer Beware

    Beware indeed Also, they've been sending out the supposed live results of their trading...Well, the overall results do look impressive, however if you go through them trade by trade, as I did, you'll find a number of places where - if you'd had the misfortune to start trading with a $10,000...
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    Beware I haven't bought it, but I've heard that, yes, there's an "advanced" version offered as an upsell, that isn't even mentioned in their presentation. Another cautionary note: Apparently the average risk/reward ratio is 4:1 - like risking 80 pips against making only 20 pips. They say...
  12. J ( Jordan Lindsey )

    JCL excellent Personally, I'm very impressed by Jordan - both as a person and as a trader. The only criticism I'd have of his site is that I don't think he does a particularly outstanding job of explaining/teaching his trading system. However, having said that, I do think that his strategy is...