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  1. S Scam!!!

    yes, pure scam!!! they forgot about me.....
  2. S Scam!!!

    I had done already this...
  3. S Scam!!!

    no, they don't talk with me....
  4. S Scam!!!

    with somebody else, did capital talk or as me they avoid all???
  5. S Scam!!!

    they avoid me..... SCAM!!!
  6. S Scam!!!

    maybe I need to open case against them,too?
  7. S Scam!!!

    they send the promotion emails, but to solve the problem they forgot:(((( they told me that they are in canada:)))
  8. S

    Etx capital scam

    Hello who is your account manager? you said about terms&condition, but where on their website I can find it?
  9. S Scam!!!

    other week past and nothing back from them again...
  10. S scammer denied my repeated $30.000 withdrawal requests

    you work with the police from jordan>>>>
  11. S scammer denied my repeated $30.000 withdrawal requests

    and how is the person that gave you the pass and account number???
  12. S Scam!!!

    yes, it is corect, they solve small case just to attract new clients...
  13. S Scam!!!

    since I post my case against capital on FPA they never reply or answer to any of my mails... those cases which they solved were with small amounts but now appear cases with big amounts so it is very unlikely they will do something:((((
  14. S Scam!!!

    time pass but they refuse to solve any case....
  15. S Scam!!!

    I tried to contact them thought live chat, but they banned me.... this is scam habit:))))