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    Forexoma brokerage not to be trusted

    LMAO yeah they killed Kenny for sure. I don't even care about the profits but at least refund me my original deposit sheesh!!
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    GUILTY Case# 2013-101 | Kenny R vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have been a live account holder since 2011. I had a corporate account with them undr the name Market Minute Trading Strategies. There were absolutely no problems with withdrawal/deposits...
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    Forexoma brokerage not to be trusted

    Anyone reading this post please take into account that while Forexoma may seem like a great website full of useful information, their brokerage side of the forex business is NOT TO BE TRUSTED many people including myself have lost their deposits and any profits allocated to their respective...
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    Forexoma will not return funds

    This is great info thanks for posting this. People who scam other people out of their money and violate people's trust need to pay.
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    forexoma disabled my account

    Same thing here. They closed my account or "disabled" it and they haven't responded to any of my support tickets.