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    The bank could not get it back AND he refused a refund, correct? Yes, thats correct. I have my bank transfer copied, can prove everything. Did not asked about a refund before I bought it. In Germany you get a refund if you dont like a product and can give it back within 14 days. Not so...
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    No, he said the paid money is earned in 2 weeks for me. I bought it end of January with a bank transfer and tried to book it back, but he refused to give it back to me.
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    Hello, I've been scammed badly by They sell a forex software for 4,500 Euro and claimed, it is the worlds best forex software. Indeed, the screenshots on the site look awesome. I called the seller and asked a lot of questions, most importantly, if the indicators would repaint. He...
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    ATTEN-HUN!! All Recruits report immediately for a welcome message!!

    Hi, I was scammed very badly and want others to chose only the right forex services. There are some good people in this business, like Felix.Thank you.
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    For a mechanical system it is really nice. Also you get all updates for free, and you can make some profit. Though, after good periods, there will come the bad ones, that's forex. I am not trading it anymore, but look on it for confirmation.
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    Seems like a really interesting systems with many followers and a reasonable logic behind it. Too bad, when I joined this was a very bad day after intervention of central banks all signals were stopped out for like 500 pips. This can happen.
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    Trading AUDJPY

    Traded AUS/JPY for a while in August / September. But then market changed, and I feel it is also very choppy now. But I will take a trade now and then and also make some decent profits with it.
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    How will this recession affect the USD....

    Well, the recession will also lead to a decline in trust in the USD. So many states could exchange there USD savings with other currencies, like China did. As you can see today, the EUR/USD has climbed to new highs.
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    Any beginner forex trainining programs recommended

    I would also recommend babypips. Helped me a lot to understand the language and facts of forex. They even have a profitable strategy with daily signals. Check it out!
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    Hi, best times are from 7.00-11.00 GMT and from 12.00 till 17.00 GMT. You could miss some trades, but these are the times with much market movement.
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    Forecasts by EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, GOLD & dollar index

    Gold On a longer sight, there is much space for further gold price rallye. Fear of recession, dollar decline, house price decline etc. will push it in higher regions, no doubt.
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    Forex Assassin

    Try! Really good signals, and you will learn a lot. To be recommended!
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    Hello all

    Hi, glad that I could join this site and hope to give my scammer a scam sign :D