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    AAoptions not releasing my withdrawals

    I have tried to contact my "financial manager"- David Gold for 2 weeks about my withdrawal of my money out of the "hedge fund". He is not responding to any of my mails. Their support desk is also not responding and is sending you to the next person and the next person and so on.
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    AA Option holding funds

    It was my own stupid fault in not doing my research properly but I was first introduced to AA Options by a Peter Williams on 25/04/2015 I was given a good broker in the beginning his name was Alan Harvey as he was making me money well my account for that matter and it stands at $31904.25 USD to...
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    AAoptions Scam......Scott Martin on missing list, emails bouncing back.

    Introduced to AAoptions at first through a web link on the sky news channel. Listed as a millionaire blue print with all the usual thrills of giving up work and playing more Golf etc etc...What actually enticed me to get involved was the initial low investment required to get started (£250) I...
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    AAOption Hedge Fund program scam

    I was approached by Adam Ansari in May last year with the following e-mail: A confidential personal offer directed at the recipient of this email only. A breakthrough in making huge profits in binary options powered by the stock market. You are going to make[Your investment] X 835.21% =...
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    AAOption scam

    Hi all I need help I registered with this company a month ago and deposited £1500 (which was my savings) and the promise I could treble it well a month on I have not heard a thing from my so called broker and I have been trying to withdraw my deposit. I have emailed and phone but I just...
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    AAoptions is nothing but a scam

    hi everyone, please beware of this scammer. we sent withdrawal request 12 days ago to withdraw our $498 from our funds, yet until now nothing happened. Not even one account manager called us, nothing, the live support is just telling us that the request was in the finance department. i hope...
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    I have made a significant profit using the AAOptions trading platform but now I am struggling to get an answer from them in relation to withdrawal. I contact them at least 2/3 times a week and they always ask me for stuff I have already sent. My recent two emails were asking them to clarify if...